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Full name Callahan Hermes Narhwold
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Devil's Corsair
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Grey-blue eyes, Dirty blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'7" 152 lbs.
Status Active
Military Service


Brief Background

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A child by most standards. Above legal age, but young enough to look like he hasn't worked too hard in his life. Dark blue coveralls with a good bit of grease and fluid stains on said clothing. His workboots are fashionable, but the same rust and grease-covered style as his coveralls.
His hair is dirty blonde, stopping at his eyebrows to accentuate his grey-blue eyes that have somehow been faded as a sign of a hard past. But maybe that's just the color of his eyes. No sign of weaponry or a fighting skill on this boy. Innocenct may debut in his stance, a wonder of the world before him as his physique lends towards no heavy lifting, or a single day of confrontation. his hands though carry the natural scars of a hard-working mechanic.

Distinguishing Marks & Features

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Fun Tidbits About Callahan

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Pictures of Callahan

Callahan2.jpg Callahan3.jpg

Famous Quotes

  • "Hell... I can't fix that! ... Maybe it's just ****ed?"

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