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Full name Callum Andrews
Date of Birth 15 March 2498
Birthplace Hera
Parents Drummond and Philomena Andrews
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment chief mechanic, Dawn Star
Specialization Ships systems and repair
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark Blond, Hazel
Height and Weight 5'8", 185
Status Deceased
Employment History

Dawn Star - Deceased

Personal Notes

Callum claims to have been born almost 8 years earlier. As he lied about his age to volunteer for the war.


Callum Andrews is a rough looking man. Standing 5' 8" (1.8 meters) Tall, he has dark blond hair and hazel eyes. His face bares the weight of his worries as well as a day's unshaven stubble. His physique hides the strong muscles of a laborer and an ex-soldier. His skin isn't overly tanned or overly pale. Though it is often covered in the signs of a hard days labors.


Memorable Quotes

  • Famous Last Words: "Meh. I could fix one of those things while it was fallin' apart in the sky."

Skills and Abilities

  • Experienced in Capital ship systems.
  • Experienced in Capital ship repair.
  • Experienced in transport systems.
  • Experienced in transport repair.
  • Currently learning Piloting of both ship classifications.
  • Currently learning astrogation.

History and background

Timeline of Events upon arriving in Persephone