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The brooding Cache
Full name Cache
Date of Birth April 14, 2497
Assignment Operations (Pilot), Leviathan
Specialization Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark hair, blue eyes
Height and Weight 6'1" 178lbs
Status Active

Cache (pronounced "cash") is a pilot with currently the pilot for the Leviathan, unwillingly conscripted to pay a life debt to Nysacire. His previous life he has left behind, hiding on board the Leviathan, making a living with pirates, and debating on joining the Common Wealth permanently.


  • Jan 19th, 2525 - Tracked down and shot by a pair of bounty hunters, Cache is brought on board the Leviathan and put under the care of the ship's doctor, Roberto.

Pre IC History

Cache's history is rather personal and he rarely shares it with anyone. It is apparent that speaking with him he is on the run, and from more than just the law. It's also quite apparent that the man has a French background, indicating he is probably from Bernadette, though he rarely confirms that. The man is a pilot, and typically has a cheerful attitude, though what he flew and for whom before showing up on the Leviathan he keeps to himself. The man appears to be in his mid to late 30s, and shows a lot of knowledge of the inner workings of the Alliance Navy.

The Frenchman with a troubled past.

The events that led him to the Leviathan may be a clue as to why he doesn't like to talk about them. Cache was tracked down by a pair of ex-military bounty hunters, Frank and Steve, finally catching up with the Frenchman on Hera. At the docks, Cache was admiring the various docked ships, he came across a Shark Corvette that was curiously painted. The ship's captain was sitting just outside the ship, and the two started a casual conversation, when Frank appeared (Steve no where in sight), pointed his gun at Cache. Using his quick wit, Cache conned Nysacire into thinking Frank was insulting her ship, and so she pulled her gun on him. He finally decided to leave, figuring he could grab Cache later, and so ran back to his ship.

As Cache was thanking Nysa, he was shot in the back (probably from Steve) through his right chest. Nysacire dragged his body onto the Leviathan and with the help of the ship's doctor Roberto, Cache recovered quickly. As payment for saving his life, Cache was conscripted to be the ship's pilot.


Cache's smile, infamous in some quartiers
Cache tends to be a cheerful fellow. When he smiles, it's a healthy smile and often infectious. He takes personal pride in his own grooming, particularly among the crowd he is currently employed with. His clothes are always clean, often new, and never cheap. His achille's heel: women. Even though he is not as much of a loverboy has he has been in the past, he still has a weakness for the ladies.


I shall post IC logs here, when I feel like it.


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