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Cade Everett Grayson

“To be human is to be broken,
and broken is its own kind of beautiful.”
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- R.M. Drake

“The worst part of being broken:
Is knowing that not only does no one know, they likely don't care.”
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- Unknown


xxxxxFrom the spray of his unkempt mop, to the years-worn military boots this man exudes 'disheveled'. Standing at around six and a quarter feet, he is lean and wiry with a pale complexion. Slightly longer than finger length brown hair with gray peppered in sprouts from the top of this man's head; only the sides and back shorn down to stubble. Light green eyes cast a text-book thousand-yard stare from beneath a thick brow ridge. Fading into being just beneath his ear line, from his temples to about his clavicle is a beard; well-kept and clean, it is clearly a source of vanity for the man. Weathered skin shows the wear and tear of a hard life along with faded and not-quite faded tattoos. His shape is still defined with broad shoulders and chest leading to a narrowed abdomen and surprisingly strong looking legs.

xxxxxUtilitarian clothing dominates his wardrobe, from surplus BDU's to plain cotton tee-shirts and comfortable outerwear. There are two things that remain constant about his dress. First, the boots, old and worn they are clearly military issue, though who's military could be anyone's guess at this point. The second is a camera; far too nice for the likes of him and it shows the care afforded it by being the nicest, newest looking thing about him.

 xxxxxRogue's Gallery

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 xxxxxThose Known

The Muse

  • Annie - New face, but a kind one. She understands the devils better than most. She doesn't just understand the devils, she drinks with them. All the jagged pieces fit and it's a little ridiculous how she's become not just the other half but the better half.

The Insiders

  • Belle - Old friend. Source of some really good and some very bad memories. Hope she's good wherever she's floating.
  • Captain - Can't hate someone willing to take on damaged goods, hope this works out...for both of us. The Cap is good people and she's really close to Annie, makes her important twice.

The Crew

  • Davis - Big guy, don't usually say that. XO on the ship, respect-worthy so far. Quiet though, quiet is good and wanted.
  • Em - A ghost, or haunted by them. Not sure, but she's the doc and seems friendly enough. Seriously, I didn't think I'd be right when I guessed about super secret space mind control!
  • Dev - The Cap's hubby. More of a ghost than the rest of the ones this ship carries. Never really met 'im.

The Outsiders

  • Daisy - Smells like his name sake. Known.

Full Name: Cade Everett Grayson
Date of Birth: December 02, 2489
Parents: Robert and Glin Grayson (Deceased)
Siblings: David and Jennifer Grayson
Spouse: Unwed
Children: None Known
Played By: Franggy Yanez

Ship: Double Indemnity
Position: Security
Status: Active
Story Hooksxxxxx 
  • Vet of The Unification War
  • Holovid/Camera Expert
  • PTSD Victim
  • Grumpy Old Bastard
  • Drifter
  • Beard of Majesty +6
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
I bet a lot of me was lost,
Ts uncrossed and Is un-dotted,
I fought it a lot and it seems a lot like flesh is all I got,
Not anymore, flesh out the door
Somebody shine a light
I'm frozen by the fear in me
Somebody make me feel alive
And shatter me
And the general sighed, "This is our last stand,
Let every man say 'Amen'.
For we'll not see daylight again
And tonight we meet our God, boys."
And it comes to all in time, boys
For on the day they died, boys
God was on the other side, boys