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Doc Barton
Full name Dr. Phineas Barton
Date of Birth November 11, 2477
Parents James and Michaela Barton
Siblings Alan, Paul, Michael, Stuart, Colin (all older)
Assignment Chief Surgeon, Tienlong
Specialization Medical
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, brown hair and beard.
Height and Weight 5'6" (168cm) 193lbs (88kg)
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • BS in Biochemistry, Kilsbury Institute, Ariel
  • MD from St. Thomas Medical College, Ariel
Military Service
  • No military service.
Employment History


  • 2477: Phineas Barton is born
  • 2495: Barton moves to Ariel for school
  • 2499: Barton graduates from Kilsbury Institute
  • 2503: Barton graduates from St. Thomas Medical College
  • 2503: Barton begins running a medical clinic on Lilac
  • 2506: The War of Unification begins
  • 2511: With the end of the war, James Barton is hanged
  • 2513: After two years of hardship, Phineas leaves Lilac
  • 2520: Barton meets J.P. Ryan and boards the Tienlong


Phineas Barton was born on Lilac, the youngest of six sons. His father was one of lucky few farmers to have extremely fertile land. Compounded with a brilliant investment in early private security firms, his father was very rich by Lilac standards, though still supposedly a blue-collar working man.

His mother Michaela was a nurse by trade, though she devoted her time to her many sons. Due to the family's wealth, and Phineas' position as the favorite child, Doc Barton had an easy and idyllic childhood that he still remembers fondly. His mother was the first to nurture in him the passion for medicine that his father later supported.

In 2495, his father sent him for schooling on Ariel, where he attended Kilsbury Institute, graduating with a baccalaureate degree in Biochemistry. Barton's mother, Michaela, died during his undergraduate stint at Kilsbury. Staying on Ariel for medical school, Phineas moved on to St. Thomas Medical College for a doctorate of medicine.

While an applied and successful student, Barton had little exposure to the professional societies and hospitals of Ariel, returning to Lilac immediately upon receiving his doctorate in 2503. After completing a residency, and receiving his medical practitioner's license, he ended up running a free clinic for the farmers of Lilac, moneyed and watched, of course, by his father.

Then, the war came. Barton continued to run the clinic for anyone - Alliance or Independent - that came through the area, though the region itself managed to avoid heavy fighting. Upon the conclusion of the war, Barton's father, his mentor and patron, was hanged as a browncoat sympathizer. The clinic closed right quick.

Without a clearly defined will, the fortune was eventually divided among the siblings by rank. Phineas, as the youngest son, was given a God-forsaken patch of hard scrabble where only rocks could grow. Life was hard for a while, as Barton barely scraped by, surviving where he'd once thrived. Things got more and more difficult, and Barton became more and more bitter, until finally, something snapped.

Seven years after leaving Lilac, he was a strange sight, now "Doc Barton" to the criminal element in Persephone, a bushy-bearded drunk whose hands stitch as good as an Alliance fop, a bum whose wallet never runs completely dry. He'll do right by you, but see him a dozen times and he won't tell you his given name.

IC History

While taking a drink in The Dregs on Persephone, Barton ran into Captain John Patrick Ryan on the Tienlong, a man in search of a doctor. Weary of wandering Persephone treating muggers and bullies, Barton eventually agreed to join Ryan's crew... on a temporary basis, or so he thought.