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Cara Andryovich
Full name Cara Rene Andryovich-Enyad
Date of Birth June 16, 2502
Parents Radomil and Ksena
Siblings Adrian, Alanna, Bethany, Balraj, Constance, Claude, Dallin, Denee, Erin, Edwardo, Frank, Fala
Assignment Witch
Specialization Gathering Information
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Brown
Height and Weight 5'0" 90 lbs.
Status Deceased
Education Information

Home schooled

Employment History

"We Should all be able to just get along"


Athletic she stands only slightly taller than 5 foot. She weights in at around 100 pounds. Dark curly hair falls to her shoulder and below. She is a pretty girl with dark flashing eyes and a mobile mouth. Her nose is pierced as is a dark eyebrow. Thick dark lashes outline her eyes. She wears several hoops in her ears that softly jingle as they collide. On her ring finger a white gold band shaped like vines with yellow gold leaves. On the top three leaves rests a small diamond. The palm of her right hand shows a distinctive scar from the thumb web across to the fat pad just below her little finger.

She wears a simple dress. One piece flows from the short sleeved, 'V' neck cut, to the simple length down to the floor. It's pattern is earthy, vines and buds with leaves and babies breath. Simple design and the color of spring. Deep greens to lighter greens, a touch of browns light and dark. A slpash of reds in the buds. All on a light green background. She wears this with ankle boots..

What's known...

Name: Cara Rene Andyrovich-Enyad Date of Birth: 16 June 2502 Home World: Paquin Employer: Tsukai no Inari History: Parents, Radomil and Ksena. 6th of 12 children. Devout Eastern Orthodox. She is a member of the Kalderasha clan of the Romani. Her mother and father are very traditional Romany. Polish or Romanian roots. Ran away at 14. Arrested and released for pick pocketing. Loitering. Public nuisance. Fraud. Hired by Golden Dragon, Mou Lee, Captain takes responsibility for her. Married Bmal Enyad. Transfered to Dark Dragon. No further record. Adendum: Recently moved from Dragon employee to the Kitsune. Kitsune damaged in rough landing, moved with crew to present position.


Cara was killed in a terrorist bombing on Paquin 2521.

Tsukai no Inari