Bei Aimu

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Bei Aimu
Bei Aimu.jpg
Full name Bei Aimu, First Daughter of the House of Bei
Date of Birth 5th of February, 2503
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown / Brown
Height and Weight 5'0" / 47 kg
Status Inactive
Education Information

Educated on Sihnon until age 16, including full Alliance-mandated materials, as well as additional material on linguistics, martial arts, and culinary arts.

Employment History


Red Angel (Ship's Cook)

Leviathan/Angels' Wings (Ship's Cook)


The Captain's Retreat (Owner/Head Chef)

Bei Aimu is the current owner of the popular chain, The Captain's Retreat on Persephone and Newhall, and the first daughter of the leading family of the notable House of Bei.

Personal History


Aimu was born on Sihnon, to father Shengmu and mother Shuntian. She was the first child and first daughter, although there were several children to come after her. She grew up in the lap of luxury, the family business making their lives easier. It was always expected that Aimu would one day take her place in the upper management of the company, and her education reflected this.

She also had several hobbies growing up, most notably martial arts, languages, and the culinary arts. When she was twelve, she was given a pair of slightly ornate butterfly swords.


Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Aimu left Sihnon, to see some more of the 'Verse. She thought that she should have a little more experience of the outside worlds before she took her place in the company, and her family agreed.

She set out to Persephone, and managed to find work aboard the Red Angel as the ship's cook. She stayed aboard for quite some time, but didn't really fit in with the crew. After a while on the ship, she decided that she'd be more happy if she left, and so debarked the next time they made planetfall. She made her way back to Persephone, and after some searching managed to find a job working as a cook in the noted bar, The Captain's Retreat.

She also took some turns on the ship owned by the managers of the Retreat, the Leviathan (later renamed Angels Wings), giving her some very varied experiences. When the previous owners of the Retreat decided to make their leave, she took over management, and eventually ownership.

The Amethyst 1900 belonging to Bei Aimu.

On her nineteenth birthday, a very special delivery arrived from Sihnon: a present from her parents. It was a brand new Amethyst 1900 with her name monogrammed on the powerpack housings.

On the 15th of June, 2522, during a short shootout between hired goons and a customer in her bar, Aimu took a grazing hit to the right upper arm, her first bullet-related injury.

Business went well from there, and after an unexpected windfall she opened her second bar, a beach-themed place on Newhall named The Captain's Beach Retreat.

Other Information

Bei Aimu is a very skilled chef, earning herself something of a name among those in the industry.

(OOC - Cooking skill of 75)