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Captain Jasmine Geddes
Class Harpoon
Crew Capacity 8
Cargo Capacity 100 tons + MULE
Top Speed 1900
Command Crew

The Ship

The Bonaventure is a Harpoon Class Quick Transport, salvaged and employed by Meretrix Industries, a trading company with altruistic tendencies.

OOC Mission

The object of the game is to create a fun roleplay experience for everyone. The focus of the org is to create tiny plots involving as many other characters as possible, which could include trading, salvage, parties, rescue operations, battles, and anything that the crew can imagine!

Harpoon Class.JPG


Off-Camera History

Chi'Ing Technologies received inside information that a technology company with government contracts was transporting a prototype advanced sensor array from Ariel to the shipyards on Ares, using a Harpoon Transport. Wanting the prototype for themselves, they hired an expendable team of freelancers to acquire it for them. Their names were Timmins, Burke and Dodge.

The trio devised a plan. They knew it would be next to impossible to offload the prototype while the Harpoon was on Ariel, and impossible when it arrived at Ares, so they coordinated with another freelancer to have a package smuggled onto the Harpoon and attached to the wiring. Then, they acquired a LR Shuttle and had a magnetic grappler (like the one on the Reaver Trans-U in the episode Serenity Pt.2) mounted onto it, intending to meet the Harpoon midway through its route, trigger the package by remote and disable the crew. Then they would latch onto the Harpoon with the shuttle, boarding it and stealing the prototype. The crew would be dealt with, and the ship sabotaged further so that the company would think it had been lost in some sort of accident.

After hiring a pilot to handle the awkward flight characteristics of the grappler-shuttle, they put their plan into action. Since they knew the flightplan of the Harpoon, it wasn't difficult to place themselves within easy reach, and when the package was triggered, they met no resistance, though there was some difficulty maneuvering the shuttle into the best position. The job only had one hitch... the crew managed to hook up a wave transmitter before they were overcome by the boarding party, and the truth that the incident wasn't an accident was revealed to the company. Timmins blamed this hitch on pilot's delay in linking with the Harpoon.

Dodge and Burke killed everyone aboard, and set the ship's course to fly to the Rim, into the black, before sabotaging the flight controls. They blew the connections to the grappler, which left it to drift along with the Harpoon, and they flew away with the prototype.

On-Camera History

Apparently, something went wrong with the calculations that were entered into the Harpoon's computer, and instead of heading for the Rim, it slingshotted around another world and drifted back into the Core. Jasmine Geddes discovered the derelect during a routine shuttle between worlds, and filed permits for legal salvage. Her friend Katja Patroval helped her to form a crew, and to create Meretrix Industries, which they hoped would become a viable shipping company, if the vessel were salvageable.

When they boarded the derelict, they discovered the grisly evidence left onboard - the previous crew had been killed in the most horrific of ways. But they managed to get the ship functioning enough to limp to Persephone, where the vessel was set down, and a refit began.

The bodies were laid to rest and funerals given to each. The repairs to the ship were completed within the next few days, and the vessel, newly christened Bonaventure, quickly shipped out. The crew now hope to move past the dark history of the ship, and to forge a better future.

Ship Characteristics

The ship has two major identifying marks since it was salvaged.

The first is the huge scorch mark in the shape of an equal-armed cross, covering the dorsal plate - left by the grappling device.

The second is a new paint job, applied by a group that stole the ship for a few weeks, until it was recovered by her rightful crew. Given green highlights and a spoiler that does nothing for its aerodynamics (but doesn't detract from them), it was also renamed as the 'Botany Bay' for the duration of its theft, but the nameplate was removed and the Bonaventure's true name restored.

Current Crew

Captain: Jasmine Geddes

Jasmine Geddes is the ship's captain by default, after the original captain betrayed her and left the company. Having never finished high school, and having spent several years as a slave on Regina, she often feels overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a captain and CEO, even though she has proven time and again that she is fully capable of performing her duties. While initially desiring to remain aloof from her crew, Jasmine has grown into a motherly figure, especially for Jessi, for whom she has become the legal guardian. Her crew has become the family that she never had, and she protects them with the fierceness of a mother's love - though she reserves special feelings for her life-partner, Nataliya.

CMO/XO: Nataliya Obukov

Nataliya Nikitchna Obukov was born to a noble house on Londinium, but due to personal dissatisfaction (and ignoring the commands of her father) she was disowned and lost any rights to the title. She graduated from her medical training as a surgeon with honors, and booted about for several years before eventually winding up on the Bonaventure, not expecting it to become more of a home and family, but certainly not complaining for her good fortune. In most things dealing with Alliance or nobility, she acts with propriety. Anything else, she has to learn the hard way, and is still quite naive. Without Jasmine to guide her, and the others to protect her, she'd surely be fodder for anyone wanting to use or abuse her. At the same time, she trusts her partner's judgment, even when Jasmine doesn't trust it herself.

Security: Usagi Feyance Tesill

Usagi Tesill is the middle child of seven of a farming family. However, the girl's future wasn't in the farm, instead being in the field of medicine. However, having been raised in the country, she also learned how to shoot, and shoot well. Serving now as the field/combat medic as well as security guard, she joined the crew with visions of the stars, and so far the Bonaventure has yet to disappoint.

Usagi, desiring a challenge, asked to be appointed captain of the Evening Star.

Pilot: Katherine Isley

Katherine Isley grew up on Beaumonde. Her free-spirited nature caused friction with her strict parents as she grew older, and lead to her leaving home to seek her fortune in the Black. With a talent for flying and a reluctance to settle, Katherine bounced between numerous crews before ending up on the Bonaventure, logging flight time in everything from shuttlecraft to cruise liners along the way.

Technician: Anascinalia Covinato

Cook: Keiko

Former Crew

Technician: Julia

'Peeper' is a very shy, introverted Cortex hacker. A brilliant engineer, she uses a home-customized keyboard when surfing the Cortex, and keeps the Bonaventure running at peak performance with seemingly no effort at all. Jasmine and Nataliya have earned a position of trust with her, and she confides in them, but other than them she rarely speaks to anyone in the real world, and avoids conflict at any cost.

For personal reasons Julia has left Meretrix Industries, finding employment elsewhere.

Engineer: Babbage

Babbage worked with his father's electronics repair company where he learned everything there is to know about tech; both artifacts from Earth-That-Was and shiny new stuff. He left the company when he found out that his father was outsourcing some of the work to a slave colony, and took the first shuttle to Persephone. He was homeless for three days, then got hired onto Bonaventure by Jasmine.

Due to personal issues with some crew, he was among the first to transfer from Bonaventure to the Evening Star. He has since left Meretrix Industries, and undergone gender-reassignment surgery.

Security: Remington

Remington, thinking that his newly-acquired criminal record might put the ship in danger, decided to quit the company. He has since captained his own ship, the Pathfinder.

Floor Plan

Harpoon Floor Plan B.JPGHarpoon-key.JPG

OOC Contributions

Several of the crew make odd little... additions to the RP here and there. Among them are filk songs by Jasmine related to crew, ship, and game. Examples follow as they are brought up: