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Full name Xu Rou
Date of Birth Jan 01, 2502
Parents Xu Fuliang and Kexin
Siblings none
Spouse Unmarried
Specialization Computer Engineering and Physics
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair dark brown eyes and black hair
Height and Weight 172 cm tall, 72 kg
Status Inactive
Education Information

Osiris U - honor student - dropped out before his final semester

Military Service

No military service

Xu Rou, nicknamed Beeminus (B-) since high school, is a Core-educated young man who specializes in computer science and engineering physics.

A computer and electronics nerd, Beeminus takes programming and security jobs where available to support his hidden obsessions. He was raised in the core to a rich family that always encouraged his troublemaking on computers in between outings among young socialites, but ended up failing out near the end of university and is now taking time to explore himself and the 'verse.

He is a tall, skinny young fellow of East Asian complexion who carries himself with well-raised dignity, he talks with a sense of logic that sometimes only he fully understands, yet at the same time lives a free-spirited lifestyle. He pays attention to how he looks, balancing a hardened utilitarian philosophy with a budding romanticism that makes the day's attire and grooming always a tossup. While not particularly impressive to look at or speak to, he is rather confident and secure in spite of being quite unsure of his role in life.

College Days

Beeminus went to Osiris U, basically on a steady track toward academic computer science/engineering since jr. high until he hit an identity crisis and dropped out in his final year of college.

The nickname "Beeminus" comes from his final year of high school when he had a fit after receiving a B- as his final Core History grade. Until then, the lowest grade he'd received was a B+, and even that was a rarity. The name stuck through college, but after his grades tanked to well below that mark during his final semester, he now feels a bit uncomfortable with such a moniker.

He has a few good college stories that he likes to tell. His archetypal moment came during sophomore year when he did work study with student technology services. A couple freshmen had set up a wireless server that streamed illegal copies of a full range of hologames and holovids (including vi-porn) to everyone on campus. Well, Blue Sun got word of this when one of their campus reps heard about it through the grapevine; they called the feds, the feds called the U, and with that the U had to put a clean stop to this or face a full blackout audit from the feds. Now the security was too good on the signal and the students were all keeping quiet, so the U was offering a big bonus to whoever in tech services could find the pirates. Beeminus actually built computer models of the dielectric geometry for every building on campus and looked at how statistically that would effect a solid wireless signal. He then fractal-searched the building models, comparing the modeled signal to the actual one, and got a most-probable match for precisely where the transmitter was located.

But this is where it gets good. He goes in alone to check it out and sure enough finds the server and the guys running it. They all became fast friends within minutes (that's what happens when you put 20-something ubergeeks in a room together with a server), and worked out a plan to scapegoat some random hacker with a record while stopping the signal for a few weeks so that Beeminus could claim the reward.

He was active on the fencing team in all Western and Eastern weapons, doing quite well in competition, though he has never been in an honor duel, as much as he had tried to get in one by hanging out with the social elite. Seemed to be a border-world phenomenon, anyway. He also joined the archery team to impress their president, whom he eventually dated for two years. Then things turned bad: "I was on the archery team at Osiris, actually... until I was ostracized when the president and I kinda broke up... it was a little messy, especially with the amount of weapons we each had lying around our apartments."

Best quotes

He makes a few lame attempts at hitting on a girl, to which she poses

"An' it wasnae so much a vain attempt as ye've got a bit o' a cynical target." she gives him a wink. "I've heard jus' 'bout all the lines."

To which he replies

Beeminus knows when a girl says that, she hasn't spent enough time on the sci-tech quad at Osiris U. "Listen baby, it doesn't take a kiloqubit quantum processor to know you're a prime gal. It doesnt take a genius to see how gorgeous you are, but if it did, I would be overqualified. And I know when a girl tells me "NO" she really means a pair of NANDs NANDed to another NAND. But I failed digital logic, so to me that really means "YES"!


With this character I'm exploring the tech and science of the 'Verse a bit, trying to add some richness to it. This section will list anything that is admin-approved RP fodder. Otherwise, my unofficial dumping ground is on the tech subpage.

Beeminus is very close to the IRL me, which makes him very frustrating to roleplay. I will likely use him mostly as a science tool until he shapes a life for himself.

This character's attitude toward life may be somewhat well-described by the following XKCD comic: [1]