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Full name Jade Cassidy Tycho
Date of Birth 27 August 2495 (33)
Birthplace Tycho Ranch - Cuchulain Valley - New Limerick, Beylix
Parents Jack and Katie Tycho
Siblings None
Spouse None
Assignment Captain Commander of the Thirteen Divisions of the People (Churara)
Specialization Weapons, Information, and Intel
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Violet Blue eyes, Jet Black hair
Height and Weight 5'4", 115lbs
Status Deceased
Education Information
  • Basic Education: Home schooled pre-applying to high school , accepted as a freshmen to a private school on Beylix and completed all courses of study.
  • Skilled Hunter/Tracker, required on the Rim worlds. Taught by her father, Jack Tycho.
  • Trained in various weapon Skills by her ex-Independent Navy cousin, Sherok A. Tycho.
Employment History
  • Current: Captain Commander of the Thirteen Divisions of the People (Churara)
  • Current: Bounty Hunter
  • Current: Beginners Martial Arts Teacher
  • Previous: Ships Officer, Jia
  • Previous: Major, Romany Marshal Service - Drill Instructor.
  • Previous: Captain / Executive Officer / Security, Traveller - Gaelic Gypsy Arms
  • Previous: Security on several Cargo Ships
  • Previous: Mercenary / 'Security Consultant' - Malice

Ro nods. "She was a legend even in her own time, of that I remember. Very few outside of those she ran with seemed to take her seriously. Frost killing her spoke louder than anything else. Frost didn't kill people himself, he let his peons do that for him. If he killed someone, it was someone of his weight class, and there's not that many in his league." He sighed and shook his head. "I wish I had met her. Sounds like a hell of a lady."...'


Jade Cassidy Tycho (Pronounced Tike-o) was always a ruff girl, even as a baby. Growing up on her father’s ranch on Beylix made that possible on a rather large scale. She did manual labor for most of her life, making her fit and strong, developing a good work ethic but her fathers wishes of her being daddy’s little girl were not in the foreseeable future. Even with the great amount of respect for her parents she had, when Jade began to get older that oh so natural teenage rebellion came into play.

She absolutely idolized her cousin and his best friend, who both worked on the docks at the time, Sherok Tycho and Zank Lines. She would follow them around and they never once asked her to leave. She’d work with them on the docks, Sherok being a Mechanic and Zank being a Pilot, hardly leaving them alone; picking up the most random of facts and tricks from the two. But as the political situation in the ‘Verse changed and the war came crashing down on her wonderful life, she watched as Sherok and Zank took off to fight in the war. Jade wanted nothing more but to go with them, but being ten at the time made that utterly impossible. Instead, she wrote them daily hoping they’d respond, only to wait months before she got a reply. Then there was Sherok’s wife’s funeral, who also enlisted into the war, which tore her up the most. She hated seeing her cousin in such pain.

The war had finally ended, landing Zank and Sherok in a War Prison and her in a state of depression because her two mentors were gone. But that ended quickly as Sherok returned, his morals and soft smile still intact. Zank however had split off making his own way. She bonded with Sherok in the time of his recovery. He teached her the way of the gun, including various weapons such as assault rifles and shotguns, anything they could find and she was all the more willing to learn. They went through tracking measures and had in-depth conversations on how information was a vital part of tracking or spotting an enemy. He taught her to stay on her toes at all times. Sherok wanted her safe in this New ‘Verse and the only way to do that, or so he had said, was to make your self as tuff as possible. She learned how to take care of her self and after seeing his job complete, Jade’s idolized cousin was gone; making his way to find Zank.

With her new skills she set about traveling the verse, working for a short time as a bounty Hunter, catching minor thieves, always avoiding the wanted posters of Zank and Sherok simply out of love for them. Suddenly the unthinkable happened. With a rather sad, short, and untraceable wave from Zank, she discovered her beloved cousin Sherok died. So now the Twenty something year old girl from Beylix is off to find her Cousin’s best friend to find out what exactly happened to him.



This woman is not tall at all, standing only at 5'4". One would say she might look like an elf with her long mid back length strait black hair and Somber mature face, her skin rather pale and smooth. Her eyes are wide amethyst out lined with a bit of black eyeliner, only making her more like an elf. Pretty pink lips occupy the area under a cute little nose and however short she might be the rest of her more than makes up for it. Her legs, long and thick, are like a runner's or those of an awkwardly short girl. Her stomach is flat and the only thing prominent on her body would be her 'perfectly' shaped rump and bust, which is, to say the least; easily noticeable.

Her body is covered by a black armor with joints and places to allow the body to move perfectly and elegantly as this warrioress does without sacrificing any exposure to the flesh body underneath. The only article of clothing over the black armor would be that of a White long sleeve Haori, a sign of nobility and respect with the Japanese culture. On the back of that Haori, inside a black rhombus is a bamboo stick. He feet and hands are covered by armored booties and gauntlets, those gauntlets having segmented brass knuckles. A belt is worn with a knife on it's left side and a white hilted katana edge up tucked through the same side. The belt also holds pouches of ammunition. Slung low on the right hip is a larger then average Desert Eagle.

As a side note Jade has two Tattoo's, one on her lower back, the other covering the mid and upper sections. You'll most likely never see them unless you're Zank, Family, Doctor, 'one of the girls', her beloved fiancee, or get her into a bikini... which only Doc Holliday has been able to do...


Personality-wise, Jade is a stubborn, short-tempered yet reposed, occasionally confrontational, spontaneous, determined, outspoken, strong-willed, witty, cynical, impulsive, perverted, honest, and is extremely protective of her friends and family. This latter trait is the driving force behind most of her actions. She maintains that she is an evil disgusting and vile person who will eventual die because of this and she dose not hide that fact. She has a crisscrossing code of ethics, consisting mostly of physical, sexual, and mental modesty and different aspects of Bushido and medieval Chivalry. However, her perverted jokes sometime lash out against her better judgment, despite the smackings her mother gave her growing up. It's what happens when you grow up around Men.

Jade becomes extremely shy and uncomfortable around nude or immodestly dressed women or men, often vocalizing her discomfort and suggesting the perpetrators cover up or get pummeled. She is also rather cocky and has been known to taunt and belittle her opponents when fighting. Conversely, she can also go into a state of deep depression when she loses a major battle or lets a friend down. Although her cocky, hot-headed, and spontaneous nature (as opposed to her true personality) makes her appear rather dimwitted to more composed and calculating individuals (particularly McCain and Patandy), Jade is a capable analyst when required, and can instinctively catch on to some things much quicker than those around her and see things others might not. She enjoys fighting and when in a personal battle regarding friends or family a deep seeded lust for battle and blood lets it's self lose and alters her fighting style from controlled to berserker like, making her care more about killing the enemy then her own well being and survival. To say the least, she enjoys fighting in general.

Due to her constant fights, some people are rather afraid of her. Despite this, she has a warm and kind heart, defiantly looks out for those placed in her charge, and is, to a degree, quite compassionate once she understands another's point of view. However, she has some trouble with traditional respect (Not bowing to nobles and referring to people she dose not know by first name), and is often quite rude and disrespectful when talking to those not employing her believing that to be able to follow the orders of anyone not paying her that person wishing to charge her must gain her respect as a warrior or friend. She states that her Virtue is to kill people and protect Good people (Not it's a capital G, refer to plateau's cave analogy) She fights for the Virtues of the innocent. When in serious combat she will defend herself as if she were about to die and fancy's herself somewhat of a philosopher and historian, though she can never be a complete philosopher because of all the evil she commits.

In short: As long as you don't piss her off, your good.


Cassidy is well versed in the arts of Sidearms, Rifles, and Repeaters. She practices the Ninjutsu elements of Kenjutsu (Sword Fighting) mixed with elements of Kendo, Shinobi-iri (Stealth and Entering Methods), and Intonjutsu (Escaping and Concealment) as well as the various other methods. She is also talented with a knife, using an Eskrima like technique.

Currently, Cassidy is working on mastering the Jeet Kune Do philosophy, mixing Muay Thai (Punching/Striking), Savate(Kicking), Wing Chun (Trapping/Close Quarters), and Aikido/Judo/Jujitsu (Grappling) together for a lethal and diverse combination. She works well with information, supplying and finding, and is very streetwise, fast, and perceptive.

She has expressed an interest in broadening her Martial Arts knowledge even further with Kajukenbo and Zui Quan Kung Fu otherwise known as Drunken Boxing.





Muay Thai


Wing Chun






Drunken Boxing

The Usual Suspects

Tycho Family Line

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Angel Family Line

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Time Line



August, 27th 2495: Jake and Katie Tycho (nee: Angel) give birth to a healthy, if not feisty, baby girl. They named her Jade, after the color of Jack’s mother’s eyes.

2495 – 2509: Jade spends most of her days on the ranch, with her cousin and his best friend, or with her Uncle Fred learning the ins and outs of the Rim and receiving a proper home education.

2506: The Unification War begins, taking along her family members, Jason Tycho, Sherok A. Tycho and his wife Mara (nee: Stewart), Uncles: Tommy and Seamus, and Aunt Lisa. Zank Lines, Sherok’s best friend, entered the navy as well. The rest, except Lisa who was a Medic, enlisted with Marine detachments.

2508: Jason Tycho and Mara Tycho are killed in a battle on some distant planet. The funeral makes Jade an emotional wreck for months. Not just because one of her only female friends was dead but because her cousin, Sherok, would forever carry the pain of loss.

2509: Pending an entry test and due to the lack of decent education on any one Rim world, Jade enters a high school program on her home planet. No one enters unless they past this test because funding on the Rim can only go so far.

2509 – 2513: During her official schooling and the war, Jade joins the school ‘Track Program’ and quickly discovers her natural agility. She stays the course all four years even enrolling in a ‘Young Independents’ Program, much like earth – that – was’ JROTC programs. However, the program was disbanded following U – day… she kept the uniform.

2511: Her cousin, Sherok finally arrives home to recover from his years in Service of his defeated nation. However, Zank dose not return, instead flying off into the black for what ever reason he had.

2513: Receiving her diploma, and discovering a dislike for blowjobs after prom, Jade undertakes vigorous training with Sherok. Not much is known about what happened during this training but it is implied that they went over everything Sherok knew from his experience and training during the war.

2515: After two years of strait combat training, Sherok departs to locate his best friend and travel the black. Jade leaves not long after, setting out on her own.

2515 – 2521: Jade first works with her Uncle Tommy as part of his Mercenary Firm ‘Malice’ in order to get a head start before amercing her self in the lifestyle of a traveler, doing security work, grunt work, and in the later years; using her skills as a bounty hunter. She keeps in touch with Sherok and Zank, always checking up on them to see how they are doing. Surprisingly in 2521, Sherok is murdered and Jade embarks on a mission to find Zank for an explanation, who only left word to her that Sherok had died. She searches for a year before stumbling on him aboard the Fool’s Errand.


2522: Jade now works as a full time security officer along with Zank on the Fool’s Errand (Traveller ever since the Fool was destroyed in a Reaver attack.) She has, to say the least, become best friends with the resident Kung Fu Ninja, Tani. Jade was able to get her revenge on the evil lesbians that killed Sherok after the naive trio attacked the Traveller, ending in Jade cutting off the head of the ring leader. Jade, also now a Sanctioned member of the Bounty’s Hunter Guild, is participating in what ever she can with the organization and provides swift action. She is continually working on her skills as a warrior and is happy to take advice from elders.

After about a Three year stint with GGA, Jade has moved on to security work on the Jia with her Friend's Danee and Cal due to the fact that Laurent McCain saw it fit to Mothball the Scarab class vessel.

Jade has been seeing a women by the name of Sam Collins for a little over a month romantically. They work security on the Jia together. Sam recently asked Jade to marry her at Steel Dragon Shipyards in front of Cal, her Captain, Sink, and Doctor Grey Ashcroft. She said yes. Cal will be her Maid of Honor.

12/25/2525: Jade and Sam were married at the Crimson Shield Security Compound on Saint Albans.

March 2526: During a meeting with the Romany Kris, Grandfather Janos in an abrupt manner, told her about a grandfather Jade never knew about. The Jia traveled to Beylix and allowed Jade to consult her mother on the matter. Seems she was born Romani but was outcast for marrying Gadji. She had hidden her heritage from Jade because she didn't want her to suffer from ridicule or bigotry and carry her mothers shame. Jade called in Grandfather Janos and together with her mother, Danee, and Artesia, traveled to the Beylix Camp to fix the situation. Janos with his quick wit was able to reluctantly have Jade's Grandfather, Obradovich, accept his Daughter and Granddaughter... something about marriage...

Fun Fact: Faotie McGuire is her second cousin twice removed.

2527: With pressure from the pirates on Romany settlements through out the 'verse, working with Laurent McCain, she came up with a proposal to the Kris of the Roma people of it's own defense force. While initial plans were scrubbed because of Alliance pressure and fear of some sort of absurd uprising, they opted to work the force into a more police type force specializing in small unit tactics and operations more then anything. The RMS (Romany Marshal Service) was formed not long after but only after Laurent McCain disappeared after an attempt on his life due to a Bounty on his head put forth by the commonwealth. Jade was on her own now, one of the more major influences and mentors in her life now gone.

Jade pushed through but felt herself not nearly good enough to take Laurent's place as the leader of the RMS. She took the humble rank of Major and joined as a Drill Instructor and Quick Response leader. However, her time served would only be a few months... During this time however, she was able to meet up with the Admiral Frost on Freehold during one of her trips with the Jia. Off duty and off the record she entered into a fight with the King of Pirates, giving the well known brute a run for his money and earning his respect for the Roma people. A sort of respect was formed between the two and now the two peoples live with a live or let live kind of relationship.

Danee had been kidnapped while Jade was away, and so she turned around to rejoin the Jia. The Brashness of Captain McGuire lead to a head shot wound on Danee which she stumbled upon. Seeing someone so close to you so mutilated was something that brought out even more of a demon in Jade then she already had. Making her way to the bridge of the Jia where a wounded Fao was busy engaging in flight maneuvers. She sent out a message that would help lead to her downfall in the military.

Taking the quick response team aboard the Interrogator, Jade headed to Ezra accompanied by Sia and Zank; who had recently joined the crew after a long time away, The discovered one of the kidnappers dead in a cell and the ship they had used with the infamous Ogden Davis's blood all over the place. So they headed to Regina, the home of the Regina Freedom Fighters who had always had it out for her people. They found Davis at his Ranch not far from town and asked assistance from the crack Romany unit, the 99, to help with the operation. While the commandos took care of the out guards, the SWAT team landed on the roof of the ranch where Zank used his expertise in explosives to get into the main living room. The Room was cleared and Davis captured. The team returned to Ariel so that Jade, Zank, and Sia could look over Danee and help her get better.

During the time on Ariel, Jade interrogated Davis using fear, pain, and other various methods... nothing like what she said she would do in the cortex video. Ogden lead her to William Mabus Himmler, a politician involved with an Anti-Romany movement. She told him, that if he continued with his terrorist operations, she's kill him. Himmler took this to heart.

The Cortex video came back to bite her in the ass, as she was to be demoted to private and integrated into the Alliance. Saying to her crew, "I could have probably killed my commander with my pinky if I wanted to so whats the point in tryin' to punish me and I'd rather be dishonorably discharged then have anythin' ta do with those damn purple bellies." So with a combination of her own twisted sense of justice and pride she's now back with the Jia full time, making her priorities smaller then before. However if you ask, she'll tell you the Romany are not defenseless. What this means is yet to be explained.

Another thing had been plaguing Jade's already delicate mental state. Sam left abruptly, citing something along the lines of being scarred of what Jade was becoming even though Jade had always been two people, a monster and a human. Jade snuck away and hid behind her mask and armor, being consumed by the suit as if it were just another part of her personality. McCain had once said to her, "You know, Sam's goin' to leave you, one of you is going to die, or you're going to get locked up in a mental hospital or prison." Seems her greatest mentor was right at that too, like so many other things.

A long time went by without word, Jade would wait outside every time the ship was on world, waiting for a return that would never come.

While the ship was taking a break on New Hall, she shedded her armor for the comfort of a two piece and realized something, along with the help of her crew mates who have all but paired up (poor Zank), especially Artesia Hunter wh otook the time to understand Jade the warrior, not Jade the girl. She couldn't be hung up on this forever. She tossed her rings into the ocean and pushed the pain to the back of her head, like she was taught, and broke it down into something she can use to fight with.


Alas things with Sia didn't pan out even after a few... interesting encounters. So jade, dawning her helmet once more, pushes on. Fao, after being called to Athens for questioning has disappeared without a trace and Doc Holliday has re-appeared. Jade and the others join him on crusade to get back his ship from the dreaded white sash Cowboys. They've rescued Zank's one and only love, Maria from slavers, and hope that these things will lead them to Captain McGuire.

They had slipped into a lull for a while, and tried to act as a normal crew even though their Captain was nowhere to be found. Sia was sick most of the time so Jade had to take over as a sort of acting officer, to the dislike of some of the crew. Doc Holliday was back and serving with the crew and so were the demons from his past but after the rescue of his ship, the Aces and Eights, they moved on from the Jia.

Jade started dating a women, an old friend, named Mantissa Avaria. The two grew fast but with Jade's last relationship ending up the way I did, she decided it best if they took things a bit slower and not rush into anything.

Jade also entered a Martial Arts Contest on Jiangyin held by the Brotherhood, self proclaimed protectors of the rim. She took second place to her Friend Hase O'Donald who beat her so bad in the end that she was hospitalized in a comma for four week, that's one month. She had a broken nose and a broken rib that punctured her lung. An infection of some sort formed around it for some reason. She got better though but nothing would get rid of the infection, at least nothing the Romany Doctors could give her.

The lose of the fight weakened her resolve but she fought on when they had finally located Captain McGuire and took most of her frustration out on the guards at the compound on Ormunzd.

IC Knowledge or 'Things You Might Hear On The Street'

You may have heard rumors about a women on Ezra who cut up a man pretty bad in a bar after said man insulted one of her friends.

She used to do sales with Gaelic Gypsy Arms

She's said to be deadly with a repeater, demonstrating her skills with members of the BHG during an attack.

She was the Captain of the Traveller for a period of time.

She was the Captain of Viscountess Lynette Grant's Home Guard.

Zank Lines was her Lieutenant.

There are several posts in Bars on popular spaceports about her giving Kenjutsu/Kendo and Aikido Lessons for cheep.

She was ranked a Major in the Romany Marshals Service.

She now works directly for the Romany Kris as the Captain Commander of the Thirteen Divisions of the People

Theme Song


'You've Seen the Butcher'

Diamond Eyes

Jade's 'No Tolerance' Policy

Fair warning, if you start badmouthing Romani or a friend ICly, you might be in for a +warn. That also goes for hurting her friends/family or familia.

Really Random Pics...