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Full name Sunsong Carter
Assignment Praemia
Specialization Doctor
Status Retired


He's a tall man, six foot or so and solidly built, almost burly with a workingman's big, battered hands. He has an indoor complexion, pinkish-pale, a contrast to his unruly salt and pepper hair and the grey-streaked beard and sideburns he keeps cropped short. His face is strong with a well defined jaw and prominent nose, dark grey eyes lurking beneath pronounced black eyebrows. It's a face with a certain authority, but he seems to be lacking some spark, his habitual expression bland, disinterested and slightly cold, eyes shuttered behind a certain reserve.

He's practically dressed: comfortably-worn blue jeans and an off-white woollen pullover, black steel-toed boots and a grey waterproof jacket, lined with fleece and dotted with pockets, hooded for inclement weather. He's wearing a black messenger bag with a quick-release strap, a bulky thing of sturdy aramid fibre and nylon webbing, fairly full and worn at his rear for comfort.