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Local Authority Alliance/United Reclamation
Population 23 million
Terraformed 2425
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Planet
Size Class 10 (J)
Class Rim
Orbit First from Penglai
Coordinates 2740, -2800, 83
Satellites Charity
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Can Goods
Parts - Civil
Parts - Industrial
Exports Low Tech

There are many large farming communities on Beylix, though they are known mostly for being the system's 'garbage dump.' The scrap yards and refuse centers are managed by United Reclamation and they reported that scavengers were coming to pick over the remains, due to the low amount of security. Those on the Rim viewed the trash of those in the Core as treasure. Upon finding this out, United began to license junk dealers. There were those who sold rebuilt ships and those who would come up with creative uses for scrap. Those looking to start a new life, and find an old ship and the parts to go with her, would do good to go to Beylix. It is also a good place to drop off smuggled goods, as the Alliance does not pay much attention to it.

Newhouse is the capital of Beylix - which is to say that it's a junk town like most others, though a bit bigger and better organized, and it's the location of the governor's "mansion" as well as a Miner's Guild House. (Note: the grid for the junk town on the MUSH does not match up with the map or description of Newhouse in the RPG, so they are two different towns).

In The Verse


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Canon References

  • Mentioned by Mal as a place where Monty got pinched by the Feds, in the episode "Trash"
  • the town of Newhouse is detailed as one of the settings in the Serenity RPG adventure "Out In The Black."

Behind the Scenes

Newhouse was named for the real-life mining town of Newhouse, Utah.