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Baylyn Gessler
Baylyn on Osiris
Full name Doctor Baylyn Lisle Gessler, MD
Date of Birth May 11th, 2490
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Drs. Marshall and Saorie Gessler
Siblings None
Spouse N/A
Children One Daughter
  • Klara Ann Desera
    • Date of Birth: 17 November, 2524
    • Status: Legal Guardian (Shared Custody)
    • Father: Sev Edward Desera
Assignment Doctor Aboard the Dochasan Lasair
Specialization Surgery, Virology, Pharmacology
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue-Green / Black
Status Inactive
Education Information

4 years Medical School, The University of Osiris
3 years Internship Osiris West Hospital
2 years Residency Osiris Medical Research Consortium

Employment History

Doctor, Dochasan Lasair (current)
Doctor, Medical Wellness Clinic, Persephone (concurrent)
Pharmacologist, Osiris Medical Research Consortium

Personal Notes

Medical Notes:

  • Allergy: Wheat Gluten
  • Blood Type: AB+ (Universal Reciever)


The Mind

Coming Soon...I swear!

The Look

Statuesque. There's no other word that adequately describes the woman. Flawless skin; a dewy, milky cream, illuminates elegant cheekbones and the slender line of her jaw. Eyes in a vibrant shade of blue-green are rimmed with thick, black lashes and capped by delicately arched brows. A slender, romanesque nose, peppered with a light dusting of freckles along the bridge and the apples of her cheeks add a puckishness to her features. Elegance is tempered by sensuality, in the fullness of her naturally rose-tinted lips. Coal black hair, normally falling in loose, silken curls from a high widow's peak down to the small of her back, has been pinned up and drawn back in a casual chignon. A few loose strands have been allowed to fall artfully around her face, accentuating the slender column of her throat.

Her clothing is impeccable, tasteful and elegant, even in the harshest of situations. Immaculate creme linen is perfectly tailored to accentuate her figure, delineating the fullness of her breasts, the elegant sweep of her shoulders. The sleeves are loose, almost billowy, a graceful compliment to fine-boned hands. A rich loamy brown vest, in the popular women's fashion is cut low and close, almost in corset fashion, the material moving smoothly over her shoulders, and across her back, and in the front, below the swell of her breasts and along her abdomen, serving, if anything, to accent both the slender curve of her waist and the delicate roundness of her hips. Pants in a colour to match her vest fit closely, tailored both to accentuate the length of her legs. A few pockets here and there provide access to smaller items. Black, what could better be called riding boots complete her outfit, and add another inch to her already 6'0" frame.