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Full name Cassiopeia Johnstone
Date of Birth July 15th, 2506, Londinium
Parents Dr Hieronymus Johnstone (father)
Liberty Templeton (mother)
Siblings None
Spouse None
Assignment Medic
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes; blonde hair, slightly above shoulder length
Height and Weight 5'6"/125lbs
Status Active


Life on Londinium

Cassiopeia was born 35 ears ago on Londinium, daughter of the known medical researcher Dr. Hieronymus Johnstone and his wife Liberty, and grew up in an intact upper middle class family. She studied Medicine at the University at Londinium, because her parents wished her to, and when she graduated her father expected her to become a researcher just as he, in the area of microbiology. The studies went all smoothly, with little to distract Cassie but a young handsome fellow student named Geoff Harrington. She was fascinated with his mental abilities, whereas he was only looking for a bit of fun - needless to say, the liason was of short duration and didn't last longer than a few weeks - until she caught Geoff with another girl in his flat.

Chapter closed, and in a very matter-of-factly way Cassie decided emotions were overrated and a needless ballast she should better do without. At least in regards to humans. It may have been one of the things that helped her finish her studies with an outstanding degree. It may have been even the reason she would thwart her father's plans for her to become a researcher, and leave her home planet, wihout intentions of ever returning.

Brief time on the Morning Star

Cassie was quickly hired to join the crew of the Morning Star, a cargo ship of sorts. Despite her vows to never engage again in such useless things as personal relationships, there was a certain chemistry between her and the captain Mandrake Valery, with more of a platonic vibe at first. It took a bottle of red wine and a weak moment, to have this unlikely pair push their luck and engage into an affair, with perhaps slightly differing views on the degree of dedication. A disagreement with Mandrake after an occurrence which Cassie feels was an act of cheating on her led to her losing her assignment after two months, just after they had arrived on Verbena.

Double Indemnity

Cassie came across Leutrim Donnchadh more by accident, when she was attempting to drown her irritation and frustration at a local tavern on Verbena. She mentioned having lost her assignment, and he offered her a position in the crew he was putting together for his ship. This led to her working for Keyhole Operations as a Doctor on the Double Indemnity for a year or so. A time where she made new interesting acquaintances.

The Time After




This slender woman of slightly below average height is in her late twenties. Blonde hair that is usually worn in a orderly ponytail frames a face with blue eyes hiding behind a pair of glasses, that gives the woman the competent and educated look one might expect from a Medical Doctor, that is somehow tempered by a wry grin occasionally.

Her stature is slender and could look rather pleasing when put into the right dresses. But as things are, Cassie prefers a more comfortable and functional outfit, wide pants of black cotton, that fit loosely over her long legs, comfortable sneekers, a wide peach coloured shirt held in place by a loosely fitting black belt, and a jacket of dark blue coloured cotton, that combines the style of an earth-that-was 1930ies trenchcoat with 1960'ies preference for shortness, as it ends slightly above the knees. The only part of jewelry she wears is a plain necklace of silver with a small pendant in the shape of a snake wound about a staff - the old symbol of physicians, a constant reminder of the oath of Hippokrates.

Personality and Demeanor

Cassiopeia is reliable and very focused on her work. She has a wry kind of humor. Some may call her a shrewd character, even a bit of a sociopath at times, when she often prefers solitude and a good book to smalltalk and socializing with others of the crew. Although that can happen as well. She can be surprisingly stubborn, for example when faced with questions regarding the glasses she wears. A bit of a geek too, when it comes to her hobby: Cassie collects samples of insects, preferably bugs in all variations and colours. She keeps records of all encountered species in her precious little book, which will include sketches, measurements, notes on behaviour, the place where she has encountered it, and other data.

Medical Record

Cassie has a minor allergy against peanuts. Also moderately shortsighted, at -4.0 dioptrin.

People she knows

Double Indemnity

  • Leutrim - The guy who hired me as a doc for a ship he does not have yet.
  • Annabelle - She has some Medical knowledge, so I've heard. Her cinnamon rolls are DELICIOUS!
  • Kacey - XO, very inquisitive, but okay, I guess, she has to be. Also blonde, like me.
  • Chloe - The other Doc, can't wait to meet her, she sounds awesome.
  • Juno - My, what a strange guy, so much on the spiritual side of things. Didn't kill that beautiful bug on his nose, which impressed me quite a bit.
  • Feria - She was a pilot back then, but when Leutrim took his break, she took over Keyhole Operations.

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