Bengalo Draba

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This is IC information.
This information is displayed publicly on the cortex, and may be used ICly.

Bengalo Draba
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Captain Chovian Noravasi
Class Firefly
Crew Capacity 17
Cargo Capacity 400 tons
Top Speed 1680 (Max)
Command Crew
Piloting Crew
Engineering Crew
  • Maki Tsuki 'Tsukiko' (Chief Mechanic)
Security Crew
Medical Crew
Military Service


Ownership History

Currently owned by Chovian Noravasi,

The Bengalo Draba is a Firefly class vessel owned by Chovian Noravasi. Bengalo Draba is Romany for 'Devilish Charm'. Not the largest vessel plying the space lanes, the Firefly is sometimes viewed as outdated, too small, a poor man's freighter, although they are also known to be tough, dependable. Stretching 191 feet from stem to stern, the vessel would be considered a mid-sized transport, although instead of long and sleek it's round and stout. Two large thrusters extend to either side on 'wings', for a total wingspan of 128 feet, said thrusters able to rotate for hovering and maneuvering. The entire ship is painted in a grey 'primer', the paint of course special heat-resistant for the extreme temperatures of reentry. Along the side of the vessel, painted in a few different places to be visible both from those standing on the ground and by ships above are the words 'Bengalo Draba', curving over the image of a cartoonish Devil, grinning suggestively and winking.

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