Brennart Henderson

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Full name Brennart Henderseon
Date of Birth DOB goes here
Birthplace blah
Parents Gots Some yup yup
Siblings Don't got some nope nope
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Dark Star Security Company
Specialization Classified
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, dirty blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'6", 100 lbs
Status Active
Military Service

Joined the military, did good, etc, etc.


Current Assignment

Security officer with the Dark Star Security Company.


Before retiring in 2534, Brenn was the Division Chief for SAD in the Alliance Central Intelligence. Before that he was an Agent in the Central Intel but before that he was a career soldier. Exec of the IAV Temperance, command of the 35th SAS, command of the 63rd Federals, and served during the Unification War.


Brennart stands at a stocky six feet tall weighing in around 220 lbs of muscle. His jet black hair is kept short in a military fashion, and his eyes are a jade green. His movements are precise and with barely any wasted motions at all.
He wears a pair of black jeans sitting over a pair of hiking styled boots. His shirt is a simple white t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it.


Can we make things go boom now?