Carina Lambsey

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Carina Lambsey
Full name Carina Louise Lambsey
Date of Birth December 12, 2498
Parents Syrus (alive) and Cera (deceased) Lambsey, actors. Father with traveling troupe of performers visiting the 'verse.
Siblings Ivy Lambsey, Dale Lambsey, Sebastian Lambsey, Neil Stinson
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Medical Doctor
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Education Information

She is a doctor of medicine, specializing in pharmaceuticals and surgery.


She has always had a passion for life. When she's not fretting about this or that. She had a love for medicine, and always wanted to help people. Not to say she's not made her fair share of mistakes, and even continues to pay for them, just that she's not willing to let it rule her.


Carina actually was adopted into her family. It wasn't so much that she was a founding but one of the few survivors after a military coup. In truth it is a miracle that the small band of misfits survived. Not to say she is the dark brooding sort. Or that she truly understood what was going on at the time. It would be like saying a duckling knew what a Dragon looked like. She heard only screams and then silence. But isn't that how any great catastrophe happens. Well maybe it wasn't a catastrophe to everyone, but it was in a sense with her. Course since that day, she was terrible at games such as Hide and Seek. Because of the cramped places that they had to hide, she developed a fear of confined places. It was the first nigglings of her claustrophobia.

At this point I would like to say that this was that great defining moment. A epiphany to her future. But we would both know it to be a lie. She grew up among the Lambsey children, accepted as one of their own defined as a distant cousin down the Lambsey tree and daughter to Uncle Stewart. It is amazing the webs we weave at times. Carina believed ever moment, and tried to favor the arts that her family embraced. It started with a puppy with a wounded paw. At age six, she did everything in her power. This includes near mummification of the poor pup in bandages, but he got better. She was euphoric with his great recovery. It was the beginnings for her passion for medicine.

She began at the medacad in Pacquin, later to be transferred when showing an aptitude for her studies. She would later head to Peresephone. Her wide-eyed wonder burned away when getting mixed in with the wrong crowd for a short time. Mostly because she had at this point, 27 graduated to being a full doctor. Her recall of pharmaceuticals made her difficult to replace. She became exposed, and worked with many drugs, trying to find the perfect blend that would ail a cough. Course an expose to their form of 'justice' brought back the young woman's claustrophobia like a tidal wave. A man thought to double cross the motley crew and was buried alive.

Since then she has settled in at Persephone with her family, trying to put her past behind her. Sadly, some pasts don't want to go neatly back into the darkness.


Hooks and Secrets

  • Cloudy Haze.
  • Pharmaceuticals and surgery
  • False Bravado - Triple Dog Dare


  • She comes from a large family, though adopted in.
  • Epona - A woman that Carina seems to enjoy, mostly for her daring.
  • Vondye - Crazy but in an enjoyable way.


Mar 18, 2525 - Two days after arriving in Persephone, Carina has the auspicious chance to catch a chicken fight between two mules( Epona and Vondye )


Saint Patty's Duel - Most people drink. Most people drink until they're sill. But do most people end up in a game of chicken? Stars Carina, Epona, and Vondye