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Full name Bihai Zhang
Date of Birth April 24th, 2504
Parents Bihai Hsin (father, d. September 2512) and Bihai Mingmei (mother, d. September 2512)
Siblings None
Spouse Bihai Die Chan (wife, m. 2524)


Children None
Assignment 450 - Zhong Wei; Santo Tong
Specialization Aecrobatics, Cooking, Martial Arts.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Almond Brown/Black
Height and Weight 5'7"/172 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Basic Borderworld Elementary & Secondary Schooling; culinary apprenticeship under Bihai Kuai (uncle, owner of the Bihai Garden on Yinyang).

Military Service


Employment History

Santo Tong, 450 - Zhong Wei

Personal Notes

Blood Type: A

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Bihai Zhang stands just at the five-foot-seven mark. His phisique possesses and almost aerodynamic quality thanks to his defined, yet wirery muscular frame, and weighs around one-hundred-seventy pounds. His swarthy brown complexion is unblemished, and the features around his face are smooth, without a hint of facial hair or stubble. His black hair, though cropt short, is unkept and dishovelled. But, the most striking characteristics are his eyes. Two dark almond colored orbs that seem to radiate with an inner intensity.
Zhang is most comfortable wearing a worn black leather jacket he has had for years over a t-shirt and jeans. A common accessory he can be found wearing is a Buddhist Rosary: each individual wood bead engraved with carved chinese characters that represent positive virtue or good luck.

Personality and Demeanor

Quiet, reserved, and confident are the three main traits that define Zhang. He is very formal when he speaks, and is known for precise and short responses to questions, and doesn't speak more than he has to. While not shy, he has a preference to keep to himself, and if that can't be helped, keep with smaller groups or corwds. He is not one to show much in the way of his mood physically, in fact his face has an almost stone-like neutral expression, with exception of the corners of his lips that often hint at signs of his pleasure or displeasure at something.
Zhang always carries himself with confidence; whether its meeting the gazes of those immediately around him walking down a street to when he is handling himself in a kitchen-like setting, there is little that breaks his confident aura.

Current Employment

Currently, Zhang is an enforcer to the Gao Fang She Tong, and has been assigned the rank of 465 - Dui Zhang, as part of a contract between the Gao Fang She Tong and the Bihai Tong of LaVegan on Yinyang.
When not doing illegal activities, Zhang works at several of the local Chinese Resteraunts on Santo, surrounding Borderworlds, even aboard ships for passage.

Character Biography



Zhang was born on April 24th, 2504 in the LeVegan Colony on Yinyang. He is the only child to Bihai Hsin and Mingmei, both of whom at the time were midranking brookers/couriers/negotiators within the Bihai Tong of LeVegan. Zhang spent the first eight years of his life gowing up as most children in a tightly-nit family enviornment do: family weekend dinners and large gatherings at his Uncle, Kuai's, Authentic Asian resteraunt (which was one of the main fronts for the Bihai Tong Gang), playing with his cousins whilest the rest of the assembled family discussed 'business matters'. This all changed in the summer of 2512, when his uncle and three other Tong enforcers came over to his family's modest appartment. By the end of this visit, Kuai had executed Hsin and, inadvertantly, killed Mingmei; with Zhang watching from what was his bedroom. Zhang later learned from Kuai that his father had broke the terms of a major contract with the powerful Quiong Tong Gang on LeVegan, and that Hsin's death at the Bihai Tong's hands was the only way to save honor while averting a very bloody street war; and that Mingmei's death was an accident because of her desire to protect her husband from something she didn't completely know about.
Kuai took the orphaned Zhang into his house, where he was raised with his aunt, Xiu Mei, and their three children. Zhang constantly competed with his cousins for the attention of his uncle and aunt, which pushed the lost boy into several activites that have shapped his life: the study of the martial art of Wushu, learning how to cook his cultural food, and even started him on his path into the Tong Gang as a runner and messanger. His efforts were mostly met with little reward, which pushed the young man to grow rather quiet and take to himself and even take up the study of the traditional Buddhist philosphies and studies in the hopes of finding something to comfort him.
Zhang found himself with half a dozen misdemeanours marking his juvinal record from the age of ten to seventeen. All these instances taught Zhang was never to get caught, and each time he learned what he did wrong and refined his approach. At the age of fifteen, Zhang was fully initiated into the Tong as an active memeber under the guide and direction of his uncle Kuai out of his resteraunt. Zhang worked as a bus boy and dishwasher in the beginning, listening and watching his uncle manners and behaviors, picking up the subtle ques for when he was speaking about business and when he was speaking about 'Tong Business.' Zhang was then made into a runner; taking laundered money, stolen/illegal goods between the Resteraunt and their final desinations while posing as a delivery boy. Finally, after his twentieth birthday, Zhang was planted as a waiter in the resteraunt to cater to the many contacts the Bihai's accumulated.
At the age of twenty, Zhang was forced into an arranged marriage with Mein Die Chan, a marriage that held political and economic benifits within the Tong community on LeVegan. For the first several months, the two were strangers living under the same roof; hardly speaking more than simple greetings and spending the longest ammount of time together over the dinner table and Die Chan's attempts to prepare supper (which Zhang learned the hard way about eating and being grateful for). It wasn't until later that fall that the pair grew close after Die's near brush with death: The Quiong Tong which pressed for the death of Zhang's father Hsin set fire to the Mein Laundromat and Mahjong Parlour. The fire trapped Die Chan down in the parlour while she was on shift. Kicking in one of the ventalation windows in a nearby alley, Zhang slipped into the buring building and ushered his wife out to saftey. Those that pivitol moment brought the pair closer together, neither one could really develop the relationship, as Die Chan's immediate family (father, mother, brother & sister-in-law) moved in with the newlywedded couple into their tiny one bedroom appartment. Zhang performed the minimal duties to honor his wife's family, attending family dinners and being as social as he needed to in corder to create the appearance of a happy union; while at the same time volunteering for additional duties and assignments at his uncle's resteraunt to occupy the vast majority of his time, and giving that extra income to his in-laws to help them in their hour of need.
Recently, fates have worked their hand on Zhang, as he and his wife found themselves as part of an exchange of members between the Bihai Tong of LaVegan and the Santo Tong in a new business arrangment between the criminal familes. Zhang sent Die Chan on ahead of him while he remained on Yinyang for a few more weeks to finish outstanding contracts he had. But, soon enough, those obligations were honored, and Zhang found himself bidding farewell to the only planet he had ever known...

PC History

Additional OOC Notes

  • Is a skilled student in the martial art of Wushu.
  • Is adept chief and cooks only in the eight high culinary styles of China: Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, and Zhejiang.
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon