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Full name Benjamin John Young
Date of Birth September 03, 2506
Parents Captain Andrew Young, ASN - Hon. Caroline Young, MP
Siblings Jennifer Heidi Young
Spouse None
Assignment Shadowdancer: Cook
Specialization Chef/Confidence Man/Musician
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Grey and Light Brown
Height and Weight 5'8" and 165lbs
Status Inactive



A tall man with a youthful appearance, Benji has pale green eyes, very short straight light brown hair and lightly tanned skin. Benji appears to weigh about 165 pounds and stands about 5'8" tall. Unremarkable in features and colouring, Benji is sober and intent. He most often has a serious expression, the corners of his mouth turned down slightly almost all the time. By the hints of shadow in each cheek, he would have the deepest dimples if only his reserve would melt a bit and allow him to smile. His light brown eyes are striking, with vivid intelligence and sharp intuition clear, but off-putting in their intensity.

He is wearing a long-sleeved shirt made from cotton. A series of black buttons run up the centre, holding the two sides of the shirt together. The shirt itself is coloured a dark navy blue with stripes of a light blue and a thin stripe of white every inch or so. The collar is left open exposing a thin dual-tone silver and gold chain. His shirt is tucked into a pair of long black trousers. His trousers are held firm at the waist by a thin black belt made of leather and held closed by a simple, rectangular silver buckle. His trousers flow loosely against his leg and brush the tops of dull black shoes tied with black laces.