Cameron Dasari

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Cameron Dasari
Full name Cameron Alexander Dasari
Date of Birth May 10, 2498
Parents Alexander and Elyne Dasari
Siblings None
Spouse None, Currently dating Cody Martin
Children None
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes/Blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'11"/160 pounds
Status Active
Education Information

High school equivalency. The rest was learned through the ether.

Military Service


Employment History


Cameron Alexander Dasari (2498-current)

Early Life

Cameron Alexander Dasari was born to Alexander and Elyne Dasari on Beaumonde, long before the Unification War. His father and mother were Londinium born non-noble members of industry who were relocated to Beaumonde so that his father could oversee the financial operations of a profitable engineering industrial firm that specialized in ship-based atmosphere scrubbers and shuttlecraft manufacturing. Elyne, his mother, was a debutante and "home maker" who had little else to do with her time than to spend her husband's money and allow the nannies and house staff tend to Cameron while she worked on getting her pre-birth body back.

The earlier years of his life were simple: He attended school, he spent time with the neighboring kids, and passed the years somewhere in between well-behaved and rebellious. His father spoke often of raising him to one day join him at the company, focusing on computer and mathematics training in hopes that Cameron would one day either go the route of an accountant or in engineering development. Of course, Cameron was never asked what he wanted, and his mother only told him to listen to his father, so to avoid having to face his mother's neglect or too much attention from his controlling father, he quieted and did what he was told. Throughout his childhood, he would rebel to try to gain attention and, as always, it would continue to be passed off from his mother to his father.

Growing to feel burdened by his father's control and his mother's selfish, intoxicated episodes, he began to foster a good deal of distaste for the two of them. So, as long as his studies were completed to keep his father off of his back, he learned to play the game. Father wanted test results? Test results he would give. Mother put away so much money that she'd lose it often. He discovered a win-win situation at the age of sixteen. He stole from his mother to pay the students that would ensure his grades remained high, and kept a little of the money extra to finally go out and have a good time for a change.

Descending into the Underworld

Rather fearless, Cameron took to the streets of Beaumonde with a pocket full of credits and a great deal to see and do. Naturally, the first place he stopped was a bar named the Maidenhead. Able to pass himself off as a spacefaring traveller, the first few beers were accompanied by shots, and before long he was stumbling back up the stairs into the arms of a beautiful woman he didn't quite remember speaking to through the course of the evening. She was convincing enough, at least, and offered to take care of him for the evening for an equally convincing price.

He awoke the next morning in an alleyway with empty pockets and faint memories of losing his virginity. It was, without a doubt, the best night he'd ever had.

He was hooked.

One night turned into two, and two turned into three, and before he knew it he was regularly stealing money that his mother had intended to fuel her addictions and in then fueled his own. He became a known face amongst the labyrinthine corridors and alleyways of Beaumonde. He began to experiment with recreational drugs, meeting women, and mingling with the local homeless population. He learned how to eat for a night without paying for it, pick picketing the locals for his coin. He learned how to con. He learned how to survive without his parents. By the time he was seventeen, he didn't need to steal from his mother anymore...he had become self sufficient in his new lifestyle.

The Lost Years and the Great Revelation

There were nights that Cameron simply could not remember, sometimes waking in a sweaty room in an apartment he didn't recognize, laying beside a woman whose name he wasn't quite sure he received in the first place. There were other nights in which he was quite aware of just what dark places his explorations had taken him. Aside from the sticky-sweet adrenaline rush of free-falling into irresponsibility, he had little to fear. He had taken nothing to the streets with him, and even on the mornings he awoke with empty pockets he knew everything he had could be replaced. He was free...but not entirely just yet.

Days would pass with lack of presence at his household completely unnoticed. There were times that he would stumble into the house to find his other passed out in a lounge chair, and all he had to do was sneak past her to find the showers and some (also free) food. It was becoming all too easy for him. The day he was to graduate from school, he didn't even have to bother showing to receive his diploma. They offered to have it delivered. He threw it into the trash chute. His father, over dinner, asked him if he was ready to ship to university and Cameron threw his future at college, his relationship with his father, and his access to the penthouse in the trash chute as well that night. He never looked back. Not once.

Thirteen years have passed since that day.

It could be said that Cameron has nothing to show for those years, but the result of his entire young life was swallowed into over a decade's worth of freedom and self exploration in the likes that few ever see. He's seen the best and worst the dangerous world of narcotics had to offer. He'd spent countless house on couches in Opium dens with a girl nestled against his side as he "chased the dragon" to a series of hallucinations that he believes taught him insight into his soul and his acceptance with mortality. He's been a grifter, a pickpocket, a tour guide, a door man, a bartender, a loader at the docks, a ship-scrubber, a decontamination sprayer, a paid man-on-the-side for no less than three bored upper class wives, and a drug rehabilitation mentor. He's been a noodle cook, a fish gutter, a drug dealer, a package delivery runner, and has worked in over six strip-joints. He's even pretty sure (if it is a memory, rather than something he saw while chasing the dragon) he'd killed a man who tried to rob him at gunpoint...and the gun on the night stand in the morning was missing a few rounds from the clip. He's had girlfriends, lovers, and even one lass that he thought one day might make a wife until he found her with another man. He's seen and done it all...and he has walked away from every last bit of it, always searching for more.

Even the drugs he walked away from, suffering the withdraws in seedy hourly-rate motel rooms, viewing his pain as yet another experience to be had, one that he knew would come the day he started.

But the last time he chased the dragon, he did so alone. There was no girl. There was no job. He had just enough I'm his pockets to take him somewhere, and through the hallucinations, he saw a place covered in dirt and ships. He saw Persephone. Ironic it was to him that he should see a place named Persephone through the fog. It was then that he decided to say goodbye to Beaumonde and cast himself to the wind, free of his addictions and spreading his influences and experiences to other worlds...

...and it was simple for him to leave. Everything he had, which was much, he smuggled inside of his soul and a small backpack.


Cameron is best described as a spectator to everything that occurs around him. He carries with him a certain weight of experience that only applies to his own subjective life experience. He is, for lack of a better word, a stranger in a strange land. Because of this, he doesn't lend much in the way of advice to others, and doesn't go out of the way to tell people what to do. It's their responsibility to find their own way, but he's not opposed to being nearby to help by removing unnecessary obstacles in someone's path.

He is confident, sarcastic, and doesn't try to drag himself into long conversations. He also seems to have mastered the art of not getting upset over minuscule offenses. In short, he is thoroughly comfortable in operating without a safety net. He's friendly and cordial as if everyone he meets is a neutral stranger he passes on his way.

However, his "carry little, take much" lifestyle has led him into his early thirties with little to his name and very little structure in his life. Whether or not he intends to ever truly build remains to be seen.


Until I get around to doing this I will do even better...I will put PICTURES on the wiki. ;)

Body Art Gallery

Recent History

  • Late April: 2529 -- Cameron arrives at Persephone to seek out his new horizon. He immediately goes to drink sake where he bumps into Aerin Quinn and refuses to believe she is Irish. Aerin suggests that he gets a job and draws the attention of Tatyana, who after a good number of drinks offers him a place on the Shu Chang.
  • Two Days Later... -- Cameron, settling in nicely, comes upon blues man extraordinaire Alabama threatening to quit the Shu Chang. Sensing something severely wrong with the man as he starts to kick and viciously beat a storage locker, Cameron assumes it best to not let him quit or hide in his room over what couldn't just be something as simple as being told to not play Tatyana's piano. So, naturally, he goads Alabama into a fight and lets himself get beat up. Alabama returns to a state where he's willing to "talk about it". The good deed is done.
  • Early-Late May: 2529 -- With most of the medical staff on the Shu Chang and at the Book Memorial Hospital out tending to the busted and broken people of Paquin, Cameron is left to fend for himself to find ways of keeping his ribs wrapped. At a chance meeting with Companion Moira Macallan while trying to find suitable clothes, he's offered tea and plaster bandages. While there, the two are ambushed by Aubrey into becoming kamikaze interviewers for his cortex program, Monkey Madness.
  • The New Year: January 2530 -- Having faded into obscurity again for the better part fo the end of the year, Cameron has taken the advice of Companion Moira Macallan and has focused on finally investing in his future. Again, taking to wandering to do some soul-searching, he fell into contact with some of his old Syndicate liasons. Taking on a job as a bodyguard for someone heading to APC-088, he managed to survive the skirmish on the prison moon...with more contacts. Since then he's taken to spending time with the crew of the Wulver, and has begun eyeballing future business prospects. As a result, Cody Martin has snatched him into her employ, assigning him as Public Relations for the Ugly Duckling Corporation, a firm that sells high technology products for shipping.
  • Rise to Prominence: 2531 -- After a year of travelling, working, and slaving for the Ugly Duckling Corporation, Cameron's lust for planet-sampling and meetings with clients at remote locales comes to an end. Seeking to spend more time rooting into his life on Silverhold, he asks Cody Martin for permission to try to work solely out of the Silverhold office. The request is granted, and his tensions between himself and Otto and Captain Rodney Kilbride of the Wulver begin. Multiple bruises, broken noses, and stress fractures later, Cody finally convinces him to stop answering the Wulver's violent taunting with scathing commentary. With all of the freed time available to Cameron, he asks Cody out on an "executives retreat" where the two develop a close friendship that later turns into romance. By May of 2531, Cameron finds himself as Director of Operations of the factory on Silverhold, and openly dating Cody.

Friends and Associates

Cameron's Perspective

  • Captain Rodney Kilbride Rodney Kilbride is quite possibly the most drunken, bitter, bigoted human being I've ever met. Sometimes it's amazing to me that he commands as much respect as he does, but perhaps it's because he doesn't deny that he's these things. Instead, he simply seems to remind these people that they're a part of his team, and while he might smack you around for being a fool, he'll never leave you behind.
  • Cody A. Martin Technically more my boss than Rodney. I work more closely with her than I do anyone attached to the Wulver or the UDC. Her and I first met while she was healing from a battered state, recently rescued from human traffickers and slavers. She has a certain depth to her that I admire. She's a good person at the core but has learned to guard herself a bit. She doesn't take people and things for granted, which means that at least in my past I wasn't as good of a person as she's likely been her whole life. Update: I've got myself a pretty amazing thing going on here.
  • Kell Draygo What ever happened to this bastard? He pulled me out of the fire a few times, which was good and I respected it. Since then I guess he went and got himself lost and is hard to find now, even for the people that care for him.
  • Lucinda Huszar All smokey eyes and dark overcoats. She was a good bird, where she went to I couldn't say. Wish her the best, I do.
  • Cecilia Tarribotti Cecilia is a really close, really sweet friend of mine. She'd never do anything that would hurt me, because I believe she truly cares for me that much. Ratana's just been found murdered. I'm going to need her to be there for me through this dark period of my life. She's the best.
  • Amber-Jeanne Something (Cameron doesn't know her last name) Ah, what do you say about someone who's saved your life? I've seen her a few times since that botched infiltration job, and I've yet to directly have a conversation with her. She's slippery like that, it seems. Either way, cheers.

Cameron and Lord Ganesha

What do you do when for what seems like a week straight, while laying on a plush, red-cushioned and cherry-stained lounging chair in an opium den if you kept seeing an elephant in your hallucinations that walked you through the events of your childhood? What if this elephant knew things that you told no one? What if this elephant introduced you to the sights and smells of parts of Beaumonde you had yet to discover?


You write it off as your subconscious playing things in your brain you'd surely seen and heard before.

But what if in the days following you stumbled into these said parts of Beaumonde to come into a whole new world of mysticism and intrigue? A place full of strange gods and idols, colorful jewels and beads, and beautiful mocha-skinned girls? What of the wonderful food and sights of the displaced from New Kashmir after the war? What of tales of warring gods and the cycle of rebirth?

You fall in love with the culture.

And what if, by circumstance, you find yourself being chased by a drug dealer through the clutter and hanging laundry lines of a poor, filthy district, running for your life? After the first three shots fired and missed, growing tired from the flight, you find yourself starting to fear that the gunman will catch up with you? What if sweaty and tired you climb stairs to a rooftop only to find yourself having to risk a jump you're sure will kill you?

You take the chance.

And...what if you miss, fall, bounce off of a trash-covered awning and fall through the heavily worn ceiling of what turns out to be a shrine to Ganesha? What if you find yourself realizing that you are still alive, nothing is broken, and you are staring at a wooden idol of a god with an elephant's head?

You run for your life, but you return next week to pay your respects.

((For more information, see the wikipedia entry on Ganesha))

Personal Life

Cody Martin

Shortly after the new year, 2531, Cameron was urged by his friends to stop being such a shut-in and to actually start to pursue a girl that he had feelings for. This brought his feelings for Cody Martin to the forefront. At first it was awkward, as it should be as she is technically his employer, but in pure Cameron fashion, he bore his curious feelings for her in silence and well-practiced nonchalance that comes from years of being a professional liar. It wasn't an entirely hard task for the man, as he learned well from his years fighting back against his opium addiction that the right things take time and patience.


However, the time came that he slid a carefully worded suggestion to Cody that the two of them take an executives retreat to New Melbourne to blow off some steam after months of hardcore business administration. Of course, seeing it for what it was, Rodney Kilbride flew into a rage and punched Cameron in the face for it. There's a possibility the sudden outburst and abuse helped Cameron in the endeavor, because Cody agreed to the date (er...retreat).

Once on New Melbourne, Cameron treated Cody to a weekend of beach-time, para-sailing, dinners, and dancing. Unbeknownst to Cameron, Cody has a past on New Mel that includes a strict family and a rather large, angry-looking fundamentalist male that was promised to marry her. Lucky for Cameron, this man was larger and stronger, but far less intelligent, and demanded a fistfight with Cameron that staked Cody's right to leave New Melbourne a free woman as the prize. Not that Cameron believed for a moment that they could stop Cody, he decided to take the man up on the offer to fight. Cameron -won- the fight, and the next day the two of them took a transport back to Silverhold.

Gradually, as the days progressed, Cameron kept pursuing Cody. One date led to two, and then a fourth, and then before he knew it the two were being identified as a couple. With no actual moment the two claimed to be a couple, at least before they were considered to be, Cameron openly refers to Cody as his girlfriend, and have been dating ever since February of 2531.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Sampling strange alcoholic drinks, teas, and foods from around the verse.
  • Reading, be it from his PDA, the cortex, or an actual bound book. He prefers political science fiction, philosophy, and biographical/autobiographical first hand accounts of major events in history, such as the Unification War.
  • Meditation and long, uninterrupted moments of silence.
  • Strange, ironic situations.
  • Talking about tattoos and receiving them.
  • Cortex. Cameron could spend hours hypnotized by the cortex. He prefers to watch mindless comedies, horror films, foreign-style cinema, and documentaries.
  • More to come...


  • He has a distinct "Londinian" accent that never goes away unless he's actively impersonating another style of speech. It's laced into his brain.
  • It's not that Cameron is afraid of spiders and snakes, but they're predatory creatures and he'd rather avoid them. People don't own tigers for a reason, why should they own snakes or intimidating spiders?
  • He has a small scar on the edge of his hand. It's a puncture wound from (you guessed it) a poisonous snake. It signifies the last time Cameron would ever sneak into a woman's house through a window without first knowing the inside of the place.
  • Favorite colors: Red, Blue, Black
  • Favorite flavors: Bourbon, Curry, Orange, and Honey
  • Favorite "settings": The city and at beaches. Wilderness isn't a place he's accustomed to. He'd rather face a man with a gun than say...a bear in the woods.

RP Hooks

  • Underworld: Cameron has a past with the criminal underworld. This includes the opium ring on Beaumonde, as well as occasionally having taken on jobs through the Syndicate. He's not a major player, but his name's been out there. His foot's in the door, whether or not he still wants it to be there is never of importance to the Syndicate, of course.
  • Arabic/Hindu-that-was Culture: Cameron is more comfortable, it seems, in the quiet, respectable alleyways and corridors that are inhabited by some of the more nomadic elements of modern, foreign-based life. He's broken bread with them and prayed beside them at their temples, even at his hungriest times.
  • His Parents: Cameron's parents still present a possible impact in his life, as his father over the years may have risen to a position of prominence within the Alliance and/or the private, corporate sector.
  • Opium Trade: Cameron has partaken in opium, aided in its sale, and protected shipments at times for the Syndicate's opium operations. He also, unfortunately, is a recovered addict from the chemical and constantly at risk of getting another taste and falling back in.
  • High Society/Low Society: He knows fancy ties and ballroom dinners. He knows all about barrel-fire cooking and camping in the gutters. Because of this he sees things that most people on only one side of the fence never would. The difficulty lies in the fact that he hasn't written off either side.
  • The Past Returns!: Cameron's background leaves a wealth of room for "X" past history, be it a person, place, criminal activity, friends, enemies, ex girlfriends, Syndicate contact, etc to come bursting back into his life.


So here's the deal. I'm the type that thinks about ideas and writes them down. So I've decided to create a series of NPCs and NPC organizations that I am willing to run scenes for OTHER people for. So if you're interested in being introduced to any of these NPC entities, please let me know, and I'll work something out with you to get them involved with your character or crews. I roleplay Cameron primarily, so I'd rather these be little one-off scenes from time to time, and nothing that'll take any longer than an evening of RP. Think like "Mr. Universe". He had a cameo and wasn't a constant character. I LOVE running scenes though. Send me an @mail and we'll coordinate. - Cam's player

(Disclaimer: Any plots involving REAVERS or any NPC restricted character type (Pirates, Alliance, Companions, Bounty Hunters, Readers, etc.) must be pre-approved by staff or (in the event of spontaneous one-shots) judged and/or witnessed by staff. While these entities are not a part of those restricted groups, I will focus my scenes that I run for these organizations on your characters/crews, but if you'd LIKE to involve any of the restricted groups, please let me know, and I'll work up a plot and +request it from staff. It'll just take longer)

The Cathedral of the Lost

  • The Cathedral of the Lost - A clan of orphaned children living in the ruins of one of Athen's many destroyed cities. They live, they steal, they take care of each other, and they are custodians of a very beautiful place surrounded by the ugly destruction that was a byproduct of the Unification War.

The Dasari Family

  • The Dasari Family - Corporate intrigue and a tie-in to Cameron himself, these tangled people weave a web around anything that they can get their hands on, and the noose just gets tighter and tighter.

Blind Man Jacks

  • Blind Man Jacks - A 'Sherpard Book' style character that lives on Ezra. He's an old, blind, blues man with a guitar, but has a keen insight into peoples' troubles and how to get through them. At the very least, he's good for a sweaty glass of whisky and a song.

The Franklin Clan

  • The Franklin Clan - Redneck Cannibal Family, just like the "Zombie Redneck Torture Family" in Joss Whedons "Cabin In the Woods", only slightly less Zombie-like and a lot less torture like, because torture scenes suck. They can be found on Three Hills.


Sins of the Father

Seemingly out of nowhere, Cameron receives a summons by DAS Investigator Heather Jacy to come to DAS Headquarters on Londinium to answer some questions about a crime he may have been a witness to. Little did he know that an old friend from his opium ring past, Kwei-Tze Po, has been murdered, and the evidence is pointing to him.

  • Part One - Cameron answers his summons to Londinium and meets with Detective Jacy.
  • Part Two - Cameron receives another summons from Jacy, this time to the spaceport while he is on Beaumonde searching for answers. He's intercepted by his ex-fiancee, Ratana, and finally gets to see his girlfriend, Cody. However, the news from Detective Jacy isn't as good as Cameron had hoped.



"Club Foot" by Kasabian - [1]

"Sapari" by Orphaned Land - [2]

"Six Underground" by The Sneaker Pimps - [3]

"The Hunger" by the Distillers - [4]

"When I Was A Fool" by Concrete Blonde -- [5]

"The Real Thing" by Faith No More -- [6]

"I Am the Highway" by Audioslave -- [7]

"Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant [8]

"Roads" by Portishead [9]


(This will be updated when Cameron says something profound. Don't hold your breath.)