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Full name Marchioness Iliana Calira 'Cal' d'Narvose
Date of Birth May 25, 2487
Birthplace Paquin
Parents Alexander Charles Dumont (father/deceased)
Amelia Antoinette d'Narvose(mother/deceased)
Siblings Antonio Ethan Dumont (older brother/deceased)
Lirin Victoria Dumont-Fist, MD (Younger sister)
Sinklar Fist, Captain of the Dark Dragon (Brother-in-law)
Spouse Divorced
Assignment CSO/XO Dark Star Security Company
Colonel - Alliance Special Operators (Retired)
Bounty Hunter
Specialization Security
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Brown/Dark Brown
Height and Weight 5'6"


Status Active
Education Information

Private Tutors

Military Service

Security & Special Investigations

  • Parliamentary Gold Medal



Thick dark brown hair that is lightly threaded with silver is bound back from her face in a thick and intricate braid that allows the length of it to rest along the center of her back, the slightly curling end reaching nearly to the small of her back and the style only vaguely flattering to her profile which, to be fair, can be called a bit 'hawkish'. Changeable dark brown eyes of the exact shade of her hair, one moment a warm brown and the next deepest black, are quick to get lost in as they are her best feature. Her eyes survey the world with a steady, direct gaze, and are set beneath slender and slightly arched eyebrows. A thin pale scar traces along the upper curve of her left cheekbone, the trailing edge leading perilously close to her left eye. A nose that is slightly too long for her profile draws the eye down to full lips that can transform her face when she smiles. The angle of her chin and set of her jaw lends to the over all impression that she is one of those calm and level headed individuals, this impression is augmented by the challenge that can easily be glimpsed in her gaze.
A button down shirt in unrelieved black is worn with black khaki cargo trousers that are festooned with many pockets and made from a rugged material that is nearly impervious to even the most unfriendly of conditions. The khaki's are neatly cuffed and tucked down over the calf-high combat boots she wears. The boots, themselves, are well worn to that perfectly broken-in status cinched tight and laced along the sides and add another two inches to her over all height. A hand-tooled sheath for the pair of daggers she carries with her at all times is concealed within each boot secured along the outer curve of each ankle. Around her waist is a slender leather belt upon which spare clips of ammo are found and usually at least one holster angled for a cross draw, favoring her left hand. Every bit of metal or reflective surface has been blackened to a matte status along with the surface of the rest of the gear that she carries.

-- Weapons --
Mateba Autorevolver "Anubis"
Dagger "Seonaidh"
Kukri "Bruce"
Desert Eagle 50AE
-- -- -- -- -- --


Brief History

     Iliana Calira Dumont, known to most as just Cal, is the 2nd of three children from the union of Alexander Dumont and Amelia d'Narvose. Born on Paquin May 25 of 2587 she was a something of a 'tom boy' though that's only a lose comparison and category to try to put a label on her childhood. Her elder brother Antonio was of the sort who would be suspected to drown puppies and pull the wings off of butterflies and, later in life, proved to be precisely that sort. Her younger sister, Lirin, inherited the grace and loveliness of their mother along with the medical and artistic talents that made her a child prodigy in many ways. Between the dark promise of her brother and the light and talent of her sister, Cal was something of a misfit. Eventually she would leave Paquin at a young age, young enough to have to lie her way into the Alliance as nothing more than a volunteer and spend years working her way up the ranks before making the leap to officer status in her late twenties. The battle of Serenity valley was not one that she was present for, though countless friends, colleages and comrades in arms - friends she would make later on as well from both sides of that particularly grim day in history - were there in abundance. She retired from the Alliance in her mid thirties only to be drawn back into active service nearly eight years later.

Recent History

  • 2522-2528

     Granted, in the Dumont household, things are rarely ever quiet or uneventful for very long. The house was nearly leveled by a bomb in 2523, though luckily no one was seriously hurt and the library survived - more or less. As the years pass Cal has returned to her work as a Bounty Hunter, and while not terribly active in the guild she spends time helping to train the novice hunters and, in the doing, keeps her skills fresh as well. She works as a freelance security consultant, crewing for friends of the family or various ships that have need of someone with a skilled eye and unbiased outlook to help brush up protocol to keep the crew and ship safe. So far she's worked briefly on the Red Angel, learned a lot from the crew of the Dark Dragon and spend some time on the Jia before returning to her home upon Paquin.
     Her friendship with Kallahan Shamaria turned into a budding business arrangement that led to her becoming co-owner of Kal's Custom Weapons. She continues to pursue work as a freelance security consultant and alternately spends her time and energy at that task or, on a slightly whimsical note, being a beach bum on Paquin and surfing the best of the waves.

  • June 2528

     In a surprising turn of unexpected events, or perhaps in an attempt to make truth of the saying May you always live in interesting times Calira and Lirin learn that their mother was in fact the daughter of now deceased Marquis d'Narvose. This revelation of data comes almost immediately upon the heels of a request on behalf of Alliance high command that returned her to active duty status at her retiring rank of Colonel. Another flurry of sudden changes brought her from simply a Colonel in the Special Assignments Division to the Director of Alliance Central Intelligence.

  • 2529

     A year of changes. From civilian life to military life to civilian life again, only as a civilian in the service of the Alliance. The renovations of the d'Narvose home upon Londinium takes months of effort and countless credits to begin to rebuild and restore it to what it once was. The Alliance shifts its DAS headquarters from Londinium, facilitating a shift in politics and the paradigm of power wrangling. And love.

  • 2530-2533

     For a span of four years, Cal took up the mantle again in service of the Alliance as Director Dumont, ACI. She retired again in the winter of 2533 to return to serious renovations of the d'Narvose family home on Londinium.

  • 2534

     With renovations nearly completed on Londinium, Calira invests in the security business co-founded by Odell Malika and Kirsten O'dowd, forming the Dark Star Security Company. They take on the case of the mission children on Ezra, stolen in July of 2534 and begin exploring other cases by which to make a name for themselves as security experts. At the end of 2434 Cal & Michiba agree to a amicable separation and then a quiet divorce. Respect and a solid friendship remain between the two. While the legal documents are being processed, Cal makes another decision, taking back her mother's family name instead of the family name Dumont and becomes, legally: Iliana Calira d'Narvose, Marchioness d'Narvose of Londinium.

  • 2534

     The Dark Star Security Company continues it's investigation into the mysterious disappearance of children from Ezra and their perceived tie to the We are Legion movement. Early in the new year, the crew and company are also investigating some alarming threats to the Daniels family and children.

Gift Giving

     In October of 2526 the long awaited marriage of Cal's sister Lirin Dumont to Sinklar Fist was accomplished - despite the whims and chances of fate or anything else that might've contributed to the day. This is the memory box that Cal gave to her sister and new brother-in-law to celebrate the occasion.


Izumiya Gift Box

     It appears to be a hand crafted box of warm woods that are reminiscent of the Katsura and Hakone regions of old earth. This beautiful puzzle box exemplifies the time honored traditions of wood working and craftsmanship of the like to make this himitsu-bako box something that will be treasured forever. With three sliding sides and two sliding keys, the cover box itself measures approximated 5.9" x 3.95" x 2.36, the interior compartment is polished satin smooth. The image upon the lid is done in both hand tinted paint and careful wood inlays that depict a mountain scene with gauzy clouds in the sky, a fertile field and a farmer leading a horse along the foothills of the mountain.
     This Izumiya gift box comes with a pamphlet and an instructional diagram, along with two delicate wooden keys that are suspended from a pair of black silken cords. Both keys are required to open this memento gift box and only the correct combination and the use of the keys will open the inner chamber. Once the box is opened these words are found inscribed within in flowing script: "Two hearts, two minds, two souls together for a lifetime. Two keys to open the box, two pairs of hands to unlock the puzzle, two lives entwined to unlock the future. All my love, ~ Iliana Calira Dumont".

Quotes & Rules

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RP Logs



Joins with Odell Malika to form the Dark Star Security Company.


'The freedom movement begins, a movement that eventually leads to war being declare.

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