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Flyboy Beau


Indeed, suh. D.E.D. Dead.

Full name
  • Beauregard James Compton, III
Date of Birth
  • Feburary 14, 2492
  • Father: Beauregard James Compton, Jr. (Deceased)
  • Mother: Helena May Compton (Deceased)
  • Momma Bear's BFF
  • Merry Men/Dandified Son of a Bitch
  • Senior Syndicate Agent
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Hazel/Black
Height and Weight
  • 5'10", 150lbs
Education Information

Home Schooled

Military Service

Browncoat from the tender age of 14


Beau was bred and birthed in the black on board a Dragonfly class transport. His father's battle against Alliance oppression began long before the boy was ever born. Beauregard James Compton, III always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up because of it, a pilot. During the War for Unification, the Compton family risked life and limb and livelihood in their attempts to pull pinned down Browncoats out of hot zones. Despite only being fourteen when the war began, Beau did his best to do his part. The Exalted Justice and her crew became a symbol of hope and salvation for many a independent soldier. He was 18, nearing the end of the war, when he was caught and held in PoW camp. When he was caught stealing medications from the supply tent for sick prisoners, they cut off his left hand as an example to others, the ensuing infection nearly killed him and left him vulnerable to other illness that ravaged the camp, a strep infection damaged his heart. Eventually, he and a few others would stage a daring escape, but Beau would never be the same again, physically or mentally. He left the camp behind to find that both of his parents had lost their lives in the war. The Exalted Justice was his.

For a number of years, Beau continued his father's Robin Hood-esque work of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. The ship and her crew continued to be a beacon of hope for those still oppressed by Alliance rule. All good things, however, must come to an end and it was one of his own that ended him. Turned in for the bounty on his head, Beau was tried and convicted without a real trial and sentenced to life on a penal moon. After a chase by the Alliance ended in the Exalted Justice exploding and Beau barely escaping with his life, dazed and stunned in his shuttle only to be caught immediately, it seemed the end. Life, however, seemed like a very long time in his eyes. He had different plans. It took him five long years to do so, but eventually he planned another escape. He was left with no home, no ship, no family, and only his freedom to keep him going.

He's since found home again in the Pirate Commonwealth. Sometimes he wanders but he always winds up back where he belongs with the Admiral and his Queen. He has himself a ship now and a purpose. Maybe given a little more time that new found purpose will overshadow the ghosts of his past.

Recent Events

Beau'd been adrift for a number of years, part of himself lost and his purpose in life confused and undefined. Then the man just vanished. He was presumed dead but someone forgot to tell him that because he's come back. There's a story there for those who are close enough to him to know it. With his resurrection there seems to have come some sort of redemption that is slowly shaping him back into the man he used to be rather than simply the sum of the horrible things that have been done to him.

He's currently, quietly, spreading the word of a movement he's organizing to aid in the fight to beat back oppression on the Rim planets. They fancy themselves the Merry Men although that name will never be outwardly spoken in mixed company. They are a group of like minded individuals that know that sometimes to be right, you have to do wrong. ...and they really know how to throw a party at the end of the day.


A soft-hearted Southern gentleman at his core, buried so deep beneath years of abuse, war, and pirating that most will never see it. Typically he sticks with snarky badassery, when he's not too busy suffering ill-timed cardiac episodes to spit out the typical one-liners.


  • Beau only has one hand. His left one was cut off in a PoW camp.
  • He's overly fond of clove cigarettes despite...
  • ...his bad ticker. Beau wears an LVAD to keep his heart pumping.

The People

  • Elizabeth ~ My love, my sweet, my savior.
  • Frost ~ Crazy bastard, brother. I'll always be there when the shit gets deep.
  • Lareina ~ Momma Bear, sister, crazy bitch. I'd die for you and your family to be safe.
  • Rand ~ Friend and confidant. How many angry husbands have I rescued you from?
  • Chastity Compton ~ The daughter, WTF? No seriously, the daughter.
  • Domingo Menendez ~ Domino, Speedy. The crazy Latino. Good to have him at my back again.

RP Hooks

  • Beau and his family pulled a lot of pinned down Browncoats out of tight spots during the war, perhaps you were one of them?
  • The same crew that were Browncoat heroes liberated a lot of rich folk of their excess belongings, maybe they took something of yours.
  • The Suicide King ~ This is Beau's private ship, but like him all of her crew are members of the Pirate Commonwealth. He's currently in the market for some decent criminal elements to crew her.



"Deadwood Mountain" by Big and Rich ~ Character video.

"Pushing up Daisies" by Garth Brooks.

"Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks.

"Standing Outside the Fire" by Garth Brooks.

"Dust in the Wind" by Kansas.

"As Good as I Once Was" by Toby Keith ~ Dedicated to Rand

"Cowboys and Angels" by Dustin Lynch ~ Dedicated to Lizzie.

"Friends for Life" by Rhett Akins and Mark Wills ~ Dedicated to Momma Bear.

Captain Compton

A picture is worth a thousand words.