Berylle Songli

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Full name Berylle Songli
Date of Birth Feb 08, 2495 (age 28)
Parents Ahanna Songli and Fredrick (The Bear) Songli
Siblings Celeste Songli
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Companion, House Daska
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, Auburn hair
Height and Weight 5'10", 125 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
Military Service
  • No military service.

Berylle Crown.jpg



Berylle Songli was born on Sihnon. Her mother (Ahanna), a prolific textile designer, raised her and her younger sister in a relatively comfortable life - one that she herself had not had. Nor did she let her daughters forget it just how hard she had worked to crawl their way into some semblance of affluence. In fact, much of Ahanna's ambitions lie in her daughters. It was her influence that led Berylle to make the choice of becoming a Companion, something that her mother thought would add respectablity to their family. She found escape in school, and enpowerment in her role afterwards, finding an independance from her mother that she never thought possible. She's remained on Sihon, and after a while, settled into a lucrative relationship with one of her clients. Life is easy, fat, and secure. And Berylle likes it that way.

Berylle's mother was an overbearing, ambitious woman, not heartless, but mosttimes more concerned with her machinations than her daughters love. Their father was a distant man, kind but almost mysterious, living a life that to Berylle, seemed apart from her sister, mother and herself.

Currently, this time in Berylle's life is the most life altering, pivoting, moment. It's all or nothing now. Her mother's death, her sister's disappearance. Everything's changed. Berylle's sister Celeste took off with stolen assets of Berylle's, her mother's and those of Berylle's exclusive client. Berylle would like to recover them, her sister and her life, though she worries that will not be possible. Such a thing could destroy Berylle's career, and who can say if this contract with this client can be salvaged?