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Full name Sebastien Rhys-Carmichael
Date of Birth November 30th, 2495
Birthplace Boros
Parents Ruby Wing-Rhys (mother), Rhys Gryffudd Jones aka "Jean Rhys" (father)
Siblings Michael Rhys (b. 2489), Zheng Rhys (b. 2491)
Spouse Aiden Nox (divorced), Damian A. Carmichael
Children Price Alluicius Rhys (aka Orlando Galt) (b.2513), Tian Kieran Rhys-Carmichael (b.2528)
Assignment Public Relations
Specialization CLASSIFIED
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Varies, Varies (Naturally dark brown hair, dark blue eyes)
Height and Weight 5'11", 150 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • (2508-2512) Companion Academy on Sihnon; dormed in Grove Suite. Candidacy terminated before completion.
  • (2515-2518) New Cambridge University on Londinium, faculty of Fine Arts. Incomplete degree.
  • (2523) 12 weeks combat ops Basic Training at Ares facility.
  • (2525) Completed Bachelor of Fine Arts: Theatre focus at Thoth University, Osiris.
  • (2526) Completed Skydiver Certification at Shu Skydiving, Osiris.
Military Service
  • No military service.

This is mostly OOC information - if you see something here that intrigues you, don't hesitate to page/@mail. I'm always interested in more hooks.


Take a young lad, one who's a sanguine thespian at heart. Rob him of his young dream, put him through the wringer, justify his cynical seed with one bad turn after another, dump him out in the 'verse, and you have the core of Bastien. His desire to perform and his creation of personas has become a part of his survival, and his psyche now has more secret compartments than a mandarin desk. While some of them hold stories he'd rather not share, these facades are more frequently put to active use in the deception of others. He's as likely to be a wolf in sheep's clothing as a sheep in wolf's clothing from one day to the next. In short, he'll be who he needs to be to get a job done, provided that job serves his ultimate goals: money, comfort, and a good tale to tell.

Or so it was, for many years...until he found himself provided with all of those things he had striven for, and more. Now there's new masks to be worn, and not just in the service of his own gain. Now, he has people to fight for, though by all appearances cushy employment with Red Lion Industries has seemed to dull the con man's opportunistic edge. One might say exposure to polite society and time to recover from the offenses of the past has watered the moral seed in his heart enough to make it sprout. The truth may be that he's simply become as tame as one of the housecats in Bubastis, where he now lives.

Public Image & Appearances

This is IC information.

From nobody to the shadow of the nobleman and Red Lion Industries CEO Damian A. Carmichael, to a known name in the core - such is the progress of Bastien's media ascent in recent years.

  • 2524, December - Footage shows him (dressed in an anachronistic interpretation of garb from Earth-That-Was, with vest and breeches and a rapier at his hip, many e-zines noted) standing behind the Duke Damian Carmichael as he addressed the people of Persephone during the unveiling of a monument of hope. Footage also shows him variously running and dragging a gunshot Duke, and later being caught in a grenade blast.
  • 2525, May - In Thoth University's performing arts class grad exam (open to friends and family of students, as well as the public, but not broadcast), performed a short piece called 'A Companion Called Kubler Ross' that combined monologue, dance, pre-recorded cello, and acting, and won him a degree in the top percentile of his coterie.
  • 2525, December - Performed onstage with Terra Takamoto during the charitable Christmas fete outside of the Medical Wellness Clinic. Bastien provided 12-string acoustic guitar and backup vocals for their heartfelt and well-executed rendition of the Coventry Carol. He was costumed as an elf, or at the very least a well-dressed dandy from eight centuries ago, with pointed ears.
  • 2526, March - Appears in the recurring Xian-Nu Paper Crane Foundation cortex commercial.
  • 2526, May - Appears in the Red Lion Industries open call for medical personnel commercial.
  • 2527, March-December - Grants an unprecedented number of media interviews and press scoops both in his capacity as husband to the Duke of Osiris, co-CEO and Public Relations head of Red Lion Industries, and a figure in his own right, becoming known for generous donations to causes, attendance at fashion galas and benefit dinners, and engaging but enigmatic talk show interviews.
  • 2528, Feb.4th - Announces that the Duke of Osiris, Damian Carmichael, has died of complications following a surgical effort to save his life. The announcement is broadcast through Thoth's Record, which is then carried by channels 'Verse-wide. May.30th - It is announced that Damian Carmichael is, in fact, alive.

More to come...


  • 2495 - Born on Boros.
  • 2508 (12) - Sent to Sihnon for Companion training.
  • 2512 (16) - Denied further Companion training; runs away rather than go home.
  • 2512-2513 (16-17) - Member of a scrap-gang on Beylix, known as Bastien, eventually forced to flee after a clumsy double-cross. Here he meets and is saved and tricked in the space of a day by one Aiden Nox.
  • 2513-2515 (17-19) - Living two lives on Ariel; known as Tien, kept boy of a wealthy and debauched society widow, and a street busker guitarist and small-time con artist called Astien.
  • 2515-2518 (19-23) - A student at New Cambridge Londinium, enrolled in the theater program. Here he meets Damian Carmichael, and is commonly called Bastien.
  • 2518 (23) - A visit to Greenleaf for CLASSIFIED goes wrong, and he's cut off from his contacts and shipped to Santo as human chattel.
  • 2518 (23) - On Santo, briefly staff at a frontier themed bordello and cantina called The Deep Trough, where he's known as Tien. It changes ownership, and Bastien is sold for the price of a new sign for the establishment.
  • 2518-2522 (23-26) - On Higgins' Moon as an indentured mudder known as Bast.

On camera...

  • 2522 (26) - Rescued by Damian Carmichael, ushered into the employ of Red Lion Industries. Appointed as Head of Human Resources and PR.
  • 2524 (28) - The Torture Year. Several brushes with pain and death leave their mental marks, even if nuskin removed the scars. November 24th: The Carmichael twins are born.
  • 2525 (29) - CLASSIFIED. November: Anonymously distributes gifts to numerous individuals, including one mudder community on Higgins Moon, with only a calling-card with the number 三十 written in gold on a red card as a clue. CLASSIFIED. Curiosity killed the cat; learns that he is part of an estranged branch of The Jones Clan, through his father, and that he is father to a bastard son on Beylix.
  • 2526 (30) - CLASSIFIED. The child Orlando is brought to Osiris and legally renamed.
  • 2527 (31) - April 25th: Marries His Grace Damian Carmichael, becoming Lord Consort Sebastien Rhys-Carmichael. December: CLASSIFIED - Is appointed as a covert operative within Alliance Central Security.
  • 2528 (32) - Feb.4th: Becomes a widower after the death of Damian Carmichael...and then is un-widower'd as the Duke's death is revealed to have been a cover story for safety against assassins. CLASSIFIED. March 2nd: His second son is born, a genetic union between himself and the Duke Damian Carmichael delivered by a surrogate mother. The boy is named Tian Kieran Rhys-Carmichael. Fall: Following Carmichael's removal from the reorganized Alliance Central Security, Bastien himself resigns his position. Becomes legal co-parent of the Carmichael twins (Caralyn Emaline Carmichael and Sebastien Andrew Carmicael) after the death of their mother, Duchess Venadia Amaline Trelamaine-Carmichael.
  • 2531 (35) - Spring: Steps down as head of Human Resources of the Red Lion arm of RLS. Retains duties as head of Public Relations.


From time to time, Bastien moves about on camera and off as someone other than himself. If you had a scene with any of the following people and wish to get in touch with "them," page me.

  • Elyse Dupont: A lady socialite with black curls and a trim figure that cuts through the crowd. Residence and occupation unexpressed. Inactive.
  • Burke: The overzealous and babyfaced sweatervest-wearing manservant to Lord Carmichael, seldom seen after 2523. Staff rumor suggests he returned to his family on Londinium due to stress, after a short term of service. Inactive.
  • Thomas Brummell: Yet another moneyed Londinium businessman's son. Affiliation unknown. Inactive.
  • Nate Eaton: An old ex-rancher down on his luck, fond of sneakers and cowboy hats together. He has claimed to be writing a book of stories about the loss of loved ones through war, with the patronage of Red Lion Industries, but no such book and no such name has surfaced as yet. Inactive.
  • Alain Dupree: A young, shy but up-and-coming blond eccentric supposedly involved in the liquor business. Inactive.
  • Tien Zheng: A man, or a yet-to-debut fashion label? One-time entrant into a regrettably canceled Guild fashion gala. Some limited-edition scarves still circulate with this label; approximately 100 in the entire 'Verse. Inactive.
  • Ilaria Rizzo: The Venetian blonde who styles herself senior "cultural liaison" in Red Lion Industries. Inactive.

Place Connections

  • Boros: The Rhys family still resides here. Ruby and Jean Rhys maintain the same scrapping business which put food on the table when all of their children were young. Michael Rhys, the eldest and most stoic (or anal-retentive) of the Rhys siblings still resides here, waiting for his opportunity to take the scrapyard's reins and run it the way he might like to. (That is to say, sell it outright, and abandon the planet like his younger brother did years before.) A fairly recent visit by a blond benefactor furnished the scrapyard with new equity and a new angle, and the lot is presently transforming itself from a run-of-the-mill scrapyard to a niche antiquing business. The middle Rhys brother, Zheng, no longer resides in the small house on-site of the scrapyard, but in the country on a ranch with his wife. The man, equally at home under a vintage motorbike for repair or in a field of grass, often travels into the city fringes to visit his parents and brother. All of them, perhaps with the exception of mother Ruby, have assumed Bastien dead since his disappearance from the Guild's care at age 16. Others in the community - like the Kelley family of which Aodhain is a part - may remember the youngest Rhys son as a vivacious and fearless child who got into harmless trouble with his brothers on a regular basis, and who harbored aspirations of the silver screen and the wooden stage.
  • Beylix: This is the crack of the 'verse Bastien fell into between his years as a Companion trainee and as a relatively confident con artist. Needless to say, he's made a few mistakes amidst the sky-high piles of scrap on Beylix. Relying on one's fresh charms on a hardened world has its risks, and after a rough year of slowly increasing hazard to his life as he became less of a novelty and more of a liability to the scrap-gang he ran with, he sensed time was ripe to flee. Unfortunately he played the part of information-seller poorly, and was found out. Only the presence of an amiable Dragonfly captain willing to exchange passage for stolen scrap goods helped Bastien out of the situation and off-world.
  • Osiris: Bastien's mark on the judicial planet is very recent, but far more visible than any of his other temporary homes. He is recognizable by face at many upscale dining establishments and boutiques, and is known to spend a fair amount of time enjoying the capital city's amenities. In the educational world, he is becoming well-known at Thoth University, where he has been invited as an honored alumni to deliver motivational speeches to arts students.

More to come...

Medical Records


  • High Tolerance: Despite being a beanstalk of a man, Bastien requires almost dangerously excessive doses of all medications and substances - legal or otherwise - in order for them to be effective.
  • Hooked: Bastien is a recovering alcoholic, presenting possible complications in pharmaceutical assistance. He is also addicted to cigarettes and caffeine.
  • Insomnia: Untreated insomnia usually due to over-ingestion of stimulants such as caffeine.

Identifying Marks.

  • Tattoos: One modified hikae, or chest-panel - very realistic leopard spots cover his left pectoral, and dot over his shoulder and behind, then up into his hairline on the left side of his neck, near the nape. Over top of the pectoral detailing the phrase '稲荷の使い' is written in calligraphic style, vertically.
  • Piercings: One tongue stud. One guiche. Left earlobe.
  • Other: Scarification (via dermal stripping) in a fleur-de-lis pattern 5"x5" on his left inner thigh. Similar modifications in linear indents under his jaw, and below his ribs.

[On-Camera] Injuries the man has sustained (in ascending chronological order.)

  • 'Skinning': During CLASSIFIED, strips of skin were removed from both sides of his jaw where it meets the neck, and under his final rib just above his waist on both sides. A fleur-de-lis patterned portion of skin was also removed from the inside of his left thigh. No nuskin was administered; the subtle marks remain.
  • 'Pau-De-Arara': During CLASSIFIED, Bastien sustained minor injuries including rope burns to the wrists and ankles, a partial piercing of the tongue, and lacerations on the lower back from a bladed whip. All injuries received medical treatment; no marks remain. [December, 2524.]
  • 'First Taste of Lead': During CLASSIFIED, Bastien sustained a 10mm bullet wound from Itzal Nekane's HKVP70 to the lower right side. Nuskin administered; no marks remain. It was his first taste of lead. [December, 2524.]
  • 'Merde Christmas': During the sting operation to take down terrorist Ambrosia, Bastien enjoyed a 5.56 mm bullet impact from a Enfield L85A2 and a close-proximity grenade explosion which caused perforated eardrums, internal bruising, first and second-degree burns to exposed areas nearest the blast (hands, calves, back of head and face), loss of teeth (upper jaw's central incisor, right lateral incisor, right cuspid, and lower right cuspid), Grade II (Cantu scale) concussion, broken nose, rupturing of 9-day old internal GI tract stitches, bruised ribs, and transverse fracture of the left ulna. Extensive cosmetic surgery prevents any lasting marks. [Christmas Day, 2524.]
  • 'Happy Birthday': During CLASSIFIED, Bastien sustained temporary hearing loss, assorted minor abrasions, and a Grade II (Cantu scale) concussion. [Late November, 2526.]
  • 'The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year': During CLASSIFIED, Bastien received a .45 bullet wound in the lower right side from CLASSIFIED's Kriss Super-V, resulting in the loss of an inch or two of his small intestine. [Christmas Day, 2526.]
  • 'Happy Oopsday': During a birthday party, an untreated repeated strain injury of his lower lumbar vertebrae led to a slipped disc [August, 2530]. After lengthy preparatory physiotherapy, the disc was surgically replaced with state-of-the-art materials [January, 2531].


Themesongs: 'Jackie' by Scott Walker. 'Moves Like Jagger' by Maroon 5.

Nicknames: He created his nickname and oft-used pseudonym (Bastien) based on his mother's Chinese nickname for him, 跋詩甜 (Ba-shi-tian: walk, poetry, sweet.) Other nicknames have been awarded by friends: Baz, Bazzer, Taffy, Froggie, 美观豹 (Mei-Guan Bao: Beautiful/artistic/eye-pleasing leopard.)

Scent: Various smells come and go with his shampoo and deodorant whims, but three things usually remain in a subtle but constant olfactory miasma about him: clove cigarettes; at least one form of liquor; and a knockoff, cheap cologne with an unsophisticated odor profile that's nonetheless recognizable as a ubiquitous sell in corner store hygiene sections across the projects of the 'verse.

Clothes: His style is versatile, and changeable depending on mood and occasion, but it tends toward the simple and 'preppy.' One thing that remains consistent is the quality of his clothing. One magazine estimated his wardrobe value to be in the neighborhood of 40,000 credits. Not including accessories, jewelry, or shoes.