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Located on Osiris, Bubastis is the estate of Apollo Carmichael's son, Damian A. Carmichael. It is also the business HQ and residence for the staff of Red Lion Industries. Part noble residence, commercial venture and part community, the complex provides a secure base for both work and leisure.

In accordance with its name, Bubastis is modeled after the legendary worship-place of the Egyptian cat goddess Bast, on Earth-That-Was. Within the Residential District of Osiris, the Carmichael estate is accessible via an eastward road.



A planetbound visitor's first view of Bubastis is impressive. Red granite pillars, a kept lawn, and an encircling waterfeture with lillies and koi provide a tranquil atmosphere. This is also where the mascot of Red Lion Industries is kept; Leonidas the barbary lion is chained here, usually seen napping or gazing at visitors. He's not been known to attack the guests of Bubastis. Frequently.


This aseptic room of steel and glass is the purview of Red Lion Industries' Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Iorwerth Jones. Annexed to a pharmaceutical company as it is, it is always well-stocked to receive unexpected guests.


The birthplace of contracts on Bubastis is a spacious enclosure featuring houseplants, mahogany, silkscreens of Osiris skylines, and expensive red rugs. It also serves as the antechamber to Bubastis' renowned laboratory, and the housing-place of Bubastis' vendor:


Red Lion Industries' Research and Development team works here with state of the art equipment to ensure Red Lion remains on the cutting edge in pharmacological developments. Anti-bacterial casing, stone walls, and retinal scanners ensure that only qualified scientists - or coffee deliveries - are allowed access.

Landing Pad

From above, the Bubastis landing pad is a respectable slab of concrete emblazoned with the Red Lion Industries logo amidst the more palatial surroundings of the complex. Here a large transport ship and an LRS can fit with room to spare, with access to a M.U.L.E. storage shed that the navvies take their smoke breaks around. The company factory and warehouse are located here.

Reception Room

A glass dome supported by red granite pillars with lotus capitals looms large over the spacious reception room, known for its ample hors d'ouevres, divans, cats, and piles of pillows. The Egyptian illusion and elegance stops just short of having the staff on hand with fronds to fan guests. A lotus fountain is set into the mosaic tile floor beneath the glass ceiling, the de facto 'heart' of Bubastis.

Kitchen & Gardens

A chef's paradise, fully stocked with the most modern, voice-activated stainless steel appliances and every tool with which to prepare food imagination could ask for - and then some. In order to feed Bubastis' residents 24-7, including its feline component, this vast space employs a handful of food preparation staff who use the kitchen's three full gas ranges and five full-sized fridges to make dreams come true. The kitchen also boasts a fully-stocked larder, an impressive liquor cabinet, a wine cellar, and a deep freezer. The garden houses a greenhouse where botannical experiments both medical and culinary are usually under way, as well as a gazebo, water feature, seasonal floral beds, and a long lawn for parties and sunbathing. It also features a statue of Leonidas and Duke Damian A. Carmichael. Usually a live sheep is tethered here to nibble the grass, and responds to the name Dolly.


Master Bedroom

Queen's Room

Directly off of the gardens, this room was decorated to suit the tastes of Lady Venadia Trelemaine-Carmichael. It often remains empty and usually untouched.

Guest Quarters

Storage lockers of artillery for the staff are housed here.


Navvies & Day/Seasonal Workers

  • Mattimeo Rabecci (NPC): A bruiser who's good with math and keeping the other workers out of trouble. It's rumored he was one of Red Lion's first hires, having been a jock acquainted with Lord Carmichael in school on Londinium. Also rumoured to have mafia connections.
  • Gaspard (NPC): A French fencing instructor commonly hired by Bastien.
  • Qi Collins: Music tutor to the Carmichael twins. On leave.

Household Management

The helpstaff and butlery of Bubastis are many, but there are some who stand out more than others. Unfortunately, this has led to their being nicknamed.

  • "Jeeves" (NPC): Named after P.G. Wodehouse's fictional butler from Jeeves & Wooster.The roundest of Bubastis' prominent butlers, and the second oldest, known for rolling his eyes whenever he's summoned or referred to by his nickname. At his heart, however, he is goodnatured and excels at what he does. It often falls to him to rally the younger butlers when chaos is afoot, and his booming voice makes him the perfect one to do this. (Visual inspiration: John Rhys Davies.)
  • "Alfred" (NPC): Named after Bruce Wayne's butler. The oldest of Bubastis' prominent butlers, b.2449. He is quiet and unassuming, nicknamed "Ghost" by the other butlers not simply for his wispy white combover, but for his manner of serving the Duke and his guests. He adheres most sternly to the butler's motto to not speak unless spoken to, and never passes on what he hears. He is a master of the English breakfast tea service, and enjoys spending time in the kitchen.
  • "Stokes" (NPC): Named after a butler in the sitcom, You Rang, M'Lord?.
  • "Lane" (NPC): Named after Algernon's butler in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.
  • "Merriman" (NPC): Named after Jack Worthing's butler in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. Shares a little of Poole's worrywort tendencies, and is the second youngest of the butlery. He's one of the least specialized and also hardest working butlers in terms of fetching and delivering all-hours requests, known for speed and efficiency with less flare. Moreover, he's known for an excellent sense of humor and discretion to match.
  • "Poole" (NPC): Named after the butler Poole in The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide, he is always the first to exhibit concern about the Duke or any of Bubastis' residents when odd behaviour is exhibited. He's the youngest of the butler cadre, b.2490. He frequently mans the minibar in the reception room, and handily reports guest gossip to the rest of Human Resources. He has a convivial manner to match his bartending habit, and is the most likely to exchange banter with guests and staff alike.
  • Saira (NPC): A young woman wildcat handler. Specifically works with Farid and trains him in Arabic.
  • Samantha (NPC): Nanny. Mid-40s, plump, tough love but always fair and warm beneath her discipline; the granny/aunt of the nannies.


  • Amakaze: Head Chef.
  • Holly Whittaker (NPC): A young culinary arts school graduate who always keeps her thin brown hair back in a ponytail. She's often put to work making the trays and trays of snacks Bubastis goes through on a regular basis, but enjoys the chance to shine in designing ice features, edible decorative cakes, and other centerpieces that look too good to eat.
  • Allan "Faun/Faunface" White (NPC): An apprentice kitchen aid who ensures the carrots, potatoes, and turnips are peeled. He's only in his early to mid teens, and sports a helpful but nervous nature and a face full of freckles.


  • The wonder triplets (NPCs): Medical interns Charles Weng, Camille Stenkowski, and Jose Vargas.
  • Jonah McCoy: Medical doctor.
  • Theo Poe: Medical doctor, R&D.
  • Roxana "Roxie" Delos: Computer Ops.
  • Mikhaila Arkanova: Computer Ops.
  • Maureen: Engineer.
  • Aubrey Pierce Everson: Contract comp-sci.
  • P'eng Wu: R&D, Medical. Resigned.
  • Iorwerth Jones: Ex-Chief Medical Officer. On leave.
  • Templeton Torres: Engineering. On leave.
  • Aiden Nox: R&D. Resigned.
  • Tatyana Quinn: (Locum) Doctor/Medical. Reassigned.
  • Silas Worth: (Locum) Medical. On leave.


  • Aisha: Security.
  • Amar Rendolin: Chief of Security, and Lord Damian Carmichael's bodyguard. On leave.
  • Adam Walker: Personal bodyguard. On leave.
  • Agostino Mastrianni (NPC): Older italian man, shrewd and closemouthed. Rumoured mafia connections.
  • Marco 'Eagle-Eye' Rabecci (NPC): Cousin of Mattimeo, a little talkative, very sharp-eyed. Rumoured mafia connections.
  • Antonio 'Black Tony' Giovanni (NPC): part time, black sense of humour, works out of Boros usually. A 'Fixer'.

Human Resources

Where hospitality, security, and corporate espionage meet.

  • Sebastien "Bastien" Rhys-Carmichael: Head of Human Resources & Personal Relations, special operative.
  • Terra Takamoto: Personal assistant to Mr. Rhys, & special operative.
  • Angela: Special operative.
  • Rhonwen O'Neil: Legal.
  • Xan Tusson: Diplomat.
  • David Bell: Independent special operative. On leave.
  • Tristan Song: Pilot and personal assistant to His Grace. On leave.


Red Lion's cubs.

  • Raven Havoc: b.2521, daughter of Fayte Havoc and Ravine Scotts Havoc. Ward of the estate.
  • Lord Adrian James Winston Trelemaine-Carmichael: Son of Lady Venadia and Odell Malika. b.2522.
  • Lady Caralyn Emaline Carmichael: Twin daughter of Lady Venadia and Lord Damian Carmichael. Has her father's hazel eyes and blond hair. (b. Nov.24, 2524, aboard the Klaighmar on Persephone.)
  • Lord Sebastien Andrew Carmichael: Twin son of Lady Venadia and Lord Damian Carmichael. Has his mother's dark eyes and dark hair. (b. Nov.24, 2524, aboard the Klaighmar on Persephone.)
  • Price Alluicius Rhys (also answers to Orlando): The son of Sebastien Rhys and an unnamed woman. Is rarely seen at Bubastis, instead dwelling on Boros with the Rhys family. (b.?, 2513, on Beylix.)


Lord Damian Carmichael's collection of felines is recognized throughout the 'verse. What's less known is the precise number of felines (over 40), their breeds (many), and the exquisite care they receive (exquisite!). No cat is collared or contained here, but by mutual consensus the cats have taken to the Reception Room as the nexus of their kingdom.

  • Leonidas "Leo": The mascot of Red Lion Industries, a full-grown adult male barbary lion. He's as tame as a wild animal ever gets, generally docile and amiable though there have been exceptions. His human is Carmichael.
  • Jack: The oldest cat at Bubastis, by far. The old black and white scrapper with torn ears and a blind eye was rescued at a shelter on Londinium by Carmichael and Bastien during their college years.
  • Ingenue: A longhaired grey calico with a selectively clingy disposition, named from the French stock character of an innocent, wholesome woman in literature. Her human is Bastien.
  • Farid: A young king cheetah, named from the Arabic word for "unique." The most recent addition to the ranks of Bubastis felines. His human is Bastien. (Birthdate: December, 2524.)
  • Khan: A male bengal cat. His human is Carmichael.
  • Butterfly: A female watercolor siamese who's developed a taste for cappuccino cream.
  • Butters: Butterscotch, or Butters, is an obese orange tabby that Terra adopted on Persephone before she started working for Red Lion Industries. He used to have quite the libido until he was fixed.
  • Apricot: One of the kittens born in the first litter of 2526, he has been taken in by Terra. The peach & cream colored kitten is partial to chocolate chip cookies.
  • Bumpkins: A male sphinx cat (hairless) acquired in 2526. Also called "Wrinkles."