Cassandra Nitharial

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Cassandra Nitharial
Cassandra Nitharial
Full name Cassandra Nitharial
Date of Birth 2497
Birthplace Newhall
Parents Gwenneth and Michael (Stepfather) Nitharial; Siomonn Kaeriani (Birthfather)
Siblings Vanessa Kaeriani
Assignment Security, Dark Dragon
Specialization Security, Bounty
Gender female
Eyes and Hair Blue and Red
Status active
Employment History

Owner of a dojo on Newhall (current)

Personal Notes

Allergy: Most Sedatives

This is an alt of River's. If you need to contact this alt, please poke River in-game.


Born on Newhall, or so she was always taught, Cassandra grew up pretty well in and on the water. From swimming to diving, she's well versed in it all. At the age of ten, she started attending martial arts lessons at a dojo near her home. As she grew up, she became friends with the owner of the dojo, and spent more and more time there, helping him teach the students. In time, she became nearly as good as he was.

At age 22, the old sensei passed on, leaving the dojo to Cassandra. At 28, her mother, dying of an unexplained, and incurable, illness, told Cassandra the truth about her. That she was born on Persephone, her real father's name was Siomonn Kaeriani, and she had a twin sister named Vanessa. A short time later, Cassandra left the dojo in the care of her 'successor', Jaysen, though to this day he refuses to take ownership, so she still owns it.

Eventually, she found Vanessa, and stayed with her on the crew of the Mai Si for a time. Then she went out on her own, learning about bounties and how to hunt them. She met a woman named Kaeytlin Isani, also a bounty hunter, who taught her more of the ropes. The two, still together to this day, now work in the crew of the Dark Dragon as security.