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Full name Lady Siren Dusra Elizabeth Serina Blissa Cornia O'Daugherty
Parents Duke Shawn O'Daugherty; Duchess Elizabeth O'Daughtery
Siblings Lord Shamus, Lord Donovan, Lord Zachary O’Daugherty
Specialization Companion
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Platinum White / Sapphire Violet
Height and Weight Slightly Over Five Foot One / About One Hundred and Nineteen
Status Inactive


Beauty is not only the essence of form but the combination of grace and soul; and it is within this woman that the trinity has brought forth something ethereal, exotic and unique.

A vision of moonlight as it dances over the frozen waters of life is captured in the form of this beauty. The heritage of queens, within ancient Earth-that-was, marks her as something extraordinary; perfect skin unmarred but for a dusting of paleness that caresses like a whisper of wind, an alluring symmetry of flesh and spirit matched in a regal bearing. Cascades of silken, pure platinum tresses fall in heavy ringlets to frame a visage of breathtaking beauty: arched cheekbones, an angular jawline, full curvaceous lips, and a royal nose clearly proclaim her origins with a touch of softness that highlights a slightly fey appearance. It's her intense, mysterious eyes that echo of the deepness of the soul; thick sooty lashes covered haunting pools of deep pale water swirling with flickers of deep amethysts that beckon with a siren's call. Her voice is husky and melodious, reflecting the passions lurking beneath the surface.

The duality of light and dark is paired perfectly in the pale dress that clings to the form of this Companion. The dress is made of silk and mimics the robes worn in another time, with multi-layers of fabric ranging from the palest of whites, to the freshest of violets it is belted along a tiny waist so that hips flare with sensual grace. It's the bodice within the robes that is unusual, a silk and bone corset of deep violet pulled tight to accent a form that can only be called voluptuous and highlighted with a platinum chain and dangling pendant.

Pale almost pure white hair cascades around her form like a cloak only held in check with a half circlet of textured platinum that caresses her forehead. Her eyes hover over a pale veil that hides her features from view when draped carefully into place; the silk of this veil perfects a pattern of waves that echoes the heady scent of amber, light musk, henna blossoms and ocean flowers that clings to her like a warm and sensual second skin.

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