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Robin Beckett
Robin Beckett
Full name Robin Beckett
Date of Birth July 21, 2495
Parents Allegedly deceased, names unrevealed
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Second Engineer, Dark Dragon
Specialization Engineer
Gender female
Eyes and Hair Dark eyes, black hair
Height and Weight 5'4", thin
Status active
Education Information

Some formal schooling, mostly self-taught and Cortex correspondence courses.

Employment History
  • Current: Dark Dragon, Engineer
  • Former - too numerous to list fully, but include stints aboard the Dundee (Firefly), Merry Mack (Trans-U), Wandering Star (Dragonfly), Lucky Bamboo (Cargo liner) as well as groundside jobs in various locations, including Paquin.


If you've been around the 'Verse a time or two, chances are good you've run afoul of Robin Beckett, engineer and self-proclaimed bitch. For someone as small and nondescript as she is, she manages to get a lot of attention, most of it bad. Most people never say anything nicer than 'Prickly like a porcupine' or 'possibly rabid'. She does very little to soften those perceptions. It's not clear whether she's just grumpy all the time, or has genuine reasons for acting as she does. Despite this, she's accumulated a cadre of friends and coworkers who tolerate, even like her, suggesting she must soften occasionally. Or they're all masochists.

Beckett, who's been known to answeer to Rob, Robin, or 'Hey You With The Wrench', is a top-notch engineer with an instinctive grasp of just about every kind of tech you can throw at her. Definitely highly intelligent, blessed with a memory that won't let go of anything (be it obscure trivia, tech specs, or a grudge), she makes up for her personality defects with pure skill. She's shown proficiencies in engineering, repairing, and/or using the systems on all manner of transports and capital ships, as well as security systems, computers, MULES, personal equipment and even weaponry, making her rather versatile. She's been known to repair and rebuild thrusters and computers from the ground up, and can learn a new system in a short amount of time. She's also displayed a fondness for throwing knives, and once impressed a security team detailed to frisk her for hidden weapons. The cattle prod was a nice touch.

Despite her skills, her personality clashes have become legendary, and for the better part of ten years, she drifted through the 'Verse, from job to job, ship to ship, until ultimately ending up on the Dark Dragon, where she's remained ever since, the longest she's ever spent on any one ship. She looks to be there to stay.

She's remarkably close-mouthed about her history and childhood. About all most people have ever gotten out of her is that she was born on Beaumonde, and she doesn't have any known living relatives. She's mentioned a vague dislike for Ezra, Santo, and Paquin, suggesting that each of those planets has a bad memory attached to them. Ever since nearly getting killed on Persephone, she's been none too fond of that planet as well.

The general consensus is, when dealing with Beckett, make no sudden movements, don't approach her on the Eavesdown Docks without warning, and don't take it too personally when she says something rude, annoying, or downright insulting. That's just her way of saying hi.


Robin Beckett is hardly the most impressive person around. In fact, it's easy enough to overlook her. Short and slight, she stands maybe 5'4" in boots, and tends to slouch a little. Her skin is lightly tanned, suggesting a vaguely-mixed heritage that's further represented by her dark eyes and coal-black hair, which she wears conveniently short. In the wrong light, or from the wrong angle, it's easy enough to question her gender for a moment. Her hands are rough and calloused, bearing any number of minor cuts, bruises, burns, and scars, suggesting she does a lot of physical work. She's not one to hide her emotions; when she's happy or mad, she lets people know with her transparent moods.

She's dressed in comfortable clothes: dark brown pants with numerous pockets, and a long-sleeved brown shirt to match. Toss in scuffed dark boots, and there you go. Simple, functional, and comfortable. The ensemble certainly looks like it's been through a lot, what with the stains, frayed cuffs, and so on. Unsurprisingly, she often wears a belt with tools clipped to it, and her pockets are usually filled with assorted junk and bits of wire and the like. The overall effect is fairly drab and nondescript, which may just be intentional.