Calypso Papadopoulus

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Full name Calypso Papadopoulus
Date of Birth April, 25, 2496
Parents Christopher and Lydia
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Medic, Arctic Raider
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel-blue/Black
Height and Weight 5'4"/124lbs
Status Inactive

Life on Bernadette

Life on one of the core planets is what a lot of people dream of. To be rich and lead a 'good life', a life not unlike the one that Calypso Papadoloulus led, or so it might have seemed. Outwardly, her life was 'perfect', the life of the only child to Christopher, a fairly successful textile importer/exporter based out of Bernadette, and Lydia. the only child born to a minor nobleman and his former Companion wife. In the public eye the young Callie was doted upon, every wish met, not a single need left unattended. She was loved and adored by her parents but all the love, horseback riding and ballet lessons could not make up for the fights her parents had. Lydia was an alcoholic and often times binged, drinking herself into a stupor almost nightly. Christopher, worried about his wife, had tried numerous times to get her into a nearby treatment facility but every effort made to help her was met with resistance and resulted in fights, some of which turned physical. The fights were always behind closed doors but doors and walls can only drown out yelling and such so much. To say that this was a life-altering event for the young Callie would be an understatement.

As Callie grew older she become quite unmanageable, the girl's behavior causing problems left and right. At first it manifested in the form of playground bullying and such while in elementary school to full on fighting and the like once she reached secondary school. It was largely overlooked thanks to how her father was one of the most influential people in their town but bad behavior can only be overlooked for so long. She had been suspended for a while after breaking someone's nose during a large brawl. Amazingly, despite her emotional outbursts and physical confrontations, she maintained a 4.0 grade average and was given a full scholarship to several of the most prestigious universities in the core.

Her academic achievements are all the more remarkable considering she spent a lot of her later-teens infirmed with migraines that were rather severe in nature. It was at this time that her allergy to morphine and morphine-derivatives was discovered after she nearly died after being administered morphine during treatment for one of her 'headaches'.

Medical School



Not long after her attack and her having graduated from medical school, the new doctor had paid good money for a hacker to erase the majority of her records, keeping only those necessary to renew her medical license intact. Anything else has been destroyed, wiped out which allowed for the woman to drift into the shadows, only being seen when she so wanted to be.


It almost seems as if she’s a study in simplistic beauty, everything about her variations of averages opposed to any one feature standing out as being ugly or especially pretty. Her hair is kept at about shoulder length and lacks anything like a style. Her bangs are cut short and left to hang just over her hazel-blue eyes, the inky color of her tresses causing that of her eyes to be more noticeable as well as make her pale flesh look all the more so. She appears to have a quality about her that most women envy, a natural, perpetual youthful quality that belays her twenty-nine years of age, aided by the lack of lines at the corner of her eyes or at the base of her nose and over her full lips.

She borders on the tall side of ‘petite’, reaching perhaps 5’4” while standing on bare feet but where one might expect her to be scrawny she’s actually quite toned, not the overly-muscular manner of one who works out obsessively but is of the type who pays careful attention to their physique in the pursuit of maintaining one’s health. She’s not curvy by any means but she’s by no means built like a man, this one obviously female without being ‘soft’ in appearance.

Personality and Demeanor

Take a rich-girl, wrap her up with a love of dangerous situations and even more dangerous men, toss in a whole lot of compassion and big old balls and you got Callie.

Being a doctor, she has a nurturing, almost motherly nature to her which is not surprising, considering her chosen profession. She's quick to lend a hand and is also quick to trust which can be bad, considering she is the type to wear her heart upon her sleeve. The doctor's also fun-loving, quick to try to crack a joke or pull a prank.

There's a darker side to her, however. One she tries to keep at bay. This is the side that likes to hurt people, a result of her having been attacked and robbed at knife point. It does make sense - hurt the bastards before you can be hurt, survival instinct at its best. It also keeps control in her hands instead of those who might try to exert it over her. She can also be cold, distant, evil and downright bitchy, the combination of traits that undoubtedly causes a lot of alienation to occur. Something Callie's not fond of but it's a risk she's willing to take.

Medical Advisory

Patient suffers from migraines. They often times differ in severity with the worse of the pain ranging from 6-8 on a pain scale of 1-10. As a result of these migraines, she can suffer from seizures which cause a loss of consciousness that can last for several minutes. Patient has been put on anti-seizure medication and has to have regular blood chem tests taken to make sure the medication is kept at the correct level. Dosages may be adjusted according to these results as well as in result of seizure activity.

Warning - Patient is highly allergic to morphine and morphine-derivatives and will go into anaphylactic shock if given such medication. If administered morphine or morphine-derivatives, administer epinephrine and other appropriate medication, intubate if necessary, and transport to nearest medical facility immediately.

Current Events

After having ran into one Taylor Michaels while gun shopping on Persephone, Callie made mention of being a trauma surgeon looking for work during a conversation. He sent her off to Santo with the name of a ship and a person. After several 'interesting' interviews, Callie was hired on to be a trauma medic upon the Arctic Raider.