Bradford Briar

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Bradford Briar


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Bradford Briar
Full name
  • Bradford Briar
Date of Birth
  • October 16th, 2497
  • Father: Charles Briar
  • Mother: Ziva Briar
  • Wulver
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Education Information

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My father was a freelance pilot, able to pilot the biggest and smallest of the fleet. Mother worked as a computer programmer for a corporation, the name I was never actually told or overheard. Seemingly normal childhood, middleclass. Public education. My parents were proud people with "blue collar" morals, "Work for what you want. Don't take what is not yours. Lead by example." They obviously tried to instill these into my personality. They were hard workers and dedicated to anything they did, especially the raising of their only son. Long hours and sporadic work schedules sometimes made things difficult but they gave me as much time as they could. The most important point in my life is when my father finally took me up in a ship with him. I was 19 and had helped him work on and around ships my whole childhood, but never actually got to fly on a job with him. This is where he taught me how to actually pilot and plot a course. I believe it was the only "real" bonding we had.

Recent Events

Recently my mother passed away under unusual circumstances. I have been away for around 6 years now and only saw them on special occasions generally. Last time I was with them my mother said she was thinking of retiring from the business, which even as an adult now I still don't know who she worked for or where exactly. My parents seemed nervous this trip and I figured it was just because they were possibly worried about her retiring, being the constant workers they were. Can't sit still long enough to relax and enjoy it. My father alerted me just recently of my mother's passing. He said that a transport, same exact transport she has taken to work for an untold amount of years, exploded shortly after picking her up. Accidents happen and I understand this, but she was the only one on the transport, which is normally packed with 30 - 40 people, this particular day. Now I am trying to search through my memories and conversations with her to try and figure out who she worked for and what could have possibly happened.


Quite shy or reserved around people I don't know yet. Feeling people out before making a judgement on how I will act around them or towards them. Almost chameleon like in the way of adapting to someone's personality I will interact with. But I am very outgoing towards people I know well enough or care for.


"Butterfly Wings" by Machines Of Loving Grace

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