Casey Garnet

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Full name Casey Garnet
Parents Abigail Garnet, Edwin Garnet (Mother and Father, respectively. Both Alive.)
Siblings Nikita Gargarin (Surrogate big brother. Alive.), Fox Garnet (Biological Younger Brother. Alive.), Bartholomew "Bat" Garnet (Biological Older Brother. Alive.)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment None
Specialization Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel eyes, brown hair.
Height and Weight 5'10, 140 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Some Highschool

Military Service


Brief Physical Description

With a light tan set in across most of his body, his body has something of the build of a man who tends to work out at best once or twice a week. While he has been known to have short hair, there have been instances in which he has let his hair continue to grow for months on end before the next cut. His facial hair either grows in quickly or he chooses to be rather lax on when he actually shaves, a stubble constantly accenting his features, a small soul patch goatee and and mustache allowed to grow on occasion. His usual state of dress is often casual, many different styles of jeans. Recently came across a straw coolie hat which he appears to be fond of, carrying it around with him often.

Background and History

He's done some stuff with things and other things. And with that guy. You know him. (To be worked on.)

Distinguishing Marks


  • A small amount of black scroll work wrapping around his right eye and down his right cheek.
  • A large body of black flames covers each of his arms down to the wrist, covering a majority of his back starting from both sides of his neck down to just above his lower back. The black 'fire' follows along his ribcage and takes up most of his upper chest.
  • A black sun design encircling his navel.
  • Covering each of his legs down to the ankle, as well as his buttocks is a large amount of black ink and negative scroll work.

Images Of Casey