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Full name Rebecca "Becca" Emily Harris
Date of Birth 18 years old, but the ID says she's 24.
Birthplace Unknown
Parents Deceased, or so she claims
Gender Female
Status Roster
Education Information

She won't admit to anything prior to having attended flight school on Bernadette.

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Archetype: Pilot
+concept Becca is a runaway youth who only finds solace when she's on the move. Her life has been spent on the run, and that's how she plans to keep spending it, too. Pilot is her perfect profession because it always keeps her headed someplace new.
105 XP left to spend.


Agility: 40
Intelligence: 45
Technical: 50
Strength: 30
Charisma: 35
Perception: 40


Astrogation: 40
Bargain: 20
Command: 30
Con Artist: 40
Concealment: 20
Culture: Underworld: 20
Disguise: 20
Dodge: 40
Escape Artist: 40
Listen: 20
Move Silently: 30
Persuasion: 30
Pick Pocket: 40
Pilot: Capital Ships: 20
Pilot: Transports: 40
Seduction: 20
Sleight of Hand: 30
Spot: 20
Star Systems: 40
Streetwise: 40
Systems: Capital Ships: 20
Systems: Transports: 40
Value: 20
Willpower: 40




Claustrophobic - Becca can't deal with being tied down or confined, and that includes being stuck into too tiny of areas. Cockpits don't bother her because she's on the move to new locations and surrounded by plenty of windows to see the vastness of space all around her, and its in her control to be headed any direction she pleases. But when she's not in control of a ship, she can't deal with small spaces or rooms.
Leaf on the Wind - Being in total control of her life, her ship, and everything else going on around her gives Becca a sense of calm she can't experience in life any other way. This grace and composure transfers easily from her mind and body and into the controls themselves, making the ships she pilots like natural extensions of herself when she's working.
Nightmares - As terrified as she is when she's awake, it's really of no surprise to any professionals that the stress and fear follows her to sleep as well. Not that she'd ever talk about it to a professional, or anyone else for that matter.
Phobia - Handcuffs, ropes, any other thing that can literally tie her down. No, she's not going to explain why.


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Becca is suspicious and distrusting of almost everyone, but over the years she's learned not to show it. She's picked up a good guise of innocent and naive, but she's got a lot more street smarts than she often lets show. Being in one place for too long makes her fidgety, a concept that applies not just to planets but to people, crews, jobs, and any other ties, too. The girl likes her freedom and follows it wherever it takes her. Despite her happy-go-lucky disguise to the world, she's just as lost and nervous on the inside as your next screwed up kid, just don't ever let her hear you say that to her face if you like its current arrangement of features.


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