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Bernardo “Benny” Cazares
Full name Bernardo Cazares
Date of Birth July 11, 2505
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Father: Yoel Cazares

Mother: Silvia Larios de Cazares

Siblings Luis Cazares
Spouse None
Children None
Specialization Engineer
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel eyes, black hair
Height and Weight 6'6", 187 lbs
Education Information

Local public

Military Service



An extremely tall man, standing somewhere between six and a half and seven feet, with a build so thin that a good stiff wind might blow him over. He moves awkwardly, as if he never quite got used to the length of his limbs. Judging by his face, though, he's not that young, perhaps in his early 30's. He has dark, olive-toned skin and black hair that's usually cropped short, and he tends to sport equally dark stubble on his jaw. A straight nose and high, prominent cheekbones complete his gaunt visage. The only features that are at all notable are his eyes. They're a light brownish-green, with a curious expression that flickers from an intense stare one minute, to curiously detached and unfocused the next.

He's clothed for comfort, rather than fashion. He wears a shirt that may once have been white, but has acquired a rainbow of stains and discolorations that make it more of a mottled gray. A dark gray jacket is worn over this, with plenty of pockets to house various items. Black pants and a pair of scuffed black boots complete his outfit, except for a glint of gold that can sometimes be spied peeking out from the collar of his shirt.


Benny’s a quiet man who’s definitely better with machines than with people. He tends to keep to himself, and he’ll do almost anything to avoid large crowds of people. However, if someone gets him on a topic of interest, he’ll go on and on, well past the threshold of boredom for the other person. He has a rather strange habit of humming to himself when he gets agitated, and an obsession with Earth-That-Was.


Benny was born on Persephone, the elder of two brothers. Like a great many on Persephone, his family was what would be considered working poor; they had a place to live and (usually) knew where their next meal was coming from. If the apartment was furnished with shabby, second-hand things, and clothes for the boys were always a little small and threadbare, well, it wasn't different from any of the neighbors. Given these circumstances, his childhood and family life were what one might expect. His father worked, his mother stayed home, and he and his brother were happy enough. He attended public school, where he distinguished himself both academically and socially; the former, because of his talent for remembering anything and everything he read or heard, the latter because it was nearly impossible for him to interact typically with his peers. Though this concerned his parents and teachers, he didn't seem to care, and after a few disastrous attempts, simply did not seek out friendships, much preferring to be alone. His parents, especially his mother, tried to get him to make even one friend, but it took him several years before he was successful. One of his classmates, a boy named Jorge, took it upon himself to semi-adopt Benny, allowing him to be himself while assisting in navigating the choppy waters of middle and high school. With Jorge's help, Benny learned the right things to say and do, and learned them as well as he learned anything else, though something about his interactions was always a bit off, not quite natural.

As he got older, he stopped being satiated by books and schematics, and started seeking out more hands-on experience. This came from Jorge's father, who owned a small repair yard. He saw Benny's interest and natural aptitude, and started training him, giving him small jobs at first that turned into bigger ones once he proved himself, which didn't take too long. Thus, he finished his schooling and continued to learn all he could about any and all engines, picking up bits and pieces about other equipment, as well. He spent several years in just this way, happy to keep mostly to himself, with very few exceptions, and fix ships. Of course, like so many things in the 'verse, peace and contentment were merely passing states. The change began when Jorge's father died, leaving the yard to his partner, a rather disagreeable man who didn't much care for Benny's oddities. He kept Benny on, but gave him less and less work, until Benny finally left, attempting to find something more steady. He took some odd repair jobs, even crewed on a ship or two, but never really found anything to which he was suited, which mostly meant that he never found an employer who thought he was suited to them. However, he kept looking, hoping that one day he'd find a place where he could just do what he loved.

Current Events

March 05, 2534 - Joined the Catalyst crew as a mechanic.