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Die Chan
Full name Mein, Die Chan or Bihai, Die Chan
Date of Birth March 11, 2506
Parents Mein, Li Mo (father) Mein, Ziyhang
Siblings Mein, Li Kim (Brother) Mein, Xoiang (Sister inlaw)
Spouse Bihai Zhang


Children None (Against her mother's best wishes)
Assignment Santo Tong, 450 - Zhong Wei
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Long brown hair with dark brown eyes, and a pale (carmel) complection (Asian)
Height and Weight 4'11"/ 85lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Huang, Mi Li Kim Elementry and Master Shi's Dojo

Employment History

Santo Tong, 450 - Zhong Wei



This woman is very tiny, petite doesn't even begin to describe her features. To the average height she looks dwarfed and perpetually like a child, and her features don't help to change that opinion. She has long dark brown hair, her pride and joy that requires great care. Her hair is often swept up, and tied in place to keep it from getting matted and tangled. Her eyes are a lovely shade of brown, almond shaped, and very pretty to look at. She has a fair completion, with only the slightest hint of creamy caramel as if someone poured just a drop of sauce into a cup of cold white milk. Her slender shoulders lead to tiny little arms and hands, with a small tiny body that looks lithe and agile and able to squirm it's way into places other people couldn't even imagine.

Personality and Demeanor


Die Comes across as being a very traditional woman, she often refers to her husband Zhang for the answers to many important questions that would involve their life, or lively hood. She often remains calm, and quiet around those of non-asian decent, and almost reserved and territorial around those who are Japanese. Around other woman, she often is different a bit more open, and forth coming. Around other Chinese woman she comes off as dominating and the boss, unless the woman is considered significantly older out of respect.

Die is a very manipulative woman, don’t let her quiet/shy appearance fool you. She is a very calculating, and intelligent young woman, who was raised to be the silent leader of the family. She knows secrets of getting her way, and isn’t afraid of using them, even if it means hurting someone else to get her point across.

Current Employment

Santo Tong

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