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Full name Bernice Xiao Zhe Alute Kim
Date of Birth March 24, 2505
Birthplace Osiris
Parents Sir Delun Sung Puri Kim and Lady Florian Zhilan Zhe Kim
Siblings Taylor Daisan Puri Kim
Spouse Unmarried
Assignment Security, Valiant
Specialization Hitting things
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, Black hair usually done up in crazy styles
Height and Weight 5'2", 131 lbs (solid and muscular)
Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service

No military service

Personal Notes

Actress base: Julia Ling

Burn likes the horsies.

Personality, Quirks and Facts

Burn lies frequently about her background and past. She'll say just as much as she has to when she has to, but makes up sometimes outrageous stories at other times. Don't be surprised if she contradicts herself.

Burn doesn't tell anyone her birth name is Bernice. If she's around people that might recognize Bernice Kim + Osiris = BERNICE KIM she tells them her name is Burn Alute. She doesn't remember her old life and she doesn't want to be associated with it. Also, puh-leeeease, Bernice?!

She thinks Laurent McCain is awesome and she thinks Teller Munro is awesome. If anyone asks her who the better captain/boss is, she refuses to answer. (It's like the whole Kirk vs. Picard thing. DO NOT GO THERE.)

She does not have a crush on anyone. Even if Morgan insists she does just because she said she heard he's cute.

Burn does not drink. She's had one taste of whiskey and it made her make faces and cough. A lot. She only drank the half of a shot of it because Lexi and Cassidy made her. They are bad, bad influences.

She runs frequently and keeps in shape. Because if she doesn't, Ronel is going to make her do even MORE pushups and do you know how hard pushups are?! DO YOU? But she does love to go running.

She's never had a boyfriend. All the boys stupid enough to ask her out were quickly scared off by large weapons pointed at their head by her Pa. Or they thought she was cute until she opened her mouth.



Parts what ain't important no more (OOC info)

It was dark. The air was stale and sharp with dust. It stung to breathe, sucking in raspy gulps of air through my raw throat. My eyes burned from having been crying and it hurt to keep them open.

That is the first memory I have of my life with Pa. I refused to come out of a crate where I'd hidden myself in the attic. The second I saw him land, I climbed in and pulled the lid closed, thinking he'd never find me, this strange man who made claim he was taking me to my mother.

Truth was, he did intend to take me to her. He's a bounty hunter, not a babysitter. I'd been more or less kidnapped and he was returning me. Oh, it wasn't a kidnapping for ransom or anything that sounds thrilling and romantical like that. I was only eight at the time and my father was out there somewhere in the house, a bit rattly in the brainpan.

I reckon I should back up a little here and explain some things. I was born in in the spring of 2505 as Bernice Xiao Zhe Alute Kim of the Kim family on the Core planet of Osiris. My mother was Lady Florian Zhilan Zhe Kim and my father was Sir Delun Sung Puri Kim. We were a minor noble family, titled and wealthy, but with less social standing due to our family only being ennobled for ten generations. Many of the snobbish families looked down their noses at us for it. My brother Taylor Daisan Puri Kim (yes, the names have some sorta meaning in my family and we got saddled with a lot of them) was three when I was born and was the heir apparent in our family. Honestly, all of this is a blur to me and it's not important. Least not to me. But might as well tell it anyway.

My father was a third son. He wasn't meant to carry the title. Truth was, he wasn't meant for a lot of things. To prove himself, he'd gone military when he was younger. That was how he ended up in the war even after he got the title. I don't remember any of it, I was just a kid. I know he came back different. Changed. Wasn't something right in him anymore. Didn't hug us like he used to. Well he'd hug us, but it wasn't the same. Felt wrong. Like slippers on the wrong feet. Close to fitting and all the parts are there, but they're in the wrong spots so it rubs and chafes some. Just feels wrong. Off. I remember thinking that, but couldn't tell you more at the time. Guess he was all wrong in the head when he came back from it, but we managed for a while yet. Weren't more than three years or so later that he snapped. Wasn't his fault. Wasn't him. Taylor done something he shouldn't've and father was just... lost. Talking about how he needed to be locked up. So he did. He locked him in his room and we weren't allowed to give him nothing. We was just kids at the time. I didn't know it weren't no game, so I treated it like one. I waited until nobody was watching and I took stuff and put it through the vent or under the door. Two weeks in, it was like we was trying to find new ways we hadn't done it yet. I didn't know that I wasn't really supposed to do it. I gave him my sweets from dinner, some of my bread, sometimes it'd just be slivers of protein bars or once in a while it'd be bits of meat I'd push through the crack under the door, sliding it through the dust on the floor. He never cared, he'd just eat it up. Course, eventually father found out. Came at me, so I ran. Ain't ever saw that look in his eyes before. I see it now at times. You can tell who saw what in the war. You can tell who was really there and who just says they fought when really they probably hid from it as much as they could. Not that I blame them.

But anyway, he found out, came after me all fire and brimstone in his eyes and grabbed me. Hard. I struggled and got away and I bolted. Hid. I've always been good at hiding and I was small so I tucked myself away into a crate in the attic. When he couldn't get me, he opened up the door to Taylor's room. I'd been giving him what I could, but it wasn't much, so he didn't have much strength to put up a fight when our father came at him. Our mother stepped in and somehow managed to get Taylor and pull him away. I wasn't there for it, I was still in the attic, peeking out of the crate enough to be looking out the window. I heard them, the yelling, the screams, the crying, the sounds of hitting. I saw them as she picked him up and carried him, running as fast as she could to the little shuttle. I remember her sash streaming out behind her as she ran, all gold embroidery on red and blue and green silk, catching in her wake. It was beautiful. And then they were gone and I was scared and went back into the dark.

She got him away. But she couldn't find me. In the loud noises downstairs, the ones I covered my ears against, she'd been calling my name. I never heard. Pa-- Tucker that is, told me this part of the story. He heard right from her. When I didn't come, she had to make the decision to leave without me and come back for me, or wait and maybe Taylor would be worse off than he was. He had some internal damage, but nothing so serious as she thought at the time. And there I was, alone in the house with a man who looked like my father but sure as blazes wasn't anymore. For four days I hid. I snuck down to the kitchen for some food. He looked for me. He yelled for me. He walked past me couple'a times. But I was scared. I was just a kid, after all. Then Tucker Samuelle came into my life.

Parts what matter now (IC info)

You didn't need him to show you his ident for you to see he was a bounty hunter. He looked like one. Walked like one. Acted like one. All that. Sure, he was a bit on the olden side for it, but don't mean he wasn't one. Turns out when she got to Persephone, she hired him out to bring me to the port there. She was taking Taylor somewhere safe so he could get better, then coming for me.

Plan woulda been a good one if it'd worked out. Only she never showed. So here he was, bounty hunter with half his pay and the bounty to collect the other half and nobody to collect it from. Musta been a sight, him standing in port holding onto the hand of a little girl who kept whining for her mother. He was gonna take me back, too. I cried and I sobbed and I did every manner of things to get him to not take me back. I bit him once, too. Still, he took me back. But wasn't anything to take me back to. My father wasn't there. Just his body. All signs showed he done it himself. Maybe he found some peace, I don't know.

So Tucker was stuck with me. Didn't really want to ditch me in the kinda orphanage he'd been in and out of when he was young, so he kept me. Found out later that he'd had a wife once and a little girl. She left him, took their daughter, never did hear from them again. So maybe that made him a pa who needed a daughter and a daughter what been needing a pa. So eventually, after numerous failing attempts to offload me onto folk he knew, he became my Pa.

Now, this is when my life really started. What happened before had been a blurry childish life. This was true living. It was exciting and bright. Pa taught me all manner of things, from reading and shooting and dancing to cooking and playing cards and fighting. He had some savings and we lived on that more than not, but sometimes he still had to take jobs. When I got old enough, he let me go with him. Sure, it was always 'Burn, sweetheart, stay in the shuttle' or something, but I got to go. Life of a bounty hunter ain't much for me, though. Sometimes you'd end up in a fight. Sometimes the bounty ain't so keen on coming back with you. But the rest of it I loved. I learned to dress up, to pretend I was something other than what I am. I learned to lie so smooth that you'd never think I wasn't being truthful. Mostly though I learned guns and fighting. I like to fight. I like to block the hits and jab with my elbows and kick with my feet and all that. Got real good reflexes, too.

I ain't the best shot, I admit. I'm alright at it, but I never did feel much like shooting. But the guns? Well they talk to me. I hear 'em whisper when they fire. I feel them cry out in pain when something is wrong. Okay not in a literal way, but you probably know what I mean. I tinker with 'em. Sometimes I make 'em better, sometimes I just make 'em work again. Guess it kinda works with anything machine-like, but I don't get them big things like engines. Too many things going on at once with them. I like it small and simple. I got whatcha call a knack.
!Tyen tsai.

When Pa decided few months back that he was gonna retire right and proper, he figured it was in my best interests to go find me a job. Said he was sorry he ain't done better by me. Truth be told, I think he done fine. I had friends. I had family in a way. I was happy. But he was right. I'm an adult, right and proper. Time I be on my own. I packed up much as I could carry in a bag and went lookin' for a ship. He knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who needed someone on their boat. That'd be how I became the heavy on a smuggling ship. Did some jobs with them, which mostly reiterated all I already knew: I'm good at fixing guns. I'm bad at shooting guns. I'm good at beating the snot out of people who think girls can't fight. I'm not so good at figuring out what it is I wanna do, though. I knew I wasn't really comfortable with the crew I was with. So I took my earnings and went seeking something new. Worked a few ships since then, tryin' to find places what I ain't been yet in case my mother or brother were there.

That's how I ended up on the Valiant. Little did I know when I took the job that my brother was there, too. We ain't turned out the way we thought each other would so we don't much get along, but we's family an' that's what counts... right?

Note: if anyone is interested in playing Tucker Samuelle, let me know!

Recent Doin's


September 2009
Hired onto the Valiant and found Taylor.

February 2009 - August 2009
Was OOCly gone for a while. Busy being a movie star and all! Meanwhile, Burn left the Traveller and did some odd jobs, wanting to see more of the 'Verse.

January 2009
New folks got hired on the Traveller: A tall, gawky and kinda cute smarty pants engineer named Trace (omg CUTE!) and a medic chick Doogie-- er, Janessa.


December 2008
Got a shiny new rifle! Winchester rifle, even! <3

November 2008
She drank whiskey. It was icky. :(

October 2008
Met up with Doc Holliday, nearly got into a bar fight (boo! It got defused) and met some of Doc's crew. Got a job on the Traveller workin' security under a fella named Morgan Kendrick.


Make with the click on the pic, get it bigger. Really. Like 300x200.

Heathens Aplenty

Taylor - Taylor is Burn's older brother. She spent a few years halfheartedly looking for him. Mostly she was looking for her mother and he was part of the package deal. Not that she didn't (and doesn't) love him, but now that she's found him, she realizes that he's an entirely different person than she thought he'd be. They have nothing in common and can't seem to get along, but she's still very proud of him and wants to live up to his expectations as best she can.

Mack - McCain was the first captain she really worked for. She'd taken odd jobs on ships before, but he's the first one who believed in her and made sure she felt like she was a true part of the team. If it wasn't for her wanting to see a bit more of the 'Verse than she had on their typical runs, she'd probably have stayed on with him, but had she done that, she wouldn't have run into Taylor. She still has a lot to learn from him though and looks forward to working with or for him again someday.

Teller - When Burn's money from odd jobs and savings ran out, she realized she might need a bit of steady work for a while. She came across an ad that Teller had placed for crew and she contacted him, hoping that maybe he might remember her and he did! She started working for him and found out that her brother was on his ship. She has a lot of respect for Teller and wants very much to live up to any expectations he might have.

Lucy Rendolin - Burn's roommate Lucy is a colorblind crazy girl. Burn adores her to no end. Being around someone who has a hick accent that is just as bad and just as thick makes Burn's even worse. It tends to spiral into a mushmouth conversation really fast with them.

Ronel Leight - Ronel runs Security on the Valiant and makes Burn do pushups. She'd hate him if she didn't think he was the bee's knees. He's teaching her some gunsmithing and he was impressed with the aftermarket (and self-built) scope she added to one gun and the way she takes care of her stuff. He's good folk, even if he does make her do pushups.

Siggy - Siggy has to be mentioned here because he is Siggy. And he is pilot extraordinare. And he's pretty cool for a boy who probably has boy cooties. :)

Kaydin Ceran - Okay, so he's a boy and he's kinda cute and he has guns. A *LOT* of guns. So it might not be surprising that Burn's not really sure how to act around him. Oh sure, they have a lot in common, both working security on ships and stuff and did you hear that he has a LOT of guns? But she's not sure why she feels kinda girlie around him. It's not something she's used to! She bets she can still kick his ass, though.

Rokusaburo Michiba - So Michiba is head of security for House Bennett, which means that he's about a hundred shades of awesome in Burn's book to start with. Plus he's just a pretty great person in general. She has a feeling they'll be good friends.

McManus - DANGIT! Why's he gotta be so .. sooo.... AUGH! Gotta be all askin' about her relationship with Taylor and all that, like it's important they get along or something. Probably because he's all fulla brimstone and lepers or something. Yeah, that's it. :)