Black Wolf Enterprises

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Black Wolf Enterprises
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Owners Salin Fawzy
Inception June, 2523
Location Verbena
Ships Valiant - Dauntless - Gallent
Command Crew


Born perhaps out of a drunken night of playing 'what if', two unlikely individuals decided to partner up and find a new niche in life by opening up a factory on Londinium. Salin Fawzy and Kennedy Sinclair, the Lord Marshall of the Alliance and a woman once rumored to be the 'Pirate Princess' teamed together and set out to join their two properties on the bureaucratic planet and flatten the land to build their new little empire. With the aid of Salin's personal ship, the Valiant, a crew was quickly formed out of old friends and acquaintances and Black Wolf Enterprises was born.

Now there are rumors that the company has been acquired by Red Lion Industries, and the entirety of the company's wealth and resources has been moved out to Verbena.

On May, 2529, Black Wolf Enterprise was dissolved as a company and White Tiger Financing was formed in it's place.


Focusing on technology, the factory of Black Wolf Enterprises churns out a high yield of High Tech and Mid Tech products centering on high-definition cortex screens. Cargo is constantly moving in and out of their private landing facilities and they are accepting new cargo contracts daily.

Assets (Personally Owned by Management)

Valiant - Osprey-class vessel
Dauntless - ASREV
Gallent - Luxury Yacht
Minuet Nightclub
Carcassonne Estates (Verbena) - Company Headquarters and personal manor of Salin Fawzy & Naomi Ida
Whitesell Manor (Verbena) - Personal manor of Kennedy Sinclair & Marcus Vance
Minuet Nightclub (Verbena) Verbena General Store

The Fallen

There has been no public statement given, but it seems there is a rumor floating around that the crew of the Dark Embrace ran into some trouble when they were waylaid on the planet of Jiangyin. It seems one of their own, a Ysara D'Artanion, formerly of House Daska, was a casualty in a raid by a band of outlaws. It is said that the outlaws were dispatched according to local law, and no further justice is being sought by her fiance, Count Salin Fawzy. A private funeral was held on Londinium, and a wake was held on Black Wolf Enterprises' property, public and informal. The 'verse will mourn her passing.