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Full name Carmen Charlotte Shamaria
Date of Birth June 6, 2497
Birthplace The Moore Farmstead, Hera
Parents Thomas (2473-) & Katy Moore (2474-)
Siblings Thomas Jr. (2491-2511)
Eric (4/24/2493-)
Dean (2494-)
Spouse Kallahan Shamaria
Children Sidney (6/29/2031)
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/Blonde
Height and Weight 4'11"/105 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
Osiris University (B.S. Criminal Justice, J.D.)
Ariel School of Medicine (B.S. Nursing)

Current Status

Carmen graduated from nursing school at Ariel School of Medicine in May, 2531. She and her husband, Kallahan, have recently been blessed with their first child, a girl they named Sidney. They share a home on Paquin with their dear friend Braedyn, Brae's daughter (Moira) and a quartet of rambunctious house cats: Kipper, Max, Kechara and Ashke. She's also frequently seen on Persephone, where she and Kal still maintain an apartment above Kal's Custom Weapons. Although once a frequent patron of the live music nights at The Captain's Retreat, she's not seen around there as much as she used to be. Still, she tries to catch a few shows when she can. For the last few years she never seems to be without a security detail.


This diminutive woman stands not quite five feet tall flat-footed, her compact form slender and well-proportioned. There is a slight roundness to her face which, together with her easy smile, shoulder-length mop of blonde curls, pale blue eyes and light dusting of freckles across her nose and upper cheeks gives her an almost cherubic mien. When she speaks there is the faint twang of a Border accent not quite left behind. Her attire varies depending on where she is; at home and in casual situations she favors tee shirts and jeans, but she's been known to throw on leathers for bike riding and more upscale attire when she has occasion to visit the Core.


Quick to smile and laugh, there is a genuine guileless warmth about her that is practically infectious. She loves to meet new people, do/see/learn new things and is a bit of a thrill-seeker.

Theme Songs

Imagine - John Lennon

I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty

It's My Life - Bon Jovi

History (Pre-IC)

Carmen was born on Hera in 2497, a farmer's daughter. Her parents didn't own the land they worked, which was a shadow hanging over her otherwise happy childhood. It seemed like every month their landlord was raising their rent or demanding more of their crops in tithe. As such, they were perpetually 'just getting by' financially. She wore a lot of hand-me-downs from older siblings over the years. Still, for all that it may have been a borderline ramshackle home it was a loving one.

Perhaps the darkest time of her childhood was the Unification War. Although not old enough to fight (she was only 14 when the war ended), Hera was the birthplace of the Independents and was hit pretty hard during the war. She remembers long sleepless nights in bomb shelters, air raid drills and tent cities where she went with her mother to tend the wounded and ill. Half the able-bodied men in her family were Browncoats, and some of the women to boot. The rest stayed behind more out of the necessity of having to tend their farms, families and children. Carmen's eldest brother joined the Browncoats as soon as he came of age; he was killed at the battle of Serenity Valley.

As a child, Carmen was hale and hearty, though it was discovered early on that she had an unfortunate allergy to nuts. Pecans grew wild in the region, and children would climb the trees to harvest the nuts for afternoon snacking. Only once, for young Carmen, as she broke out in hives and her throat nearly swelled shut. She's not entirely sure what all the nuts are that she is allergic to, as she tends to avoid them altogether just in case.

Carmen was always small for her age, and never really had a big growth spurt as a teen. Her small stature, round face and mop of blonde curls gaver her a rather elfin look. Those that didn't know better dismissed her as just another farm girl, but this particular farm girl had a sharp mind to go with her sunny disposition. She did very well in school, and as she grew older she began to aspire to a better life than the life her parents had lived. School was her ticket out.

Years of hard work saw Carmen graduating at the top of her class with a full scholarship to the University on Osiris. Her parents had to sell one of their plough horses to pay for the trip to get her there; her greatest fear when she left was that she would somehow let them down, but she needn't have worried. Academically, she hit the ground running. Socially, well, there were adjustments to be made. Life on the Core was much different from life on the Border, and in all the years she spent there... first at school, then working... she never felt like she really belonged.

She spent about 12 years on Osiris, sending money home regularly to her family, before she decided that she had to get out of there. Sure, it was a nice enough world and she had grown quite used to the creature comforts, but she was tired of doing the same old stuff under the senior partners at her firm and felt like, in the end, the Core just wasn't where she belonged. So she took a gamble and quit her job on Osiris (where she had been a rising star), instead looking to start her own practice on her own terms.

Timeline (Major Events)

2497: (Summer) Born on Hera.

2514: (Fall) Left home for college on Osiris.

2521: (Spring) Graduated Law School, with Honors. Obtained associate position with law office on Osiris.


  • (October) Left practice on Osiris.
  • (December) Started working on retainer for DMS & RLI.


  • (January) Established primary residence on Persephone. Moved in with Ckal.
  • (February 12) Shot, for the first time. Twice, in fact, during an altercation with unknown assailants on Persephone. Spent several weeks aboard the Each Uisge, recovering.
  • (March 5) Moira, Feria and Braedyn's daughter, born. (In Carmen's living room!)
  • (May - September) After a bit of harassment involving a case undertaken earlier in the year, went off the grid for 4 months.
  • (May) Good friend & flatmate Calira disappears while away on a BHG assignment.
  • (September) Returning home, discovered that boyfriend Jacob Storn had packed a bag and vanished without a word.
  • (Mid-November) Nominated to run for Attorney General. No one was more surprised than Carmen herself.
  • (November 29) Survived shooting at Londinium courthouse targeting Attorney General nominees, sustaining relatively minor injuries.


  • (January 5) Dropped out of race for Attorney General. Signed on to help with Rhonwen O'Neil-McCoy's campaign.
  • (January 8) Jacob Storn turned up on Persephone, after 7 months of no contact, seeking reconciliation. Carmen was not receptive to this, and they officially broke up.
  • (February 3) Woke up on Alexandria in the clinic at Shenjing Industries with no memory of who she was. Spent about 10 days there, recovering from the latest attempt on her life and trying to put the pieces together. It was learned that she had been dosed with Aldosterone via coffee, which someone had broken into the apartment on Persephone to poison.
  • (February 20) Another attempt on her life, presumed to be by the same attackers as earlier in the month. Stabilized at the Gao Fang She Tong Clinic on Persephone, then transferred to the Shenjing for further treatment. Again, the culprit was Aldosterone but it was suspected to have been inhaled this time rather than ingested. Kallahan was also dosed this time, but to a lesser degree.
  • (February 21) Carmen & Kallahan's first kiss.
  • (April 8) Carmen's memory is finally fully restored.
  • (April 12) Calira resurfaces on Persephone after being missing nearly a year. Their reunion is bittersweet; Carmen is now involved with Cal's old flame, but Cal seems to understand and is happy for them.
  • (April 24) Kallahan proposes marriage, while on a trip to Hera for a family gathering. Carmen happily accepts.
  • (May 22) Resigns from Red Lion Industries, as well as numerous other clients.
  • (June 27) Kallahan (finally) receives a heart transplant. Roberto and Lirin perform the marathon 12-hour surgery at the Dumont Estate on Paquin in their state-of-the-art medical facility.
  • (September 6) Carmen & Kallahan adopt two more furry children. The kittens, barely weaned, were found abandoned in a trash dumpster behind their building on Persephone.
  • (September 14) Carmen & Kallahan are attacked on Beaumonde while visiting Kal's family. Carmen is shot. The couple spend several weeks on Beaumonde afterward.
  • (October 24) Carmen & Kallahan are married in a small ceremony on Newhall.
  • (December 28-29) Carmen is kidnapped on Persephone and held for nearly 24 hours before being recovered by her husband and security team. The aim of the kidnappers seems to have been to strongarm Kallahan into repairing a mysterious weapon.


  • (February 3) Kallahan is captured and held by ex-Browncoats wanting to punish him for getting too buddybuddy with the Alliance after the war. Carmen and their security team managed to track him down and ride to the rescue, but not before he was tortured near to death. The mastermind behind the operation and his flunkies were all turned over to the Alliance for prosecution, something that Carmen would come to regret upon learning the full measure of what was done to Kallahan.
  • (June 30) A belated birthday celebration on Beaumonde turns tragic when the pub where Carmen & friends have gathered is bombed by unknown parties for unknown reasons. Most of the guests (Braedyn, Calira, Feria, Kyle & Sink) are injured, though Carmen and Kal escaped with only minor smoke inhalation.
  • (September 25) After a few weeks of mysterious headaches and increasingly unsubtle memory lapses, Carmen is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. When told it was inoperable, she immediately seeks a second opinion from Lirin Dumont & Roberto Chin, who were more willing to pursue a more aggressive approach.
  • (October 24) Carmen & Kallahan celebrate their first wedding anniversary at the Dumont Manor on Paquin, where they have been residing while Carmen goes through chemotherapy.
  • (November 30) Lirin & Roberto perform surgery on Carmen, successfully removing the tumor from her brain.
  • (December 25) Carmen attends the Dumont-Fist Christmas dinner, still weak from the last round of treatment but on the mend.


  • (January 2) Carmen & Kallahan depart Paquin, returning home to Persephone.
  • (April) Receives the shocking news that her dear friends Braedyn & Feria are getting a divorce. What's more, Feria has abandoned her job as Captain of the Each Uisge without a word to either her or Kallahan about it. She just... left. Stunned and confused, she agrees to draw up the paperwork and work out custody arrangements for their daughter, Moira.
  • (May) Braedyn brings Moira home to Persephone, where he has been living with Carmen & Kallahan for a few weeks. Carmen is ecstatic to have her wee niece around.
  • (May) Carmen serves as counsel to Russell Cymbeline, an ex-con in DAS custody for an alleged parole violation. This case puts her on the opposite side of the table from her old friends Calira and Rhonwen, much to her discomfort. In the end, she manages to negotiate a deal for her client that keeps him out of prison but doesn't improve his situation much. The experience does little to quell her long-rising unhappiness with lawyering and the legal system in general.
  • (June-July) Carmen's brother Eric's eldest, Isabelle, comes to stay with her and Kal for the summer. She lives on the Each Uisge during that time, and does a bit of traveling with them to see the 'verse. She has just turned 18 and is going to school on Ariel in the fall for Veterinary Medicine.
  • (July) Carmen finally makes a decision about her career and officially resigns as retainer to the last of her clients. She has decided to go to nursing school! Although resigned to starting in the spring, after talking with her old friend/client Lirin Dumont-Fist about her plans Lirin pulls some strings and gets her a late admission for the fall to one of the best (if not the best) programs on Ariel.
  • (September 11) The Each Uisge is stolen and Kallahan is kidnapped by one of their security team gone rogue! He escapes 3 days later and is found on Boros. The ship remains at large.
  • (October 15) The animal shelter that Carmen & Kallahan own on Persephone is burglarized/vandalized. Petty cash stolen, but fortunately animals left entirely alone.
  • (October 22) Kallahan attempts suicide while under the influence of side-effects of the medication prescribed by his psychiatrist for anxiety.
  • (Late November) The Each Uisge is recovered and returns home to Persephone. Marianne Murphy is re-hired onto the security team.


  • (March) Carmen and Kallahan purchase a home on 40 acres of land nestled in the foothills on Paquin.
  • (May) Carmen graduates from Ariel School of Medicine with her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.
  • (June 29) Carmen gives birth to her (and Kallahan's) first child, a baby girl, on board the Each Uisge: Sidney Calirin Shamaria.
  • (August 22) While adrift suffering from a mechanical failure, the crew of the Each Uisge encounter the Chronos, a derelict transport adrift in the Black.
  • (October) Carmen and Kallahan purchase the Chronos from Gilbert Galloway (NPC), paying salvage cost plus a little extra. The ship is towed to Persephone, where it begins being cleaned up and repaired to start its new life under new ownership. She is renamed Horizon.


  • (January 1) The Horizon takes her maiden voyage.

Random Facts

  • Doting co-parent of four adorable kitties, two of which (Kipper and Maximus) were bred and hand-picked by Damian Carmichael for his (ill-fated, but highly profitable) charity kitten auction in December 2526.
  • Kind of an outdoor girl. Loves fishing, hiking, camping and such.
  • Extremely allergic to tree nuts.
  • Jogger. It's not just practice for when people are chasing you. (But it helps.)
  • Extremely hearty appetite, and for such a small thing too!
  • High tolerance for alcohol, medications, tranquilizer darts...
  • Loves cheesy kung-fu movies, particularly the old black and white ones from Earth-That-Was.
  • Totally not bothered by the sight of blood or needles.
  • Used to be a horrible cook, but hasn't poisoned anyone in years.
  • Licensed & talented pilot of transports, shuttles and other small crafts.
  • Favorite color: Red. Also, yellow.
  • Favorite fruit: Pineapple.
  • Cancer survivor.
  • Board Certified Attorney.
  • Registered Nurse.

Family Photo Album

RP Logs


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Carmen and Kallahan purchased the Horizon in the fall of 2531. She was a derelict at the time, floating abandoned in the black. But with bit of care (and financial investment), she's flying true again and running cargo around the Verse.

Command Crew

Captain/Owner: Carmen Shamaria
Co-Owner: Kallahan Shamaria
Executive Officer: Merram Owens

Chef: Trinity Cortes
Medical: Dr. Braedyn Alexander, Dr. Amaranth Harris
Crew Hands: Charlotte Morello