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This is OOC information.
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Captain Anya Ozera
Class Shark Corvette
Crew Capacity 26
Cargo Capacity 600
Top Speed 1600
Command Crew

Anya Ozera, Captain
Ellis Foster, First Mate
Timara Lake, Chief of Security

Engineering Crew

Benny Cazares Mechanic

Medical Crew

Sushmita Khan, Doctor

General Crew

Theresa Knapp, Cook/Gardener

The Ship

The Shark Corvette now known as "Catalyst" began its life as a Shadow class escort frigate, one of many commissioned by the Independents during the Unification War. Her battle days are long past her now, as she and the few of her class that survived were disarmed and repurposed as transports after the war (when they were also re-named Shark Corvettes). Since then, she's changed hands a number of times, but the years have been pretty kind to this old bird. Her current Captain is Anya Ozera, who managed to wiggle her way into a trade with an Alliance impound yard before the big ship went to auction in September 2533. Sometimes it's nice having friends in high places!

The Crew

Frequent Fliers

Allies & Affiliations

Now Hiring

SHARK transport CATALYST seeks crew for cargo & salvage operations. Security
experience desired; deckhands also needed. EVA & salvage experience a plus.
Steady weekly pay plus bonuses.

We're looking for some fresh faces to join our crew! We have crew in the USA, Canada and EU over a wide range of time zones, so we can accommodate a wide range of schedules. Our 'hot times' tend to be EST mornings to early afternoons (roughly, 10am-3pm) and evenings (after 6).

Contact Anya or Ellis to apply!


  1. RL comes first. If you have to step away from the game, that's totally fine. It would be great if you let me know because...
  2. I maintain an active roster. If someone vanishes for 30+ days, they may be removed from the org to make room for new hires. I'll hold places longer for people that give me a heads up.
  3. I'm always willing to consider re-hiring someone that was removed due to inactivity. Just send me a page or @mail. It's not personal, I just have to do what I can to keep RP moving forward.
  4. Do not power idle in public rooms on the ship. If you have to afk for an extended period of time, please do it in your bunk or +ooc.
  5. Do not hang out and watch RP in public rooms without permission. (But please do join in public RP!)
  6. Activity is rewarded at bonus time. Those who have been actively RPing since the last bonus can expect a nice reward!

Deck Plans