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Brandy Olivia Drift


Pardon Our Dust, New Person under construction.

Full name
  • Brandy Olivia Drift
Date of Birth
  • 30 Jan 2506
  • Father: Karl Drift
  • Mother: Abigail Drift
  • Security White Tiger
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Hair color Black
  • Eye Color Blue-Grey
Education Information

New Melbourne High School & Flight School


A life, even someone young is hard to sum up. I was born the year the war started. A lot of important things were happening then, other than being born, I was not doing them. I lived on New Melbourne with my mother. My father was off doing things he thought were heroic, and later decided was foolish, but still right. It was hard, for my mother. I played and did thing kids are suppose to do and heard about this great man who was my father, a Marine pilot and then pilot instructor for the Independence. More on that elsewhere.
The war ended, I was still young and Pops came home. For a while it was hard to get the military out of the man, but he worked at it. And he worked at me. He was strict, for years and slowly, but surely though he remembered to dream again. He trained me, started to find joy in his little girl, then he started to find joy around us. Before the war, among other things, he was a wildlife guide, charter captain of a log range shuttle. Safaris, fishing trips, and recovery jobs were his life, and mine too.
Anyway, that is what I have done, on just about every account, since I could do which ever things. I was his mate, his cook in the field, and once or twice is medic. He trained me with all the skills a once time recon soldier in the Alliance, one time Independence drop ship pilot could. I went to school, and I spent time with my mother. Life really was an adventure. I learned to fly on the Rimseeker, that was his shuttle. Met a lot of people, enjoyed life in New Melbourne, saw the Rim and the Border planets, I might make it to the core one day. I have heard it is pretty.
There were rough patches, when we didn’t know when the next charter would come, and things got tight. Pops took some not so great jobs to keep us going: bouncer, freight hauler, and those other ones I never knew about. I could tell the difference, he came home with more money, did more drinking, and didn’t tell a story about it. Mom would say he was out on a charter, but not where or what, and send me off to do something else.
I was a strong willed young child, and I became a strong willed adult. I loved a good party to throw off steam, I lived the beach life when I could not head out. It was on one of those other trips, one of the few I ever learned of that Pops was lost.
I was seventeen. The Black isn’t a safe place, the Rim worlds are dangerous. He was on a recovery mission, supposed to be a rescue mission to Three Hills. His contract turned bad, they were after the cargo of a downed drug runner. He had a fight, barely escaped in the Rimseeker up to space. Ship was damaged in the fight.
Distress signal, then sent a wave as he waited. Told us, he loved us. Told us he was proud of his family, and that he tried, but life support was dead the damage to the containment was also leaking fuel. He said he knew the ship could not hold orbit, and he knew it could not land. We could see the smoke and he turned to fight it before stopping. “That’s it, love you both.” then he hit send.
I did what is right, I started working, Mom cried, I did too. I worked waiting tables, tending bars when I was twenty-one. Mom cooked. I got a couple of better jobs hauling fish to the factory when I turned twenty-two. I guess I would have done that, hauled freight, worked my way up to space freight. About a year ago, I came home dunk. We got in a fight. She told go out, find my adventure. Find a life. So, that’s what I am doing.
I guess there are two answers here. First an most important would be Dad dying. We lost him and the Rimseeker, broke our hearts and our spirits. Life lost joy and adventure for me. And when my Mom could look at me that way no longer, she sent me out to find it again. She is alright, and I can go home, but I am not to set foot in her house without a new story, unless I am hungery. I think I am just beginning to realize, she might always have been the bravest one of us.

Recent Events

4 August 2529: Brandy assumes command of The Valiant, and becomes her captain under Starke Industries banner.


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  • Mal's nickname is Captain Tightpants.

The People

  • Tristen ~ Double brackets are how you link a name to another page.

RP Hooks

  • Wilderness Guide for the Rim.
  • Security at White Tiger.
  • Pilot.



"Mal's Song" by Michelle Dockery, Sample Video

"A Land Down Under" Men at Work

"I Recommend" by Alanis Morissette

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