Bevan Coombs

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Bevan Coombs
Full name Bevan Coombs
Assignment Horizon as Mechanic
Gender Male
Status Retired


A labourer most likely, six and a scosh tall and solidly built but with none of the definition of the narcissist or athlete. He's tan, almost too weathered for a man in his twenties as those youthful features, shaggy dirty-blonde locks and bright blue eyes would suggest. His hands are older too, marked with scars and stained in the creases, his nails cracked and soft-looking and mottled with an irregular greyish purple tint. His face is unremarkable in part, but the whole is attractive enough and his habitual smile is wry but warm. The bare skin of his arms is covered with colourful tien-lung that run from his wrists all the way up to vanish into his sleeves.

He's casually dressed in snugly fitting and faded black jeans and a grey short-sleeve t-shirt with a pinup girl exhorting the virtues of Tsing Tao beer. Battered black workboots, a heavy black leather belt and a sheathed Ka-bar with a sweat stained handle are all he is wearing of any note.


Bevan is an easy going fellow, laid-back and slow to anger. Probably a little too easy-going if truth be told, since he's just as unambitious as he is mellow. He has been known to hold a grudge from time to time if he feels truly slighted or cheated and while he won't actively scheme, he's taken some satisfaction with getting even when he feels it is truly deserved. Mostly though if he's got a place to bed down, food in his belly and a little money for entertainment, he's golden.

Those in the service to the Alliance find a somewhat different man: one who is cold, sullenly hostile and as uncooperative as he thinks he can get away with.


Bevan has been kicking around the 'Verse since his teens, mostly on the shadier side of ship work. He's done every donkey job the Black needs and is a damn fine wrench besides, serving or working passage on at least half a dozen crews since he took wing. His luck runs to bad though, so he's spent too much time at the wrong sort of work and his extensive jail time is a symptom of that. He's spent as much time in prison as he has free these last seven years and he means to change his luck. That plan seems to be working since he signed on with Captain Carmen and her crew, the first folks he's been able to trust in a good long while.

Plot Hooks

Crime: He's been with, worked for, shot at and been left for dead by smugglers, raiders, bushwhackers and thieves, so if you're one of them you might know him for good or ill.

Hard times: He's been robbed at least twice by his own shipmates and left for dead the first time. He's begged and borrowed more than he'd like, so maybe he still owes you for a favour done or a sum to repay.

Jail: He's been in juvie and a guest of the State on Persephone, done Federal Time on Beaumonde and did a stretch in a Santo work camp for a little physical misunderstanding. He's pretty memorable, never shuts up and maybe you were block mates. He doesn't gamble, but he does run his mouth and now there aren't any bars blocking the way if you mean him ill.

Reform: His skills come in handy for thievery and stripping a ship to the bare bones. Maybe you remember Bev and his magic wrenches and need him to do a little job for you. He isn't that hard to find anymore, since you just look for the Horizon and there he is, like a plum in the duff.