Brielynn Margolis

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Brie Childers
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Full name Doctor Brielynn Marie Childers (Margolis)
Date of Birth March 3,2491
Parents Doctor Jonathon Margolis and Doctor Marie Margolis (Both deceased)
Siblings Heather Margolis
Spouse Brady Childers
Assignment Chief of the Boat, Red Angel
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Education Information

Doctorate of Geology and Mathmatics from

Employment History


Brielynn Margolis was born on March 3, 2491 to an Alliance scientist and his wife on Athens. She was throughout her adolescence somewhat of a guinea pig, the human they needed to test out new medications and drugs on. She finally broke away to go to college, under the guise that she was going to go back to Athens with a degree in chemistry. That never happened. Instead, she graduated with a PhD in Geology and headed for Persephone, bound and determined to find a ship she could work on and start a new life. After having been away from home for a while, she began visiting her parents again, namely her mother Marie, having thought her father was dead. It was after the birth of her Daughter, while on a walk with her best friend and little sister figure Jovana, that her father appeared after almost ten years and took both women captive. Luckily it was not long before Brady and the Crew of the Angel showed up to save her, though Jovana was killed, she was whisked away and her parents were killed.

The Red Angel

The ship she was hired onto is the Red Angel, headed by the great Captain Daniel Wallace. She was hired on as a researcher, but quickly found a niche with who would become her husband not too horibly long after joining. A man named Brady Childers. She and Brady married a little less than a year ago and now have a daughter by the name of Rebecca, who spends a fair amount of time with her mother and father on the ship. Brie is now the Chief of the Boat, making sure things are done when the Captain gives the orders. She does naything from fly the ship to meeting with people the captain thinks need to be met with. She is now, truly , a Jane of most trades.