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Treat your cause right...


Sometimes you just want to buy a gun. No paperwork, no hassle, just you and a firearm.

At BDG, there's less hassle and more freedom to get exactly what you want. Don't let pesky regulations and licensing get in your way. What happens at BDG stays at BDG.

We have a steady inventory of some difficult-to-get weapons, including guns, swords, and explosives.

We also have limited supply of rarer pieces. Stop in to look at the display cases and see what's available. What you see in our display cases this week might not be available next week. All sales are a first-come first-serve basis.

All sales are final!


Why should only the nobility be protected?

Come get a suit of armor today. That next bullet could be aimed at you!

BDG carries a wide selection of armor from both Impax and Starke, including concealable and specialty suits.

Specialty Supplies

Need to break into your own safe? Want to test out your shiny new security system?

We have top-end tools for all kinds of jobs, from security system stress-testing to breaking back into your file systems after your brother's kid accidentally resets all your passwords.

Extra Services

Security System Testing

Make sure you're protected from the less scrupulous folks around the 'Verse and hire one of our consultants to look over your security measures.

Used / Trade-in

BDG will buy or take trade-ins at our discretion on a wide variety of used weapons, armor, and other goods. Bring by your extra gear and trade up for something better, or get a nice wad of cash! We'll buy almost anything, don't be afraid to ask!

Monthly Payment Plans

Have your eyes on something pretty in our display cases, but don't quite have the credits? Don't worry, BDG will grant lines of credit! Interest rates are very fair and grace periods are reasonable!

Put something on layaway for a lower interest rate!

    . o O Big Damn Guns Vendor O o .       
Item                              Price 
Wooden Practice Sword                   75  
Brass Knuckles                          30  
Nunchaku                                25  
.50AE-Standard Ammo                     45  
5.56-Standard Ammo                      37  
10-Gauge-Shot Ammo                      20  
12-Gauge-Shot Ammo                      25  
AA Battery Box                          70  
Arrows                                  14  
Flashbang Grenades                    1500  
Explosive Grenades                    9500  
Smoke Grenades                         900  
7.62mm-Standard Ammo                    45  
.45-Standard Ammo                       20  
9mm-Standard Ammo                       18  
10mm-Standard Ammo                      20  
.303-Standard Ammo                      50  
Chameleon Suit                        1200  
DC-2529 Thermal Gel Gun                500  
Mini Cow Fetus in a Jar                110  
Anarchist's Cookbook (2533 Ed.)         75  
Zombie Combat Manual                    50  
NV IR Thermal Goggles                 1000  
Mechanical Lock Picks                  200  
Electronic Lock Picks                  750  
NBC-Mask                               250  
Laser Mist                              60  
Slipshot 44                            220  
Sonic Rifle Mk. II                    4000  
L85A2-IW                              7000  
Grenades Case                           25  
Bolt Thrower                           475  
Colt-1911-A19                          150 
Money Belt                              50 
Transmitter Upgrade                   1100 
   All prices listed in credits.        

This vendor is located on Freehold Station, at Big Damn Guns