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Local Authority Alliance
Population 550 million
Terraformed 2350
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Planet
Size Class 10 (J)
Class Border
Orbit Third from Georgia
Coordinates 1950, 1750, 21
Satellites Ares, Turrent's Moon
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Can Goods
Parts - Civil
Exports Low Tech
Luxury Foods
Parts - Industrial
"Boros is too big. It's crawling with Alliance."
― Mal in the "Serenity" episode

Boros has a lot of prairie land where you can find sprawling ranches and farms, though there are a few cities with factories and other forms of business as well. Most of the goods manufactured here are sold and used locally rather than exported. The major industry is scrap metal, and people come here to find all manner of parts at good prices.

One of Boros' moons, known as Ares, is the site of Iskellian's primary military shipyard. Those who travel to Boros can usually see up to five cruisers being built in orbit around the moon. Parts that don’t meet the Alliance’s rigorous standards, castoffs and other junk from the shipyard make their way into Boros' scrapyards.

While the planet has few landing restrictions, there is a strong Alliance presence here thanks to the nearby shipyard. There is a large training facility and a VA hospital here, and any number of government agents, bureaucrats and military folk around.

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Canon References

  • Boros is where the crew intially plans to head after leaving Persephone in the "Serenity" pilot episode, before changing their plans.