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Full name Jack Carson
Spouse Grace Carson
Assignment XO Bengalo Draba
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 6'0"
Status Inactive
Education Information

Ship Board

Military Service


Employment History

Red Angel, Bengalo Draba

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Carson was born on the border world known as Persephone. He was raised by Lisa and Bill Carson, two young couples trying to get away from the harshness of the universe. They were killed in a shipping accident that involved their transport to collide with another vessel. He was later adopted by an older couple. His parents were German descendants, thusly spoke German.

His new step-father was in the Alliance during the unification wars and continued to serve afterwards. He was taught how to fly and use a gun at this age, which was to say, around the age of 10. Though, his views on current events grew different from that of his new family, probably in thanks to his real parents. Carson was schooled on-ship by his step-parents...taught how do to math, read, and speak English...though as a second language which would later develop into a fluent one.

As he turned 16, he had developed to hate the Alliance for what they were...really dislike. He had separated from his step-dad and went a different way, joining up with a small crew. The small crew wasn't the rough type, but they gave Carson his fair share of work...mostly cleaning the latrines and other peoples messes.

At 17, he joined a Security company known as Devil Dogs where he was stationed on one of the few U-trans out there. The ship was one of many of a convoy during the war, running supplies to the Independent Army troops on the ground where needed. His particular ship was one of the cargo runners...Carson was one of the few freelance crews on board capable of piloting and operating as securing while cargo unloaded or loading commenced.

On one particular run, the ship was sent out alone to the rim due to other needs for the rest of the convoy elsewhere. The U-trans, known as the Lancer, had arrived on the rim planet unnoticed by the Alliance...but not by the reavers. The arrival was calm, however, during the final offload, a single reaver ship had dropped its crew around the Lancer...they were surrounded.

There wasn't much a fight to be had...the crew had fallen back into the ship, and even after sealing the hatches, a few reavers made it on board, killing 3 of the crew after doing unspeaking...things. They were soon dispatched. The escape had been a fun one...with Carson at the wheel he literally had to swerve all over the planet before reaching space. They lead the reaver on for a couple of hours before they had reached their escorts that took out the reaver ship with their guns.

On another particular occasion towards the end of the war, with escort this time, they had encountered an Alliance Longbow Cruiser on a long range scout...a battle enraged with their convoy...which only consisted of 4 vessels. They had done significant damage to the Alliance Longbow and heavy losses of its fighters before the Lancer was able to get away...but the rest of the convoy was destroyed.

At the end of the war, Carson hanged around many years after the war before moving off to another company known as the Fallen Angels...another Independent firm, though, mostly then Carson had only served as a gunslinger with only piloting a select few times. This tour was uneventful. He retired in about 6 years from this company before moving freelance. He was hired by the Red Angel as a gunslinger slash pilot.

During his time there, he fell in love with their mechanic, Kuyio. The relationship was serious, and difficult to get it to the level it was at before he left without so much as a good bye for a long time. During this time, he had to settle some past issues, before he had taken a job with the Bengalo Draba as Security. His attempt to return to Kuyio had failed, and eventually lost her when she died giving birth to twins with her new lover she had gotten after his leave...this is and was Carson's biggest regret.

Carson had moved on though...he had fallen in love with Grace Cousace, a doctor aboard the Bengalo Draba. They had stayed together for some bit and eventually got married, and eventually started a family off with twins (yet to be born).

His time on the Bengalo Draba was eventful, to say the least. He had helped fend off various smugglers and other intruders. He had eventually worked his way up to Chief Security when the current Chief moved on. He had initially served with Chovian as Captain until he had diplomatic duties to perform, thusly choosing Esther Gomez as Captain of the Draba.

Jack, or Gunner to some old acquaintances, had eventually worked his way up to XO becoming close friends to her. He had made XO after his actions during the Commonwealth raid on Paquin, to which he had taken a bullet for the Romany people.

Psychological Profile

Carson is usually mild-tempered, though he can lose it easily when accused wrongly of something, especially when punishment involves his whole crew. Today, Carson is a loving person, nice, and kind, unless disrespected, or lied against. He has a slight dislike for the Alliance, though it has grown exponentially since the nuking of Ita Moon. Other than this, Carson is loyal to those he trusts, and tries his best to keep them happy...though sometimes he can have...bad moments. Traditionally, when Carson is drunk, his mood varies depending on his mood before he started drinking...the effect of alcohol usually amplifies his moods.

Criminal Record=

Date: N/A Location: Red Angel Description:
Alliance was performing inspection on the Red Angel. A gun shot was heard throughout the the ship, source was the common area. The suspect was stunned on sight, which was identified as Carson. Reports state that he was shooting a bottle as it was being thrown to show off to his fellow crew mates.

Date: July 5, 2529 Location: Paquin Description:
Suspect was target shooting with hatch open in a previous war zone, disturbing what peace is left. Suspect was fined.

Date: July 17, 2529 Location: Osiris Description:
Suspect was trying to use a cortex terminal, which it turned out, he unintentionally tried to hack it. Suspect was fined for misuse of Alliance Property.

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