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Braenen early in his careeer as a surgeon.

Full name Braenen Alech Aja
Date of Birth July 6, 2495
Parents Amarak Ditam Aja (father), Jitmeen [Sanwar] Aja (mother)
Spouse None
Assignment CMO - Evening Star
Gender Male


Standing close to 180cm, Braenen's form is thin, close to 55kg give or take. A coffee-with-cream complexion bears a few darker spots of freckles across the cheeks and green-gold hazel eyes often stare hard. Brown hair is kept short.


Braenen is a talented (he would call himself 'gifted') surgeon with a sociopathic streak and a superiority complex who has fled as a criminal from Ariel, for his life from Persephone, and to Athens, where he looks for a way off on a ship.

Off-Camera History

Braenen never had too many friends growing up on Ariel. He didn't need them, he thought. They were his inferiors, after all. The sole child of working-class parents, they really never understood the brilliance of their son and were unable to relate to him in many ways, thus his youth was one of emotional isolation.

Still, his test scores placed him in the top one percent of his class and needing a way to make his mark on the 'verse, chose to become a surgeon, planning to make advances which would forever write his name in history.

In his final year of residency in a hospital on Ariel, his life took a drastic turn for the worst. The head surgeon, Lorne Akarbe, a man Braenen believed to be little more than a politician and not a real doctor, gave unto him the care of a patient deemed terminally ill with a brain tumor. Weeks, the young doctor poured over books, charts, and the cortex, looking for an answer. When one was not forthcoming, he created one himself.

Gassing the woman, he stole away into an operating room he'd procured and proceeded to operate upon her. Though it was a success, she was not pleased with her survival, complaining of chronic pain. Still, Braenen had succeeded in curing a patient his head surgeon deemed incurable, an embarrassment in front of the other staff. It was not taken well. Security was summoned to hold him until police arrived. Tricking the security guard, Braenen injected him with enough opiates to put him out, stole his uniform, and walked out of the hospital. With his life-savings in hand, he departed for Persephone.

Lorne Akarbe, less than thrilled pulled his political clout with a prosecutor to make sure Braenen was charged with attempted murder instead of mere assault, and a warrant issued for his arrest.

On Persephone, Braenen got a reputation as a great surgeon who didn't ask questions and did what he was told. He sold his services to anyone, much to the chagrin of the various gangs, be it life-saving procedures, body disposal, and/or torture. As long as he was paid.

With that money, Braenen funded a research lab planet-side wherein he would often perform his experiments upon 'volunteers', most brought to him by those of a less-than-legal profile. He was not against kidnapping one of his own, however. Many of them died from those experiments.

Things finally went sour on Persephone when a young man much beholden and beloved by one of the gang bosses perished from his gunshot wounds on Braenen's table. His neutrality in their disagreements proved to be no shield at all, and before long, he was a hunted man. Leaving everything behind again, he spent what cash he had to book flight covertly off planet, landing on Athens for a time.

On-Camera History

Finding a job opportunity worth getting off-planet from Athens, Braenen snuck back onto Persephone and met with Robert Babbage, the XO of Evening Star. Braenen struck a deal to serve as the chief medical officer on the ship. He has since come to grips with his situation and learned to make it through, even forming bonds of friendship with the others in Meretrix Industries, though these are, at times, tenuous.

After about six months onboard, he began dating the captain, Usagi Tesill.

A few changes happened during the Alliance's war against the Pirate Commonwealth on Yinyang, the first being the separation of the Evening Star from Meretrix Industries. The second being that Braenen, in the company of Tatyana Quinn, left the ship shortly before it was raided and searched by Alliance personnel investigating rumors of pirate affiliation.

Some time later, the two returned to the Evening Star with a considerable sum of money and a cleared criminal record, though Braenen failed to get his medical license reinstated. Both of them put their funds down towards the purchase of a new ship for the fledgling company. Along with a trade in of the Firefly, Evening Star, and a lot of wheeling and dealing, they managed to secure a refurbished Shark Corvette. In keeping with tradition, it was named in the same vein in homage to both the ancient goddess Venus and the planet named after her- Dawn Star.

It is around this time that he has begun dating Tatyana Quinn alongside Usagi Tesill.