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Black Company badge
The Black Company
Marshall Florian Geyer; Commandant and Owner
Military Advisory Service, aka Mercenaries
Autumn, 2511

The Black Company was founded in 2511 during the twilight of the Unification War by Florian Geyer, a former Alliance special operations officer. Originally operating as an executive transport and protection service in the former Independent areas, this contact with Alliance officials allowed them to expand their business into military and paramilitary operations. Geyer's dedication to professionalism and discipline set them apart from the competition in the eyes of business and government officials, creating a reputation referred to by some clients as "Results+."

This success, coupled with Geyer's policy of confidentiality to both employer and employee, allowed his company to grow a little too quickly. The disillusioned idealists from the Alliance and Browncoat armies who made up the original cadre could not stem the tide of less altruistic recruits, to say nothing of those visionaries whose focus was on the sanguinary rather than the sanguine. While their reputation for effectiveness and professional soldiering remains unsullied as such, they have been linked to (but not implicated in) an increasing number of disturbances which crop up when the "Blackbottoms" (as Black Company troops are known, though not amongst themselves) finish a contract. The official line is that such a rise in malcontents just proves how effective the Black Company is at quelling them when on site. Increasingly, however, the Black Company's policy of "engaging the indigenous population"--also known as training the locals to do the dirty work--is being blamed. Such auxiliaries are left behind trained, organized, and often armed when the Black Company leaves. It's one thing when these comprise the local militia, but such is not always the case. The Black Company's reputation has thus come to be known as "Results+... Complications."

Mission statement

To provide a highly professional and confidential military advisory service to public and private concerns.
To provide sound military and strategic advice.
To provide the most professional military training packages currently available to armed forces, covering ground warfare and full-spectrum integration.
To provide advice to armed forces on weapon and weapon platform selection.
To provide a total apolitical service based on confidentiality, professionalism, and dedication.