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Full name Bruno Janos Dimira
Date of Birth June 11th 2492
Parents Francisco and Gilliana Dimira
Siblings Younger brother Afredo and younger sister Giovanna
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Tienlong, Cargohand
Specialization *Veteran Spacer
  • Cargo
  • Maitenance
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown hair and Brown eyes
Height and Weight 6'8" 273lbs
Status Inactive

Brief Background

I come from Beaumonde, where my family worked the space docks of the Capital. I have one brother, and one sister. Both of 'em younger than me. I was all set to join the haulers after the little bit of schooling the Alliance requires. My dad always told me to shut up and work harder, and I suppose its good advice.

I've always been big, with a good strong back. Some captain seen me hauling cargo around the docks not long after I started working with my dad and my brothers. His name was Zeljko. He offered me a job right then and there, and even though I knew I'd miss my family, I wanted to see where all those ships went after we loaded or unloaded them.

I been working on ships ever since. Going on the best part of twenty years now. Some big, some little. Some good captains, some real pieces of work. I've been just about everywhere at least once, and seen more than enough great and terrible things to fill a book or two in my days.

I never stayed long on the shady side of the law. The credit can be real nice but the company is just vile most of the time. Plus I'm pretty much honest at heart.

I lost my last ride. The Captain lost the ship to some debts he racked up. I'm hoping that I have enough experience and know how to catch on somewhere real soon.


This man is an imposing figure, standing right near the two meter mark. He bears the characteristic rough skin and callouses of his blue-collar life. He also covers his sturdy, slightly jutting jaw with a thinly trimmed but ear to ear beard. His skin is a russet color, deeper in earth tone than Caucasians but noticeably different than those of African descent. Unlike most however, his build is bulky and thick in all ways from head, to shoulders, to chest, to limbs. His broad face and flat nose are nicked here and there with healed scars, as are his arms and legs if he is seen without clothing. Some of the scars are large, others small and hard to see, but he has definitely seen some wear and tear in his days. His eyes are brown and the tousled mop of hair that he leaves piled in an inadvertently stylish mess on top if his head is almost black.

He wears functional clothes with little regard for style. A heavy cotton tee shirt colored olive drab is stretched over his frame snugly. A well-worn military surplus jacket covers the tee shirt. Utility cargo pants charcoal gray in color, cover his legs and have pockets along both sides. His belt is a web belt, with a plain steel buckle. Finally, a broken in pair of doc martens cover his large feet.

He is usually smiling and easygoing. He speaks often in a rich, low voice. He doesn't seem to be depressed or withdrawn and is quick to jump into work when it calls.

Employment History

The Gypsy Lee

Served as a ship's hand and cargo hauler.
He was 17 and basically used for his size and strength.
He got taught very little.

The Lotsa Luck
Learned basic maintenance skills, came into his own as a bar brawler and drinker.

The Harbinger
He learned a darker side of life, an edgier side.
Had to learn to handle a gun, and fire a ship's cannon.
He also learned about some of the business side of cargo hauling and the things a captain has to go through.
He perfected his basic ship maintenance skills there.

The Money Shot
Served as a Cargo hand and general bruiser.
Never liked the bruiser part and left when he suspected mafia ties to the ship.

The Tienlong
Currently working on the Tienlong as a cargo hand.

Famous Quotes

  • "Well son, you better know somethin'" (In Response to being told a barfighter knew Kung Fu)
  • "HEY! You don't get to screw my wife in my bed and then tell me she's a bad lay!" (In Response to being told his car broke down after a friend stole it, and was therefore a POS)
  • "Oh FUCK that, let's just go get drunk." (In Response to an announcement about local Shakespearean Theater doing Romeo and Juliet)

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  • Nowhere Fast by Fire Inc
  • Hell's Bells by ACDC
  • Gimme the Prize by Queen
  • Flowers On The Wall by The Statler Brothers
  • Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce
  • Beat It by Raintime
  • My Dick by Mickey Avalon
  • What a Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong

(More Coming Soon!)