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Full name Dr. Cassiopia Helene Carvosso
Date of Birth September 29, 2493
Parents Dr. Jarvis and Odessa Carvossa
Siblings None
Spouse Not Married
Specialization Medical Officer focus on Trauma Surgery
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue, Red
Height and Weight 5'1" / 101lb
Status Inactive
Education Information



Small and petite can best describe this woman. Her features have a youthful quality from the roundness of her cheeks and face. While her face seems youthful, her bright blue eyes seem to say she’s seen more then her share. Her hair is a rich color of red with blond highlights. It’s pulled back into a loose French braid that ends at her shoulder blades. Bits of her curly hair have escaped the braid to frame her face. Her hair stands out against pale smooth skin.

She has on a nice true blue colored, long-sleeved buttoned shirt, a white long vest with a tall collar over it, giving her a doctor-ish look. The collar of the vest stops just under her chin and the hem line brushes her knees. The sides of the vest are cinched in to follow the curve of her waistline. She’s wearing a pair of tan colored pants that zip in the back. The cuffs of the pants drop over a pair of black rather worn looking pair of boots.

What's known

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Friends and Associates

Reilly - Childhood friend. She now works for him as a Medic.