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Dr. Caprice Darsun-Ivankovich, MD


My first wiki page, under construction.

Full name
  • Caprice Miriam Darsun-Ivankovich
Date of Birth
  • 1 January 2500
  • Father: Dr. Kevin Darsun
  • Mother: Victoria Chase Darsun.
  • Nathaliya Yuri Ivankovich
  • None
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Hair color: Light Blond, Eye Color: Ice Blue
Education Information

Persephone University and Ariel University Medical College.


Caprice was born on Persephone on 1 January 2500, the first child born of the century on the planet. She started life in a loving family with a family practice doctor and a nurse. Over time that changed, war came to the ‘Verse. Her family had no intention of getting tangled up in such things. On Persephone, for a while that was completely possible.

Unfortunately, early in the war, her father left to help a friend from medical school on Shadow, just before the bombs fell. It was a few years later that her mother suffered a like fate while working triage during a skirmish outside a local hospital on Persephone.

The rest of her childhood was spent living up to the image of her parents. There was no question to her profession, a third generation physician. She had a few periods of rebellion, but for the most part was a model student and loved the academic life style.

She attended medical school on Ariel, and graduated with high marks, continuing through her residency in the trauma center. She has recently decided to return to the ‘normal’ world of the boarder planets.


Date 31 MAR 2011

Fair and light, Caprice possesses an uncommonly short five and a couple inches stature. The later twenties are the perfect age. Long flowing curly platinum hair crowns this young woman's head and descends to her shoulder blades behind her in glorious rivulets, each tendril has a shiny soft quality that shimmers in light as it shows off the exceedingly devoted care given to it. These luxurious curls frame an expressive face ruled by sparkle prone crystal blue eyes and high noble cheek bones. Full cheeks are soft and easily blossom into blushes or dimple when ever she smiles. Soft supple lips are painted with a glossy glittered ice pink lipstick. Her chin is slightly narrow and accentuates the angles of her face.

Her build is well stacked into her height deprived frame. Not skinny by modern standards, she has a more voluptuous build; full rounded breasts and ample hips. Her figure sinks in a bit about her abdomen, but only shows the muscle structure should she lean of bend in the right direction. Her straight shoulders and good posture are the sort that only comes from training and a touch of discipline. The delicate fingers of her small hands are capped by ice pink nail polish with a high shine to them, not too long to be a burden, the reach on a short distance past the tips of her fingers. Her butt has a tiny bit of rounding to it, and leads to smooth silky toned legs, not the stick kind, but the sort of a tennis player that regularly exercises them with aerobics and an active lifestyle.

Scrubs is the clothing of the day, a rich cranberry set of the pants and shirt. The v-neck top has a left chest pocket and dolman sleeves and fits her just right, loose enough for movement, tight enough not to catch on anything. On the right side of the shirt is an ID badge, “Derrial Book Memorial” above “Dr. Caprice Darsun, MD.” Two gold pens are secured in the pocket along with a pin light. The pants are fitted in a like manner to the shirt in practical fashion; neither too snug or loose. On her feet are quite good grip, high comfort tennis shoes. As is all but required, around her neck hangs a stethoscope and clipped to her left hip is an iComm, right hip is a Smartphone.

Recent Events

Jul 15, 2528 Caprice has signed up aboard the Dawn Star and works at Derrial Book Memorial Hospital of Persephone
Aug 15, 2528 Promoted to Chief Medical Officer of the Dawn Star.
Sept 5, 2528 Dawn Star replaced by Shu Chang, Cap and Nathalie officially moved in together.
Oct 10, 2528 Appointed Head of ER at the Book.
Jan 14, 2529 Promoted to Head of Medicine of Book Memorial.


There really are different styles of personality for the young doctor. Generally compassionate, Caprice can have a detachment that arises when she is busy or feeling defensive. In her roll as a physician, she is no nonsense, straight forward and old fashioned. Very much the country doctor despite her core world training. She will take charge of a situation: be blunt, flat, and to the point when treating a patient, especially in an urgent time. About the only person likely to get her to back down is a more senior doctor, and even then she will do her best to get her say in before yielding.

When not actually working with a patient, she tends to be either in a really good mood, at which point she is active, friendly and sociable. If Caprice is in a more reclusive mood, at which point she will be extremely polite, some what quiet and tend to mind her own business unless something causes her to react.


  • Caprice is a trauma specialist, but rather fancies herself as a general practioner. Be advised, outside of an emergency she will always refer OB/GYN and pediatrics cases and would only 'birth a baby' if there was no other person available. She is deeply uncomfortable working with children beyond a cracked bone or cut.
  • Caprice is a proud and dedicated coffee addict. She also regularly takes migaine medicine.

The People

  • Tristen ~ Anything right in style on my page, that was him. I could not have had one without his help. Anything wrong, that was me.
  • Nathaliya Yuri Yvankovich: Nathalie is Caprice's dear friend, sweetheart, and so much more. The Surgeon General has declared a required warning on scenes involving these two for diabetics and weak hearts.
  • Nathalie is now Caprice's fiance.
  • As of IC 3 August 2529, Nathalie's is Caprice's wife. Yay for my Nath!
  • Adelheid Victoria Reinhart - AKA Matitie : Caprice's BFF, Chief Engineer of the Shu Chang. The two are very close friends and a source of strength for eachother.
  • Kenthadus Grayshade: XO of the White Star, friend, and trained Caprice for her pilot's license.
  • Dr. Athini Alicia Papagorgos: Chief of Surgery at Book Memorial, and close friend of Caprice's.

RP Hooks

  • Caprice is currently interested in Bowden's Malady and in an active search to find new medicines to replace or augment Pasceline-D.
  • Caprice is currently working between Book Memorial on Persephone and the Shu Chang.
  • Most importantly, she is a doctor, and would be available in times of need.



"Mal's Song" by Michelle Dockery, Sample Video

[1] Jimmy Buffet: Margaritaville

[2] Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffett - It's Five O' Clock Somewhere

[3] Alanis Morissette - You Learn

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