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"The further you get from the central planets, the harder things are"
― Inara in "The Train Job"

news Border Planets

The Border planets are a perfect location for those on the Core to do their business "in private," as they are far enough away from the Core that the Alliance can't always see what's going on. Gaining permission to land on Beaumonde and Persephone is supposed to be regulated, though due to heavy traffic Alliance officials have a difficult time limiting access. The Border planets are home to both the richest of the rich and the lowest of the low. Practically anything can be bought on these planets, such as hired men to take care of your worst enemy, or the finest of clothing and food.

Note: in terms of canon, the term "Border" applies to worlds between the Core and the Rim. On the game, we use "Border" and "Rim" to indicate the socio-economic status of worlds moreso than their locations. Border worlds orbit Georgia, Red Sun and Kalidasa alongside Rim worlds, and a few Border worlds are located in outer orbits around White Sun as well.

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